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Sep 1, 1991, 4:45:19 PM9/1/91

Here's another listing of newsgroups in the "alt" news hierarchy,
as it appears from one site. Note that this listing may well be
quite different if prepared on your system. No attempt to make any
recommendations is implied by this list; it is for informational
purposes only.

There are 294 groups shown, as well as 63 aliases (indicated
by "=" beginning the text field). The count of articles received
here so far is in the second field, if it describes an actual
"active" file entry.

Where the text field is merely ".", no description is known
(creative suggestions are welcomed).

If there are actual "alt" newsgroups on your system but not in
this list, email to that effect would be appreciated - please
send to "ne...@becker.uucp".

Thanks to all who have sent updates, suggestions and comments -
your help is appreciated.

WARNING: not to be taken internally, contents may have settled
during shipment, etc. etc.

Bruce Becker Toronto, Ont.
Internet: ne...@becker.UUCP UUCP: ...!utai!mnetor!becker!news
"We have the technology" - Pere Ubu

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alt.activism 14548 Activities for activists.
alt.activism.d 01121 Discussions for activists.
alt.alien.visitors 01020 Space creatures ate my modem.
alt.allsysop =alt.bbs.allsysop
alt.alt 00067 Recursive fun.
alt.amiga.demos =alt.sys.amiga.demos
alt.amino.acid 00000 Designer genes.
alt.angst 01713 Anxiety in the modern world.
alt.aquaria =sci.aquaria
alt.artcom 00403 Artistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.astrology 00154 Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.atheism 11445 Godless heathens.
alt.backrubs 00106 the right...aaaah!
alt.bad.clams 00000 .
alt.bbs 05928 Computer BBS systems & software. 00597 Ads for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.allsysop 00121 .
alt.bbs.internet 00670 BBS systems accessible via the Internet.
alt.bbs.lists 00258 Postings of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.lists.d 00020 Discussion about regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.waffle 02334 The Waffle UUCP BBS. =rec.crafts.brewing
alt.binaries.multimedia 00099 Sound, text and graphics data rolled in one. 00165 More megabytes. 00201 Even more megabytes.
alt.birthright 00023 Birthright Party propaganda.
alt.bitch.pork 00072 Flames in a particular vein.
alt.bizarre 00000 Too wierd for the wierdos.
alt.blahblah 00001 . =misc.books.technical
alt.books.technical =misc.books.technical
alt.boomerang 00089 Technology and use of the boomerang. 00138 The born-again minister touring US campuses.
00071 Religion. Or discussion. Or something.
alt.california 00371 Discussion of the state and the state of mind.
alt.callahans 08390 Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship. 00657 Discussions of optical storage media.
alt.censorship 02485 Discussions about restricting speech/press.
alt.child-support 00599 Raising children in a split family. 00370 Discussion about co-operatives.
alt.cobol 00344 AUGHHHH!
00009 Computers & Academic Freedom Digest (Moderated)
00421 Discussion of computers & academic freedom.
alt.comp.compression =comp.compression
alt.config 04420 Alternative subnet discussions and connectivity.
alt.conspiracy 06588 Be paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.cosuard 03361 Council of Sysops & Users Against Rate Discrimination.
00001 A pool shark.
alt.cult-movies 06930 Movies with a cult following (e.g., Rocky Horror PS).
00005 Waiting for the dwarf, or someone like him.
alt.cyb-sys 00159 Cybernetics and Systems.
alt.cyberpunk 06481 High-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo 00435 Literary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.
alt.cyberpunk.movement 00033 Cybernizing the Universe. 00150 Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspace 00305 High-tech high-life.
alt.cybertoon 00021 Cyberpunk epic.
alt.dcom.catv 00012 .
alt.dcom.telecom 00247 Discussion of telecommunications technology.
alt.desert-shield 07349 Events in the Middle East, esp. Kuwait.
00001 Happiness is a warm gun.
alt.desert-shield.facts =alt.desert-storm.facts
alt.desert-storm 09833 The war against Iraq in Kuwait.
alt.desert-storm.facts 00106 For factual information on The Gulf War.
alt.desert-thekurds 00020 What's happening to the Kurds in Iraq.
alt.desert.storm =alt.desert-storm
00007 .
alt.desert.sword =alt.desert-storm
alt.desert.topping =alt.desert.toppings
alt.desert.toppings 00006 I'll have just a little more crude oil on that, please. 00081 Deteriorata meets the Space Orphans. 00001 The ultimate in moderated newsgroups. (Moderated)
alt.devilbunnies 00030 Probably better left undescribed.
alt.discrimination 00728 Prejudice sux.
alt.dreams 03145 What do they mean?
alt.drugs 12474 Recreational pharmaceuticals and related flames.
alt.drugs.usenet 00021 Many things are addictive besides pills. 00011 What he said.
alt.emusic 01634 Ethnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc. music.
alt.english.usage =alt.usage.english
00002 More stardrek.
alt.ernie-pook 00038 Long live Lynda Barry!
alt.evil 01556 Heh heh heh, HA ha ha-HAAAAAAA!
alt.exotic-music =alt.emusic 00048 COWABUNGA, D00D!!! MY BROTHER SEZ HES AWSUM. 00069 . 00566 Electronic fan club for humorist Dave Barry. 00027 A jerk. 00197 Fans of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. 00137 Shock radio, don't touch that dial. 00003 Tygre, tygre, burning blight... 00322 Electronic fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. 04474 No, not THAT monty python, the OTHER one. 00000 It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... =alt.rush-limbaugh 00008 Breathtaking adventure stories. 00063 Portland Oregon's favorite son. 00175 My sig can whomp yours any day of the week.
alt.fandom.cons 00947 Announcements of conventions (SciFi and others).
alt.fandom.misc 00117 Other topics for fans of various kinds.
alt.fax =comp.dcom.fax
alt.fax.bondage 00062 The ancient secrets revealed.
alt.finals.suicide =alt.suicide.finals 03383 Fishing as a hobby and sport.
alt.flame 33203 Alternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flame.abortion 00001 Somewhere to direct followups to.
alt.flame.eternal 00000 In heaven... nothing ever happens...
00000 Probably not.
alt.flame.hirai.cs.dork 00002 Flaming a Nutty Perfessor. 00019 Surrogate for Domino's delivery vehicles.
alt.flame.psu 00044 Penn State gets its own.
alt.flame.psuvm =alt.flame.psu
alt.flame.sean-ryan 00000 .
alt.flame.spelling 00129 Fore piple whoe kant spel.
00007 Worse than torture.
alt.flame.weemba 00012 Roasting the one & only Matthew P. Wiener.
alt.folklore.computers 13942 Weird tales...
alt.folklore.urban 17952 Really weird tales...
alt.foolish.users 00016 Final resting place for the "idiot-proof" zealots.
alt.forgery 00243 One place for all forgeries--crossposting encouraged.
alt.fractals 01401 Mad Math from Xunderdrome. 00159 Cheaper just to send the program parameters.
00032 Picard, you are not yourself lately.
alt.fusion =sci.physics.fusion
alt.gambling =rec.gambling 00818 The Galactic Bloodshed conquest game. 00039 .
00005 Some say he did it to himself.
alt.gourmand 00124 Recipes & cooking info. (Moderated)
alt.graffiti 00046 Usenet spraypainters and their documentors. 00187 Some prefer this to 01236 Discussion of pixmap utilities.
alt.great-lakes 00681 Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
alt.great.ass.paulina 00000 More Stardrek.
alt.great.ass.wheaton 00015 More Stardrek.
alt.hackers 00528 Hac yt smale. (Moderated) 00000 .
alt.horror 02980 Too awful to describe.
alt.hotfut 00045 Hospital of the Future. 00209 The semi-legendary Usenet Oracle speaks.
alt.hypertext 00873 Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.individualism 06455 Philosophies where individual rights are paramount.
alt.industrial 00104 Saving US manufacturing thru technology.
00000 Keep doing it till you've got it right.
alt.irc 01459 Internet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc.sleaze 00000 .
alt.irc.sleaze.mark 00012 .
alt.irony 00000 Letting off steam.
alt.ketchup 00008 Whak* Whak* ...shake... Whak* Damn, all over my tie. 00534 A place for the pre-college set on the net.
alt.lang.asm 00090 Discussion of assemblers & machine languages.
alt.lang.cfutures 00374 Discussion of the future of the C programming language
alt.lang.intercal 00136 A joke language with a real compiler. =alt.lang.asm
alt.lang.teco 00042 The TECO editor language.
alt.lawyers.sue.sue.sue 00000 .
alt.letter.chain 00009 A microcosm of usenet itself.
alt.magic 00402 For discussion about stage magic.
alt.magick 00562 Another kind than hat tricks.
alt.mail.cfutures =alt.lang.cfutures
alt.maroney 00009 This is really, really stupid.
alt.mensa 00000 No one has qualified so far to use this newsgroup.
alt.messianic 00060 Messianic traditions.
alt.models 00777 Model building, design, etc.
alt.mothers 00004 .
alt.motss.bisexua-l 00000 .
alt.msdos.programmer =comp.os.msdos.programmer
alt.mud.lp 00166 .
alt.national.enquirer 00083 Entertaining, utter drek.
alt.native 00314 Issues for and about native Americans.
alt.newgroup 00023 For people who don't like to rmgroup/newgroup things. 00011 Society for the Propagation of news.members.
00000 Feh. 00009 .
alt.nodies 00001 Alaskan helpers.
alt.noise 00000 BZZZZT! KRAK!! BLAM! %$@#*?! etc.
alt.pagan 07566 What most folks *really* believe.
alt.paranormal 01983 Phenomena which are not scientifically explicable. 00129 Parties, celebration and general debauchery.
alt.peeves 05306 Mild-mannered, chronic, perhaps even wimpish.
alt.personals 10221 Geek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.bondage 00066 Tangled up in blue?
00438 That kind too.
alt.postmodern 01491 Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like.
alt.privacy 00813 (no comment).
alt.prose 01178 Postings of original writings, fictional & otherwise.
alt.prose.d 00608 Discussions about postings in alt.prose.
alt.psychoactives 00043 Drugs for the spirit rather than the body.
00000 Flames.
alt.quake 00000 About California and other earthquakes.
alt.rap 00519 Yo, gangsta.
alt.rap-gdead 00310 Fans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.
alt.recovery 04601 For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
alt.religion.adm3a 00007 Which of the 17 termcap entries works with yours?
alt.religion.computers 02911 The One True Path, many times over.
alt.religion.emacs 00255 The Two True Path.
00221 He's dead, Jim.
alt.rhode_island 00434 Discussion of the great little state.
alt.rissa 00264 Fans (and otherwise) of Patricia O'Tuama.
alt.rmgroup 00067 For the people who like to rmgroup/newgroup things.
alt.rock-n-roll 20230 Counterpart to and alt.drugs.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal 08770 For the headbangers on the net.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy =alt.rock-n-roll.metal
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica =alt.rock-n-roll.metal
alt.romance 10827 No sex. 05568 Talk about no sex.
alt.rush-limbaugh 00357 A fiend. 00431 Well, you can try.
alt.sci.astro.fits 00024 . 02969 Security issues on computer systems. 00024 Pointers to good stuff in (Moderated)
alt.sewing 01232 Working with needle and thread. 46903 Postings of a prurient nature.
00014 Postings of a very prurient nature. 01027 Happiness is a warm puppy.
00001 That cute little squeek they make is so charming... 12899 Postings about dominance/submission.
00001 .
00008 Pictures about dominance/submission. 00058 ...sigh... 00039 Where Carasso's SO is himself.
00024 I can't talk, my mouth is full. 00000 . 00016 . 00041 Where one's SO is oneself. 00227 Members Of The Same Sex. 00218 . 00000 . 03023 For those who need to be shown how. 04185 For those who need to talk about being shown how. 00025 Yesssss.... 00007 Ngghhh! MMMMMMM! uuuhhhnnnnnOOOOOHHHhhhhh... 00096 Requests for erotica, either literary or in the flesh.
00010 . 00011 More Stardrek.
alt.shitkickers 00000 Yeeeeee-HAAAAWWWWWWW!! 00007 Eponymy.
alt.silver 00000 .
alt.skate 01180 Post-punk methodology.
alt.skate-board 00042 Hey, over here, this is the real newsgroup.
alt.skinheads 00901 The skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.slack 03602 Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag 00009 Posting berating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.slack.Bob.dirtbag =alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag
alt.slack.bob.dirtbag =alt.slack.BoB.dirtbag
alt.slime 00001 .
alt.snowmobiles 00007 RRRRrrrrrr. rrrRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
alt.society.ati 00011 The Activist Times Digest. (Moderated) 00073 Postings about the Computer Underground. (Moderated)
alt.society.futures =comp.society.futures
alt.source-code =alt.sources
alt.sources 04144 Alternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.amiga 00238 Technically-oriented Amiga PC sources.
alt.sources.d 02129 Discussion of posted sources.
alt.sources.index 00110 Pointers to source code in alt.sources.*. (Moderated)
alt.sources.patches 00036 Reposted patches from non-bugs groups.
alt.sources.wanted 01456 Requests for source code. 00129 Like alt.suicide with rubber bands. 00016 . 00551 The game/art/sport of splatball.
alt.startrek.creative 00646 Stories and parodies related to Star Trek.
00000 Spooky stuff.
alt.stupid.kutz.putz 00000 Getting the last word.
alt.stupid.putz 00030 Getting the next-to-the-last word.
alt.stupidity 01969 Enough is enough, alright?
alt.suicide.finals 00090 The Final solution. 02060 Go ahead, I dare you. 01206 Dealing with emotional situations & experiences.
alt.surfing 00273 Riding the ocean waves.
01370 Don't ask.
alt.sys.amiga.demos 00083 Emergency Amigectomies - apply at head office.
alt.sys.amiga.uucp 00126 AmigaUUCP.
00010 Patches for AmigaUUCP.
alt.sys.intergraph 00024 Discussions about Intergraph systems.
alt.sys.pc532 =comp.sys.nsc.32k
alt.sys.sun 04584 Technical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
alt.sys.unisys 00091 Technical discussion of various Unisys systems.
alt.tasteless 02779 Disgusting. 00000 "Eccchh, that last one was *sick*..."
alt.test 08306 Alternative subnetwork testing.
alt.text.dwb 00042 Discussion of the AT&T Documenter's WorkBench.
alt.thrash 00399 Skateboards and thrashlife.
alt.tla 00028 Palindromic fun, or else Three-Letter-Acronyms.
alt.toolkits.xview 00277 The X windows XView toolkit.
alt.toon-pics 00021 More copyright violations.
alt.trash =alt.thrash 00017 Fans of the new "The Antagonists" TV show. 00001 Better to talk about it than watch it. =alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork 01495 About the cult-classic show. 05022 About the new cult-classic show. 02068 Dicussion about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show. 13236 Instant cult.
alt.unix.wizards =comp.unix.wizards
alt.usage.english 01931 English grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.wee.willie.wisner 00009 The guy who came in from the cold.
alt.weemba 00151 Talk & flames about the one & only Weemba.
alt.weemba.flame =alt.weemba
alt.weemba.math =alt.weemba
alt.weemba.physics =alt.weemba
alt.weemba.sheep =alt.weemba 00004 Send $1.
alt.x-windows.bugs 00000 Just like it sez.
comp.sys.intergraph =alt.sys.intergraph
psu.flame =alt.flame.psu
psu.lame =alt.flame.psu

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