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Why we need usenet now more than ever.

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Mar 6, 2022, 2:47:37 AM3/6/22

"You didn't really expect me to read all this, did you?"

Please alert people using your social media accounts, youtube, twitter
and so-forth that Usenet exists. Encourage them to install news software
to access it, and encourage people to use Usenet on a regular basis. We
may truly need it in the coming months and years.

We need to restore the popularity of this technology because it has the
potential to overcome censorship, in particular, DNS poisoning. Usenet
was how we used to find each other, and exchange resources. We can still
use it for this purpose today, but people have to actually use it for
this to work.

Yes, Usenet is full of weirdos, spam and creeps like me... but we can
overcome these things if we want to.

Also: install Tor, and tell your friends to do the same.

The Old-Timers Warned Us
"These young whipper snappers are ruining CB radio"

Years ago, before the internet was commercialized, I recall hearing the
old-timers warn against large corporations censoring the internet if it
ever became commercialized.

As a young "new to the net" person myself at the time, I wasn't sure I
believed them. They might have been a little paranoid, or I might have
been looking at this new internet, the web still in its infancy, with
anticipation of how much money I could make.

I didn't foresee "social networks". Myspace wasn't even a thing back
then, let alone twitter, facebook or youtube. I thought perhaps there
would be some issues with AT&T throttling websites they didn't like, but
I didn't foresee the censorship that was about to occur.

None of us really anticipated what happened, but we were warned by these
older people, now in their 60's and 70's of the dangers of opening the
internet to commercial enterprise.

The Psychopath
"Nobody knows what it's like, to be the bad man
to be the sad man, behind blue eyes"

It's important to understand what the psychopath is when talking about
them because their actions are apt to be seen as quite horrific to
normal people. So horrific it is literally too shocking to believe. You
will tend to shut down if someone attempts to warn you about them.

In many ways, the psychopath is what many of us aspire to become. We
just don't recognize it as such. We call it "being successful".

It's hard to imagine someone who completely lacks a conscience. Picture
a "dalek" from Doctor Who, except charming. Very, very charming. A dalek
with an emotional processing chip enabling it to interface with society
for harvesting. It has the face of Ronald McDonald or Mickey Mouse.
Everyone loves the charming dalek as it eats your brain with a toilet

Psychopaths don't have higher level emotions the way most people do. To
a psychopath, things like love or guilt aren't experiential. They are
useful tools to control others.

A psychopath might feel sadism, fear, or adrenaline (such as risk taking
behaviors) but they don't experience emotions the way you or I might.
The best they can muster is pride, a sense of hubris or sadism.

Most psychopaths end up in prison. But higher functioning psychopaths
figure out how to game the system. A psychopath that reaches adulthood
without doing time in prison is probably highly intelligent.

You might expect them to pursue a career in a field that allows them to
experience the few things they can feel. Doctors (who are able to kill
with impunity) or business executives who take risks with other peoples
livelihoods. You will likely find them in leadership positions. The
emotional processing chip enables them to achieve social status and
completely bypass emotional pain, other than anger of course.

A psychopath could easily kill millions of people and feel proud of
themselves for doing so because they don't have the capacity to feel
empathy, or guilt. Only disgust and fear of being found out.

If you were unable to feel higher level emotions, you too would be
motivated by these things. Psychopathy is a mental illness, and while
caution is STRONGLY advised when dealing with them, we have to remember
they are still human beings. A life without the ability to feel even the
basic joys in life would be miserable. Compassion, tempered with
caution, is the appropriate response to the psychopath. It is possible
for someone with psychopathy to lead a normal life. I sincerely have
compassion for them. Would you want to be a dalek?

The Consortium of Psychopaths
"Infiltrate! Manipulate! Indoctrinate! Exterminate!"

What I did not know in the early days of the net was the prevalence of
secret societies, and some societies not so secret. When people spoke
about such "conspiracy theories" they were nothing more than scripts for
the X-Files. Hardly something to be taken seriously.

But there really is a cabal. If you're reading this far, you probably
know about it already. It shut down any discussion of COVID that didn't
support their goal of orchestrating another holocaust. It shut down any
discussion surrounding the 2020 US election that didn't support the
candidate they installed. Chemtrails, as crazy as they sound, really are
a thing. Employees involved have come forward about them. They're so
horrific, and so emotionally charged, that it is very difficult for the
normal person to comprehend without shutting down.

This consortium of psychopaths goes by many names. Bilderberg, WEF,
Zionists, Skull and Bones. Whatever you call it, it really does exist
and it does not mean you well. They really do have a depopulation
agenda, and that agenda involves censorship and societal destruction.

They are global, they own leaders in most governments including Canada,
Australia, United States, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands and France.
They are not "conservative" or "liberal", though they do use these
political parties for stage craft.

They are psychopaths of the highest order. Their clubs are designed to
weed out the non-psychopath. You may have heard about pizza-gate, or
Epstein or the satanic rituals abusing children. If you are a normal
person, these atrocities would make you shut down. You wouldn't believe
it because as I said earlier about psychopaths, their deeds really are
too horrific to be believed.

These are the kinds of people we are dealing with. Remember that they
can be very charming, very manipulative and they own most of the media.

The Big Tech Cabal
"Reach out and grope someone"

Anyone who has ever worked in the tech sector should have no problem
understanding that many of these CEOs and executives are psychopaths.
They'd kill you just for fun if they could. Dilbert used to make
cartoons about them. They're real. I've worked for them. Chances are,
you have too.

It's not a stretch to realize that these "psychotechs" in their quest
for more and more power, would eventually reach out to these secret
societies. We used to rail against one of them on a regular basis, his
name was Bill Gates and he wanted to control what you could do with your
computer. As evil as Bill Gates is, he isn't the only one.

Being a member of the Cabal, corporations such as Facebook have certain
obligations. We see this play out with all the censorship taking place
today. Watch CNN,FOX,NPR it's straight up propaganda reflecting the
interests of this consortium of psychopaths. War is good business!
destroy yourself! people with unacceptable values are a threat to you!

If you speak about COVID in any way that does not reflect the interests
of this cabal, big tech will censor you. The same is true of the
so-called elections, or the truth behind 9-11

You'll be ridiculed, but try sharing sometime
and watch what happens. Notice who the voices crying "Debunked!" are.
Look into it yourself. It was the cabal, not terrorists who were behind
this. How do you suppose Chris Carter was able to predict it during the
pilot episode of "The Lone Gunman" months before it happened?

Notice how the authorities were able to obtain a dragnet of everyone who
was at the capital building on 2020-1-6 using what would have once been
considered your private phone records? See the connection?

This isn't a conspiracy theory. 9-11 really was a false flag attack
brought to you by these people so they could implement the patriot act.
Millions of people died in the false wars that followed. These people
are psychopaths. You won't find ANY remorse. They don't feel guilty
because psychopaths aren't capable of that.

You can almost pinpoint them by observing which issues they are most
sensitive about. Ask yourself why Amazon and Google would be so
interested in alienating themselves from a significant chunk of their
customer base, or why Apple would alienate their users by uploading
private photos. Who are apples *real* customers? Do apples apparent
customers really want to have their privacy invaded? If this were
capitalism, why would Apple do this?

When the censors are sensitive to topics such as the election, or COVID,
it should make you ask: "Why is Twitter/Google so concerned about this
issue"? Why are they willing to drive their customers away?

"Resistance is Futile, you will be indoctrinated"

As has been made clear over the past year, the internet has become
vulnerable to censorship. This is primarily because most of the internet
is controlled by cabal members. When the consortium of psychopaths
ordered censorship of Joe Rogan, the consortium responded in near
unison. Google started showing questionable page results for terms such
as "Mass Formation Psychosis" and Black Rock members who own Neil Young
began pressuring Spotify.

The collusion of these corporations speaks volumes, there really is a
unifying force behind them. It is able to respond quickly to issues such
as the Joe Rogan podcast. We got a big taste of this collusion shortly
after January 6th, 2020. Regardless of your political party, this should
tell you something about what is happening. (Please don't let them use
the stage craft of "parties" to block your comprehension, they own both


DNS could soon be subverted. If the consortium of psychopaths gains
control of the name servers, they can control which websites you visit
by name. As HTTP/1.1 has the "Host:" header, you won't be able to
simply use the IP number either. (You would have to add the IP number to
your own resolver and access the site that way)

* Social Media

They will be infiltrated, the businesses that sponsor them will be
cancelled. DNS records that point to unacceptable social media removed.
We saw what happened with parlor when the cabal decided they were
unacceptable. Keep an eye on Spotify, keep an eye on CNN's reporting of
Spotify, understanding that our media is the mouth piece of this cabal,
and that NPR is no exception.

* Hosting Providers

Anyone who relies on services such as Amazon, or AT&T is vulnerable. The
corporations that run their infrastructure must destroy them if the
cabal orders them to do so.

"The internet perceives censorship as damage and routes around it"

Solutions do exist, remember the internet was designed to survive a
nuclear attack. It can route around damage, once you get outside your
gateway, there are multiple paths to any given destination. It's
possible to conceal those pathways too, using tunnels and other

* Tor

There is a technology called "Tor" which is a kind of overlay network on
top of the existing internet. Tor provides hidden services, called
"onion" sites that exist within itself. It is often called the
"darkweb". You can't access them without first connecting to Tor.

A unique aspect of Tor is that it does not rely on DNS.

Sadly, most of the Tor users I have encountered could be considered
useful idiots for the cabal. A hallmark is a sense of hubris, a sense
that they are superior to those who still believe in capitalism. Those
who haven't been indoctrinated use Tor to sell drugs and scam people.

That doesn't mean Tor has to be used for these purposes. Tor has
legitimate uses. It can be used to bypass censorship and hide your
activities. The fact that HTTP/1.1 uses a Host: parameter can be used to
good effect, it's possible to use Tor with an HTTP proxy. Other tricks
exist too.

In some ways, Tor is like the wild-wild-west days of the internet before
commercialization. You'll find websites with annoying blinking banners
because they're designed to work without JavaScript.

* I2P (and others)

Other overlay networks, such as I2P also exist. This is technology you
can use today, but it's important to adopt it now, while you can still
access the internet to download the software.

* Pubnix / Tilde / BBS

These are a mixed bag. You're quite likely to find useful idiots for the
cabal in the "tildeverse" but they do hold quite a bit of promise, or at
least they represent a model that future social media platforms could

Their text mode interfaces make them ideal for use with secure
connections such as SSH and telnet.

Yes, BBS's still exist. There are quite a number of people who are fed
up with Facebook who run them.

* Fidonet

I personally have no experience with this, except that you can probably
find a nice BBS that is connected to Fidonet and use it that way.

Like Usenet, FidoNet predates DNS. It was to the BBS what Usenet is to
the unix shell account. It should still work, even if the consortium of
psychopaths take over DNS.

* Usenet

(Coming up next)

Usenet to the Rescue
"We owe everything, to Flash"

Back in the early days of the internet, Usenet was how you would find
resources such as ftp sites or gopher sites. Usenet was the central
watering hole of the internet.

Usenet predates DNS. It uses DNS for things such as NNTP, but it doesn't
require it. This means there is a good chance it will still work after
the cabal hijacks DNS. You may have to access it via a Tor hidden
service, but it should still work.

Usenet could be run using spools over USB sticks that you share with
your friends in person, it doesn't even need the internet.

We could use Usenet to exchange lists of IP numbers and onion URL's, or
accurate information about wars the psychopaths are initiating.

We can even use it just to connect with each other. It's important to
have a group you can reach when the cabal is feeding you propaganda,
otherwise you're either liable to believe their propaganda, or you will
think perhaps you are crazy.

Usenet is ancient, it has many tumbleweeds and warts. Unfortunately, the
binary newsgroups and extra long retention times coupled with the
infinitely long list of inactive newsgroups make it difficult to
navigate. We need a list of current, active news groups.

Most of all, Usenet needs people like you. Please remind people that
Usenet still exists, you can find free news servers if you try.

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