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For example : John Smith

Aug 8, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/8/97

I don't know enough about US laws, but in France, this is perfectly NOT
legal. We have laws against that, and I believe these are good laws. This
is one of the problems who rise from a international Web : when shall we
have messages from africans Massaïs connected to Internet and telling us
that making love with very young girl is a good thing that everyone should
practice ?
I find this article offensive, and I'm not sure I want to accept the
apologies, because this is not only an offense to the laws of my country,
this is also an offense to intelligence !
There is probably no laws on the Net about this, but can't it be concerned
by the "Netiquette" ?

Jeff Meyers <jme...@netnitco.net> a écrit dans l'article
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> If you find this article offensive, please accept my apoliogies to you
> and your newsgroup.
> First of all, IT'S PERFECTLY LEGAL! (Call 1-800-725-2161) if you
> have any questions about the following opportunity to make
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