Announcement of Resignation, and some Big Options

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Cathal Garvey

Feb 27, 2017, 7:33:13 AM2/27/17
to Nexus Cork, Forma Members
Hi folks;

As ye know, there is a company behind Forma Labs/Nexus Cork, namely
"Cork Biomakerspace Limited". We were required to make this company in
order to deal with the council, but the company was made by others (as
a favour to us) and in a way that wasn't conducive to easy management
by a sole actor (the position I've been in for some time now). It has
also by now accrued lots of legacy mismanagement issues.

I've canvassed around for people willing to take on some of the company
responsibilities, but honestly even those who are willing to accept the
yoke are not doing so any more willingly than I have. The more sensible
route is, that if the makerspace(s) require a company to back them,
then those willing to manage one should set one up afresh.

So, take this as an informal notice that I'm looking into extricating
myself from Cork Biomakerspace Limited.

This comes as we face a probable exit from Grattan House, because
without a coherent core group of people who *will* drive an execution
plan, the Council have better options at hand. Seamus Coughlan wants to
meet one or more of us tomorrow @ 3:30 to discuss the matter, other
attendees are welcome to join. If someone wants to accept fully the
role of Secretary of Cork Biomakerspace Limited and negotiate for a new
lease, by all means speak up and I'll hand over all legal and social
responsibilities. Or, if someone wants to come and make a counteroffer
as a different entity, go for it.

Another Big Option, though: At the same time as all of the above is
playing out, Sample Studios have added new tiers of membership, and
appear to be migrating to an organisational structure that more closely
mimics a makerspace than a bunch-of-studios.

In other words, all the stuff that we're looking for in a makerspace
might be best achieved by simply signing up as "Associate Members" at
Sample Studios, and bringing our techie expertise and *working*
equipment to Sample at their new venue in Churchfield.

Personally, this is the route I'm now planning to pursue; I know a few
others here are, also.

I expect that the mailing list will break again shortly,
so don't rely on it. The channel on Riot remains a good place to join
in the conversation, which is where I plan to continue it. Reminder;
you can join the public channel here:

..change your 'nick *before* joining channels, though, and when you're
ready, join the public channel and ping me to invite you to the private
one. Use an app, not a browser, if you want to join a private room,
because Riot's encryption-key management is still a bit brain-damaged.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

@onetruecathal /

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