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Rebecca Guzman

Aug 14, 2017, 4:50:38 AM8/14/17
to newsbeuter
Hi folks, I spent a bunch of time this evening looking for a way to make newsbeuter read the 'urls' file even when 'urls-source "oldreader' is enabled.  

I'd like to add my own 'exec:/path/to/' as a local entry, along with loading the urls from oldreader.

It seems like newsbeuter parses the 'query' entries from this file, but ignores the 'exec' entries, when urls-source is set to "oldreader".

Are there any tricks to getting this functionality?

thanks for any clues....

Alexander Batischev

Aug 14, 2017, 4:39:00 PM8/14/17
to 'Rebecca Guzman' via newsbeuter
Hi Rebecca,

You're totally right about Newsbeuter only reading "query:" entries from
your local urls list. I'm not aware of any tricks to work around that,
short of running a separate copy of Newsbeuter.

Furthermore, it seems that implementing such functionality will
complicate things quite a bit because we'll have to keep track of where
the items came from so we can ask the right entity (cache or remote API
instance) to mark them read for example. I'm open to discussion if you
want to work on that, but otherwise I'm sorry I have nothing more to

Alexander Batischev

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