Clearing out the last of the Sample Space Dec 11

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Will Knott

Oct 27, 2016, 5:58:23 AM10/27/16
to nexuscork
Hi folks,

The dismantling date for Sample Studios is December 11...

Get your stuff out of the space before December 1st to be sure.

If you weren't involved in the clean-up of the space, certain folks have placed their own kit in the corners...
Unknown but likely out of date books and equipment is on the center desk
And... the long blue project boxes filled with possible valuable equipment and PCB boards are stacked on the floor...

So, starting November
Monday to Thursday - I'm intending to take a random box from Sample and put it inthe lobby of Forma
Tuesday to Friday - I'm intending to take the previous day's box from Forma and put if in the WEEE disposal facility in Tyndall
(No one wants kids trawling through the pile on Coderdojo Saturdays)

So if you think that there might be something of value in the crap pile. Get. It. Now.

Once the blue boxes are emptied, I'll start on the table.

Anything still there in December will be disposed of by the builders.

Any tweaks and request to the Nexus mailiing list please.

Cathal Garvey

Oct 28, 2016, 10:21:43 AM10/28/16
Special Request: Please don't bring crap to Grattan House. If it's crap, leave it or bring it home if you're the only person who wants it.

Case in point: the remaining books include a lot of highly specific manuals for a particular, dead, processor architecture. Grattan House inherited that weird tripod-trolly thing already, and I have no idea why that was even still in Nexus to begin with.
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