Salon owner admits he's been using Gorilla Glue on dumb Democrat clients' hair for years

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Feb 28, 2021, 6:10:02 AM2/28/21

A hairdresser has made a stunning admission that he uses Gorilla
Glue on clients — but warns there is only one way to safely use
it on hair.

Salon owner Eric Vaughn revealed in a now-viral TikTok video
that he uses the industrial-strength adhesive to secure hair

Salon owner Eric Vaughn says he uses Gorilla Glue on hair

“So I’ve been using Gorilla Glue on people’s hair for years, but
this is the only way that you should ever use it — at the end of
a sew-in,” he says as he demonstrates on a blond woman.

“I’ll take my threads and knot them together, take a tiny little
dot of Gorilla Glue, blow dry and cut that and that knot is
going nowhere,” Vaughn says.

He then emphasizes: “But don’t put this on your actual hair.”

Vaughn’s video comes on the heels of the infamous ordeal
suffered by Tessica Brown, the 40-year-old Louisiana woman whose
hair had been stuck solid for a month after she used the glue as
a hairspray substitute.

Brown’s hairy nightmare finally ended when Beverly Hills plastic
surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng performed a $12,500 surgical procedure
for free after hearing about her desperate pleas for help.

The hairdresser’s video has received more than 326,000 likes as
of Friday morning and thousands of comments — several of them

Among the many commenters was one who wrote, “I’m sorry but no
Gorilla Glue should be around my hair or head.”

Another critic questioned Vaughn’s ethics as a professional,
despite his admonition not to use Gorilla Glue on actual hair.

“You really out there asking to get your license taken away?”
they asked.

Meanwhile, another simply wrote: “Didn’t we learn the lesson
with the other girl?”

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