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Richard Moore

Oct 13, 2009, 3:03:27 PM10/13/09


OCTOBER 13, 2009. My upcoming telephone seminar, VACCINES AND GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, will take place on October 21. To sign up, just click on the banner above, or sign up by clicking on the banner at my site,


Mainstream pundits are fond of calling “the New World Order” (NWO) a myth. They deride it as a paranoid fantasy of the far Right.

However, if you replace the NWO phrase with something like “global management,” things calm down, and it’s easier to spot trends. For example, the gradual positioning of the nations of Europe under one huge bureaucracy, the European Union (EU). And the adopting of a single currency, the Euro.

The EU began, after World War 2, as the “common market,” a scheme that seemed quite reasonable and effective at the time, given the state of national economies in the wake of the War. It was all about economics and trade and cooperating industries, and the people of Europe didn’t see this as a political arrangement. Few people were saying that sovereign governments should cede any power to a super-European ruling body.

But eventually we had the EEC, the European Economic Community, a more inclusive and dominant bureaucracy, and finally, in the 1990s, we saw the official birth of the European Union, a political management system, a government that heavily impinges on all the people of Europe and their national governments.

With treaties like NAFTA and CAFTA, and the formation of the World Trade Organization and the ratification of the GATT treaty, we are indeed witnessing a kind of common market for other sectors of the planet. The planned evolution of the pattern is the same as it was for Europe. But it will take longer. It will gradually morph into a political framework, if the plan holds.

One part of the plan involves the strengthening of international agencies whose work and influence extends across national boundaries. The rising star on that scene is the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the United Nations.

As we saw with SARS, the “epidemic” that went nowhere several years ago, WHO was able to leverage considerable power in China and Canada. The Chinese government was forced to take certain medical actions to “stem the tide” of the “disease.” Among these actions was “greater transparency in reporting SARS cases,” as opposed to hiding “facts” from “the international community.”

WHO was successful with threats of imposing economic sanctions on China. It was a coup for WHO, especially considering the traditionally tough stance of the Chinese government toward the rest of the world.

In Canada, WHO scored a big victory. It falsely pinpointed Toronto as an “epicenter” of the “SARS epidemic,” and it imposed travel advisories, declaring Toronto off-limits for commercial flights. The economic losses for Toronto were disastrous, yet aside from a few noisy protests, nothing was done to stand up to WHO.

SARS was an instance in which global management worked quite well---for the controllers.

The question is: How far can WHO and other public health agencies go in helping to establish a permanent worldwide political management system for the planet?

As a working reporter, I’ve been pursuing answers to that question since 1987, and I’ve come up with some surprising conclusions.

These conclusions go far beyond what I’ve briefly sketched in this article.

Swine Flu, SARS, Avian Flu, the smallpox scare, West Nile, AIDS, and other events are all part of the scheme.

If you understand the underlying factors involved, especially the propaganda (mind control) elements, you see the way various medical treatments---especially vaccines---play into the overarching scenario that leads to global government.

The big money behind aspects of the environmental movement is also involved in this plan.

At the heart of it all is a major psychological shift in the way we view human beings. And this is part of what I’ll describe in the seminar.

It’s quite explosive, and I hope you’ll be there.


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