Alternative Newsgroup Hierarchies (Part 2)

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David C Lawrence

Aug 9, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/9/96

Archive-name: alt-hierarchies/part2


"alt" is a collection of newsgroups that is being distributed by a
collection of sites that choose to carry the groups. Many Usenet
sites do not receive these groups. Here is a recent list of many
active "alt" newsgroups. It represents a view of the altnet as seen
by UUNET. It does not include groups which have names that are not
valid by the standard defined in RFC 1036bis (available in

Another view can be found in a set of articles posted periodically by
Bruce Becker as <> to alt.config, alt.newgroup,
alt.answers, news.admin.misc, and news.groups, called ``Another
listing of newsgroups in the "alt" hierarchy.'' That list seems to
include every alt group he has ever seen, many of which have never had
a correct and widely distributed creation message or do not get any
continuing article traffic.

You can join the "alt subnet" by finding a site in your area that
carries the groups. Either send mail to the administrators of the
sites you connect to, or post something to a local "general" or
"wanted" newsgroup for your area. If no sites nearby are getting
them, you can get them from uunet or psi.

Submissions to the moderated alt groups should be made to the
addresses listed in the companion posting of moderator addresses. If
it does not include an address for one of these groups, it is probably
because the person who established the group as moderated did not make
sure that the addresses were properly installed. Submission addresses
for moderated groups should be sent to

alt.0d Yet another attempt to collect stupid people up front.
alt.1d One-dimensional imaging, & the thinking behind it.
alt.2d People using this group have no depth.
alt.3d Use alt.3d.misc instead.
alt.3d.misc Three-dimensional imaging.
alt.3d.sirds Especially for Single Image Random Dot Stereograms. For 3D Studio users.
alt.aac The Armageddon Ark Clan.
alt.aapg.announce The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
alt.aapg.general The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
alt.aber No description.
alt.abortion.inequity Paternal obligations of failing to abort unwanted child.
alt.abuse.offender.recovery Helping abuse-offenders to recover & heal.
alt.abuse.recovery Helping victims of abuse to recover.
alt.abuse.transcendence Non-standard ways to deal with all forms of abuse.
alt.acme.exploding.newsgroup Beep beep.
alt.acting I'm just not myself today.
alt.activism Activities for activists.
alt.activism.children Open discussion of political issues about children.
alt.activism.d A place to discuss issues in alt.activism.
alt.activism.death-penalty For people opposed to capital punishment.
alt.activism.youth-rights Youth rights/anti-age restriction activists. Renegade fans start another unneeded hierarchy.
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb The prototypical alt group.
alt.adoption For those involved with or contemplating adoption.
alt.adoption.adoptive.parenting Special issues with parenting adopted children. Licensed non-profit adoption agency information.
alt.adoption.issues Debate over controversies and attacks on adoption.
alt.aeffle.und.pferdle German TV cartoon characters das Aeffle und das Pferdle.
alt.agriculture.fruit Fruit production.
alt.agriculture.misc Use sci.agriculture instead.
alt.airline.schedules Current schedules of various airlines.
alt.alcohol Don't drink and drive on the, I can't say it.
alt.aldus.freehand The other hand is busy.
alt.aldus.misc Aldus products not covered in another alt.aldus group.
alt.aldus.pagemaker Don't use expensive user support, come here instead. Cheating on Homework 101.
alt.alien.research Extraterrestial body snatching for fun and profit.
alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk Something about simoN.
alt.alien.visitors Space Aliens on Earth! Abduction! Gov't Coverup!
alt.alien.wanderers Wanderers living amongst us, maybe even you are one.
alt.allsysop Use comp.bbs.misc instead.
alt.alt ASCII stereograms.
alt.alt.alt.alt.alt When the ants go marching five by five.
alt.alt.test Use alt.test instead.
alt.alumni.bronx-science Those crazy kids from Bronx-Sci.
alt.amateur-comp Discussion and input for Amateur Computerist Newsletter. Worshiping women you have to look up to.
alt.america Created by a British cluebag; probably now has USA talk. Use instead.
alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.breakdown Born in the USA.
alt.amiga.demos Use alt.sys.amiga.demos instead.
alt.amiga.slip Use comp.sys.amiga.networking instead.
alt.anagrams Playing with words.
alt.anarchism Anarchists of the world, unite!
alt.angels Angels, near death experiences, miracles, you. (Moderated)
alt.anger Seething rage.
alt.angst Anxiety in the modern world. Tightening the screws of your existence.
alt.animals Use rec.pets.* or alt.animals.* instead.
alt.animals.badgers Wombat love.
alt.animals.bears Who's gonna win the Super Bowl? Da Bears!
alt.animals.dolphins Flipper, Darwin, and all their friends.
alt.animals.felines Cats of all types.
alt.animals.foxes For those wild and crazy guys.
alt.animals.horses.icelandic Icelandic horses.
alt.animals.lampreys Large suctorial mouths are cool.
alt.animals.raccoons Discussion of raccoons and raccoon-related topics.
alt.animation.spumco The Danes call it Quality.
alt.animation.warner-bros Discussions about Warner Brothers cartoons.
alt.anonymous alt! Who goes there?
alt.anonymous.messages An anonymous message pool newgroup, whatever that is.
alt.answers As if anyone on alt has the answers. (Moderated)
alt.antichristnet Will Spencer does not assume responsibility.
alt.antiques.delaware.joe Specializing in Americana from the Joe period.
alt.anybody You talking to me?
alt.anything Use misc.misc instead. Why some people hate AOL and/or its users. Complaining about charges from America Online. Another forum for gripes about America Online.
alt.apocalypse Now.
alt.appalachian Appalachian region awareness, events, and culture.
alt.aquaria The aquarium & related as a hobby.
alt.aquaria.killies Killifish, members of family cyprinodontidae.
alt.archaeology Use sci.archaeology instead.
alt.archery Robin Hood had the right idea.
alt.archimedes.bugs Few people know he invented giant mechanical bugs.
alt.architecture Building design/construction and related topics.
alt.architecture.alternative Non-traditional building designs. Interior design of man-made spaces.
alt.aromatherapy The effects of scents. Discussions about temporary body painting. Colleges that teach art. Art and art supplies wanted and forsale. Making a spectacle of yourself in the art world. Artistic expression with using video as a medium. Art isn't really wearing a chapeau.
alt.artcom Artistic Community, arts & communication.
alt.arts.ballet All aspects of ballet & modern dance as performing art.
alt.arts.bujinkan Martial Arts - Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu (Ninjutsu).
alt.arts.nomad Shifting, searching, belonging, place, identity, power?
alt.arts.origami Origami discussion (no binaries).
alt.arts.storytelling Discussion of storytelling in all its forms.
alt.ascii-art Pictures composed of ASCII characters.
alt.ascii-art.animation Movies composed of ASCII characters.
alt.asian-movies Movies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
alt.astrology Twinkle, twinkle, little planet.
alt.astrology.asian The stars as they appear over the Orient.
alt.astrology.marketplace Astrology business; for-sale, want-to-buy ads.
alt.atari-jaguar.discussion As opposed to simply
alt.atari.2600vcs The Atari 2600 video console system.
alt.atheism Godless heathens.
alt.atheism.moderated Focused Godless heathens. (Moderated)
alt.atheism.satire Funny Godless heathens.
alt.athiesm Illiterate Godless heathens.
alt.aus.bonehead.dawn-mcgatney.bloody.convict.bitch Petty grudge group.
alt.aus.bonehead.jimo-ngygook.bulletstopper.poofter Petty grudge group.
alt.aus.bonehead.joey-thoi Petty grudge group.
alt.authorware About Authorware, produced by Authorware. So subtle. Discussing Mercedes-Benz cars. alt.american.automobile.breakdown.breakdown.breakdown.
alt.autographs.transactions Autographs wanted and for sale. Use* or* groups instead. Use instead. A couple of American sports cars. American light trucks of note. Surgeon General's Warning: Dodge Trucks or Die. Enrico's marque. Bad to the Bone! GN, TR and Turbo TA. Use instead. Racing go-karts. For macho truck enthusiasts. Big block or bust. Maybe it needs a bigger airbox. Use instead. Topics relating to the NHRA or drag racing in general. Use instead. Use instead.
alt.bacchus Disciples of the god of wine.
alt.backrubs the right...aaaah!
alt.bad.clams Festering food or financial forgeries.
alt.baldspot He's not only the founder, he's a customer; our guy Sy.
alt.banjo Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah.
alt.banjo.clawhammer Technique and tricks from the masters of banjo. Campaigning against "No shirt, no shoes, no service."
alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die "There's enough hatred of Barney for everyone!"
alt.barter Down with monetary systems!
alt.base-jumping.sheep.bounce.bounce.bounce Hey, who packed this chute?!
alt.basement.graveyard Another side of the do-it-yourself movement. BBC TV's "The Net" series.
alt.bbs Computer BBS systems & software. Ads for various computer BBS's.
alt.bbs.allsysop SysOp concerns of ALL networks and technologies.
alt.bbs.allsysup SysOps with a phobia of the letter O. The Citadel BBS.
alt.bbs.doors Bulletin board system add-on executables, or "doors".
alt.bbs.doors.binaries Use alt.binaries.bbs.doors instead.
alt.bbs.doors.lord No description.
alt.bbs.doors.lord.binaries Use alt.binaries.bbs.doors instead.
alt.bbs.excalibur Discussion of Excalibur BBS Software for Windows.
alt.bbs.first-class The First Class Mac GUI BBS.
alt.bbs.gigo-gateway Garbage in, garbage out --- alt.* in a nutshell.
alt.bbs.iniquity Discussions about iNiQUiTY BBS Software.
alt.bbs.internet BBSs that are hooked up to the Internet.
alt.bbs.jds For discussion of JDS Plug-Ins for Excalibur BBS.
alt.bbs.lists Postings of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.lists.d Discussion and requests of regional BBS listings.
alt.bbs.majorbbs The MajorBBS by Galacticomm, Inc.
alt.bbs.metal The METAL Telecommunications Enviornment.
alt.bbs.omnibbs OMNI BBS, a popular client/server bulletin board system.
alt.bbs.pcboard Technical support for the PCBoard BBS.
alt.bbs.pcbuucp The commerical PCBoard gateway, PCB-UUCP.
alt.bbs.powerboard The Powerboard BBS package.
alt.bbs.proboard Discussion of Proboard BBS software.
alt.bbs.public-address Public Address BBS Software for the Macintosh.
alt.bbs.ra RemoteAccess discussion.
alt.bbs.renegade The James Dean of BBSes. Rumors of the death of BBSes have been exaggerated.
alt.bbs.searchlight Searchlight BBS system discussions.
alt.bbs.tribbs Didn't Kirk have some trouble with tribbs?
alt.bbs.unixbbs UnixBBS, from Nervous XTC.
alt.bbs.uupcb PCB? I used to do that in the Sixties, man.
alt.bbs.waffle Use comp.bbs.waffle instead.
alt.bbs.watergate The WaterGate mail processor.
alt.bbs.wildcat WILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.
alt.bbs.wildcat.wccode No description.
alt.bbs.wwiv The WWIV bulletin board system.
alt.beadworld We must appease the Bead Gods. Good for what ales ya. A beer that Canadians can be like, uh, proud of, eh?
alt.beograd City and people of Beograd. It was a time of sorrow, it was a time of joy. General discussion about the Holy Bible. Discussion of the Bible and its prophecies. The end times described in Revelations. (Moderated)
alt.bigfoot Dr. Scholl's gone native.
alt.bigfoot.research Serious discussion by Bigfoot researchers. (Moderated) Use
alt.binaries.activism.militia Plans for your own paramilitary force.
alt.binaries.atari Binaries relevant to Atari computers.
alt.binaries.autographs Scanned signatures.
alt.binaries.bbs Binaries for bulletin board systems.
alt.binaries.bbs.doors Postings of binary encoded BBS door programs.
alt.binaries.bbs.pcboard Binaries for PCBoard systems.
alt.binaries.bbs.renegade Binaries for Renegade BBS systems.
alt.binaries.calc-ti Binaries relvant to Texas Instruments calculators.
alt.binaries.clip-art Distribution of DOS, Mac and Unix clipart.
alt.binaries.comp.atari8bit Programs for Atari's 6502-based orphans.
alt.binaries.cracks Like alt.binaries.warez.*, only different.
alt.binaries.cracks.encrypted Like alt.binaries.warez.*, only different. DemoScene-related binaries for the IBM PC.
alt.binaries.descent The Decline and Fall of the alt.binaries Empire.
alt.binaries.doom Binaries for or of the DOOM PC game.
alt.binaries.drwho For the posting of binary files related to Doctor Who.
alt.binaries.emulators.cbm Binaries for CBM emulators users.
alt.binaries.emulators.gameboy Emulators of the GameBoy.
alt.binaries.emulators.nintendo Nintendo and Super Nintendo emulators.
alt.binaries.erotica Use alt.binaries.{sounds,pictures}.erotica groups.
alt.binaries.erotica.fetish People getting off on objectification.
alt.binaries.erotica.fetish.wet-and-messy Like a storm drain.
alt.binaries.erotica.fettish Use alt.binaries.erotica.fetish instead. It's always morning somewhere. Binaries related to fashion magazines.
alt.binaries.fetish.scat Pictures of poop. Pictures of fitness & swimsuit models.
alt.binaries.fonts Give your word processor some style!
alt.binaries.freemasonry Binaries relating to alt.freemasonry. Terrabytes of copyright violations. A place to post Civilization 2 add ons. Discussing binaries from Levels and utilities for the game Quake.
alt.binaries.gothic Mournful and dark binaries.
alt.binaries.great.ass.paulina Butt prints.
alt.binaries.heretic Post lots of ASCII messages here to be a heretic.
alt.binaries.howard-stern Images & sounds of the "King of all Media".
alt.binaries.lingerie Use instead. Games for the Macintosh.
alt.binaries.misc Random large files without a more appropriate group.
alt.binaries.missing-adults Distributing pictures of missing adults.
alt.binaries.missing-kids Distributing pictures of missing children.
alt.binaries.models.scale Pictures of scale models.
alt.binaries.multimedia Sound, text and graphics data rolled in one.
alt.binaries.multimedia.d Discussion of digitized animation files.
alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica Moving pictures of a prurient nature.
alt.binaries.multimedia.rap Computerized rap videos.
alt.binaries.multimedia.utilities Multimedia Stuff.
alt.binaries.natnl-secrets Shhhhh!
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities Willard Scott nekkid & other natural wonders.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.female Nude pictures of famous women.
alt.binaries.nude.celebrities.male Nude pictures of famous men.
alt.binaries.phonecards Images of collectile phonecards. Glamour Pictures. Use instead. Pictures of clocks. Pictures of all types of animals. Images from Japanese animation. Use alt.binaries.bodyart instead. Use alt.binaries.bodyart instead. Pictures composed of ASCII characters. Little does Kell know of Kevin's late nights. Very black pictures. No mistaking that there's a derrier back there. Bisexual situations shown. Use Graphics of body stylings. GIFs, JPEGs, et cetera of boys. This little piggy went to alt.binaries. Images from animated cartoons. Unrated pictures of famous people. Views to your future. Hunt for pedophiles here. Hunt for pedophiles here. Pictures of children. Real photographs of the beasts. The chickens go nuts for this group. Pictures of police officers. Discussions about picture postings. Self-portraits. Use Images of centerfold models. Gigabytes of copyright violations. Amateur subjects/photographers. Amateur subjects/photographers. Amateur subjects/photographers. Amateur subjects/photographers. Sex with black cuckoos. Beastly lust. Anime erotica - "Ecchi"/"Hentai"/"H". Non-photographic realistic art. Indian erotica. Forget the girl, let me at the Ferrari. Strikes are less pleasing. Very hairy men. Pictures of sex with animals. Urban legends. Nude pictures of substance. On rhythmically pumping V-twins. Sexual images of black people. Sexy ebony women. Tall, dark & handsome black men. Copyright violations featuring blondes. Big on Bob. Bondage and S&M-related erotic images. Pictures of mammalian protruberances. More than a handful is too much. Erotic butts come into view. Copyright violations featuring toons. Gimme a B..R..E..A..K. Magnet for pedophile activity. Magnet for pedophile activity. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Discussing erotic copyright violations. Spam free erotica talk. (Moderated) I don't want to imagine. Ejaculate on faces. Copyright violations featuring females. Women's poop chutes. Women using sex toys. Fetishistic, exotic, erotic images. Big on Barbie. Pictures of adult babies. Erotic visual foot action. Erotic pictures of hair. People wearing Latex. People wearing leather. Erotic furry images. Explicit pictures of gay men. Many entangled bodies. Leotard lovers. Pictures of women's high-heels. The Horny Rob collections. Erotic images of Indians. Blending colours. Lawyers in love. No description. No description. Latina women. Images of women who love women. Just for Joey. Copyright violations featuring males. Men's poop chutes. Something to hold on to. Memorable Carnival moments. No need to get on your knees. Erotic pictures without the spam. (Moderated) American Indian sex pictures. The nose as an object of lust. Images of oral sex. Copyright violations featuring Asians. Panties, underwear, knickers. No description. Copyright violations of porn stars. Use Almost certainly illegal traffic. Pregnant women in sexual situations. What's a puffy? Images of forced sex. Erotic images of redheads. The art of David J. Gardner. Think they mean college? Spanking pictures and images. No description. Newt in the nude. Teens, should be above age of consent. Teens, should be above age of consent. Teens, above age of consent. Guess. Teen women orgasming. Teens, above age of consent, having sex. Teens, above age of consent. No description. The sexiness of stockings. Men dressed as women. Non-circumcised males. Men and women looking _almost_ official. New dimensions in water photography. Views for the viewers. The eroticism of youth. No description. Use instead. Discussion of the fine-art binaries. (Moderated) Art from conventional media. (Moderated) Art created on computers. (Moderated) Discussing alt.b.p.fine-art.*. Photographic art. Cheaper just to send the program parameters. Images of furniture. Originaly funny animal art. Displaying plants and gardens. Pictures of girlfriends. Commercially controverisal group. GIFs, JPEGs, et cetera of boys. Menage a trois and orgies. Wet in white. Vegetable vamping. Images of women who love women. As if Victoria's Secret isn't frequent enough. Lolita having sex, one supposes. No description. Have we saturated the network yet? Images of Net citizen Nicki Lewis. Lots of views of flesh. Images of normally clothed famous folk. Images featuring nudists. Hot hosiery. Images showing folded paper procedures/products. Hot hosiery with a built in panty. People publishing photos of themselves. Forum for ferroequinologist photos. Use* instead. Binary sports images. Yet more copyright violations. Take acting lessons. The new Twiggy. Eccchh, that last one was *sick*. Pictures of the hunks of tomorrow. Pictures of teenage women stars. Lathes and miters and squares, oh my! Posting of pictures-related utilities. Images of vehicles. Use Duplicates all of
alt.binaries.picutes.nude.celebrities Use
alt.binaries.rock-n-roll Sights and sounds related to rock-n-roll.
alt.binaries.satellite-tv Programs and data related to encrypted TV.
alt.binaries.scanmaster Pictures from the Scanmaster collection.
alt.binaries.scientology Sounds and pictures pertaining to Scientology. Programs that simular car driving.
alt.binaries.slack Sounds and pictures of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs.
alt.binaries.sounds.cartoons Sounds from copyrighted animated shows.
alt.binaries.sounds.d Sounding off.
alt.binaries.sounds.erotica Uhh Uhh Uhh Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooh.
alt.binaries.sounds.midi MIDI binaries.
alt.binaries.sounds.misc Digitized audio adventures.
alt.binaries.sounds.mods MODs and related sound formats.
alt.binaries.sounds.mods.d Discussions of alt.binaries.sounds.mods.
alt.binaries.sounds.movies Sounds from copyrighted movies. Music samples in MOD/669 format. Musical instrument samples and stuff. Sounds from copyrighted television shows.
alt.binaries.sounds.utilities Sound utilities.
alt.binaries.startrek Various binaries related to Star Trek.
alt.binaries.starwars Images and sounds from the Star Wars movies.
alt.binaries.test For the testing of binary posting.
alt.binaries.warcraft Pictures, levels & configurations for Orcs and Humans.
alt.binaries.warez Why pay when you can steal?
alt.binaries.warez.amiga D00DZ in favour of pirating Amiga software. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC software. Discussing D00DZ in favour of pirating DOS programs. Some sort of decoy for the D00DZ. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC games. D00DZ in favour of pirating antique PC software.
alt.binaries.warez.mac D00DZ in favour of pirating Mac software.
alt.binaries.warez.mac.req Requests for pirated Mac software.
alt.binaries.warez.snes D00DZ in favour of pirating Super Nintendo software.
alt.binaries.x-files Scenes from FOX's X Files show.
alt.binaries.zines Images and sounds from mini magazines. Individualist uses of biotechnology. Minority scientists and students in biomedical research.
alt.birthright Birthright Party propaganda.
alt.bitch.ewokie No description.
alt.bitch.pork Flames in a particular vein.
alt.bitterness No matter what it's for, you know how it'll turn out.
alt.blasphemy Irreverence on the net? Who would have thought. In alt? Who do you think you are to say so?
alt.bonehead.james-koput Yet another grudge group.
alt.bonehead.john-grubor DrG, net.sage.
alt.bonehead.kevin-mitnick You may not like him but he is still the best.
alt.bonehead.steve-crisp Steven J. Crisp, the court jester of NCSU.
alt.bonsai Little trees and battle screams.
alt.books Use rec.arts.books.* or alt.books.* instead.
alt.books.anne-rice The Vampire Thermostat.
alt.books.arthur-clarke The writings of SF writer Arthur C Clarke.
alt.books.beatgeneration Beat authors, Burroughs, Kerouac, etc.
alt.books.brian-lumley Books by Brian Lumley.
alt.books.bukowski Discussion on the works and life of Charles Bukowski.
alt.books.chesterton No description. (Moderated)
alt.books.clive-barker Discussion of the writings of Clive Barker.
alt.books.crichton Michael Crichton's writings: Jurassic Park, etc.
alt.books.cs-lewis Narnia and other C.S. Lewis tales.
alt.books.dean-koontz Discussion of the writings of Dean R. Koontz.
alt.books.deryni Katherine Kurtz's books, especially the Deryni series. Writings by George Orwell.
alt.books.h-g-wells The life and works of H G Wells.
alt.books.iain-banks No description.
alt.books.isaac-asimov Fans of the late SF/science author Isaac Asimov.
alt.books.john-grisham John Grisham's novels.
alt.books.julian-may Group for the discussion of the works of Julian May.
alt.books.kurt-vonnegut Discussion of Kurt Vonnegut's works.
alt.books.larry-niven Discussion of the works of SF writer Larry Niven.
alt.books.lars-eighner About fiction and nonfiction works of LE.
alt.books.m-lackey Author Mercedes Lackey and her books.
alt.books.moorcock Discussions about the writings of Michael Moorcock.
alt.books.mysteries Mystery and suspense on usenet.
alt.books.nancy-drew Discussion of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series.
alt.books.orson-s-card Discussion of sf author Orson Scott Card.
alt.books.peter-straub Discussions of Peter Straub's books.
alt.books.phil-k-dick Discussion about the works of Phillip K. Dick.
alt.books.poppy-z-brite No description.
alt.books.pratchett Discussions of Terry Pratchett's books and characters.
alt.books.purefiction Discussion of bestselling novels and how to write them.
alt.books.raymond-feist Fantasy author Raymond Feist and the Midkemia series. "If you want to know how it turns out, read it!".
alt.books.robert-rankin For the discussion of the books of Robert Rankin.
alt.books.roger-zelazny Discussion of the works of the late author.
alt.books.sf.melanie-rawn The author of the Dragon-xxx series.
alt.books.stephen-king The works of horror writer Stephen King.
alt.books.technical Discussion of technical books.
alt.books.terry-brooks Discussion of Terry Brooks Works.
alt.books.toffler The ideas of Alvin and Heidi.
alt.books.tom-clancy The group for discusson of Mr. Techno-Thriller.
alt.boomerang The angular throwing club, not the Eddie Murphy flick.
alt.bored What people do when they are bored.
alt.bork People just love the sound of that word.
alt.braces No description.
alt.brain Use sci.cognitive instead. The born-again minister touring US campuses.
alt.buddha.short.fat.guy Religion. And not religion. Both. Neither.
alt.building.announcements Building industry announcements.
alt.building.architecture Building industry architecture. Building industry construction. Keeping buildings from falling down.
alt.building.environment Building industry environment. Building industry finance. Building industry jobs.
alt.building.landscape Building industry landscape.
alt.building.manufacturing Building industry manufacturing. Real estate and the building industry.
alt.building.survey-mapping Building industry surveying & mapping. Use instead. Corporate accountability. Topics dealing with franchising/franchise management. For displaying PC home business plans and services. Hotel, resort, tour and restaurant businesses. Business aspects of international trade. International trade in computers. International trade in food. Import-export trade forum. (Moderated) International trade in raw materials. International trade in services. All about the insurance industry. Discussion of internal auditing. All aspects of commerce. Multi-level (network) marketing businesses. Some multi-level marketing scheme. Fleecing people for fun and profit. Fleecing people for fun and profit. About taxhaven/offshore/datahaven corporations & trusts. Business seminars.
alt.butt.harp The ultimate hum job.
alt.butts Cigarettes, guns, logs, casks, you name it.
alt.c64 Use comp.sys.cbm instead. Debating regulation of cable television.
alt.cad Computer Aided Design.
alt.cad.autocad CAD as practiced by customers of Autodesk.
alt.cad.cadkey Cadkey, Datacad, and other Cadkey, Inc. products.
alt.california The state and the state of mind.
alt.callahans Callahan's bar for puns and fellowship.
alt.canadian.beaver More from "Things that make you go, 'eh?'".
alt.captain.sarcastic For the captain's minions.
alt.cardgame.magic Use instead.
alt.cardgame.spellfire TSR's SpellFire game. "PROBE ME" --- actual Viriginia woman's license plate.
alt.cartoon.reboot Don't like the current animation? Ctl-alt-del.
alt.cascade Art or litter, you decide.
alt.catastrophism Look out below!
alt.caving Spelunk. Discussions of optical storage media. Reviews of various published things available on CD-ROM.
alt.celebrities Famous people and their sycophants.
alt.cellular Cellular telephone technology.
alt.cellular.gsm About GSM mobile phones.
alt.censorship Discussion about restricting speech/press.
alt.cereal Breakfast cereals and their (m)ilk.
alt.cesium College Educated Students in Universal Mainland.
alt.chaos Chaos, concepts, physics, theory, and mathematics.
alt.charlie.rules.rules.rules I always thought Charlie Brown was a loser.
alt.cheese This is cheezy.
alt.chess.ics The Internet Chess Server
alt.child-support Raising children in a split family.
alt.childcare Non-parental child care. See also*.
alt.chinchilla The nature of chinchilla farming in America today.
alt.chinese.computing Discussion group for Chinese computing.
alt.chinese.fengshui The aesthete of location, Chinese-style.
alt.chinese.story Telling stories in the Chinese language.
alt.chinese.text Postings in Chinese; Chinese language software.
alt.chinese.text.big5 Posting in Chinese[BIG 5].
alt.chinese.text.hz Posting in Chinese[HZ].
alt.chips.salt-n-vinegar People fond of salt and vinegar potato chips.
alt.christnet Gathering place for Christian ministers and users. Bible discussion and research.
alt.christnet.christianlife How to live what Christians believe.
alt.christnet.ethics Ethics in the Chrisitian value system.
alt.christnet.evangelical Some aspect of evangelism.
alt.christnet.hypocrisy "Vengeance is mine!" sayeth jfurr.
alt.christnet.nudism Stripping in the name of the Lord.
alt.christnet.philosophy Philosophical implications of Christianity.
alt.christnet.prayer Prayer in the lives of Christians.
alt.christnet.second-coming.real-soon-now It could happen. Some of them still do that, you know.
alt.christnet.theology The distinctives of God of Christian theology.
alt.circumcision Excuse me, you dropped something.
alt.circus.arts Group for sharing and discussing circus arts. The Citadel (S.C.) Alumni. Traumatic Incident Reduction and Clearing.
alt.clerks The Counter Culture.
alt.clothes.designer The discussion of designer clothes.
alt.clothes.designer.versace Clothing styles by Versace. The special secrets under wraps. Sports, casual, collection, or just one pair. The "La Grotta di Merlino" club.
alt.clueless I have no idea how to describe this group. The Whole Earth Review and associated lifestyles. Discussion about co-operatives.
alt.cobol Relationship between programming and stone axes. Another group worshipping caffeine.
alt.collecting.8-track-tapes Fans of the endless loop cartridge.
alt.collecting.autographs WOW! You got Pete Rose's? What about Kibo's?
alt.collecting.barbie Use rec.collecting.dolls instead. (Moderated)
alt.collecting.pens-pencils Pen & pencil collecting.
alt.collecting.sports-figures Discussion of sports-related figures.
alt.collecting.teddy-bears Collecting stuffed toy bears. Discussions of the College Bowl competition. Dining halls, cafeterias, mystery meat, and more. College and university fraternities. Delta Sigma Phi. Sigma Pi: A fellowship of kindred minds. College and university sororities. Tunnelling beneath the campuses. Is that "us" as in "U. S.", or do you just mean y'all?
alt.comedy.air-farce Royal Canadian Air Farce.
alt.comedy.british Discussion of British comedy in a variety of media.
alt.comedy.british.blackadder The Black Adder programme.
alt.comedy.firesgn-thtre Firesign Theatre in all its flaming glory.
alt.comedy.improvisation Group improvisational comedies.
alt.comedy.laurel-hardy The Laurel and Hardy comedy team.
alt.comedy.marx-bros Why a duck?
alt.comedy.slapstick.3-stooges Hey, Mo!
alt.comedy.standup Discussion of stand-up comedy and comedians.
alt.comedy.vaudeville Vaudeville and its descendants.
alt.comics.2000ad Discussing British comic 2000AD and related issues.
alt.comics.alan-moore Quis custodiet ipsos custodes.
alt.comics.alternative You could try a book without pictures, for example.
alt.comics.batman Marketing mania.
alt.comics.classic For the discussion of golden and silver age comic books.
alt.comics.dilbert Scott Adams's intrepid engineer.
alt.comics.elfquest W & R Pini's ElfQuest series. Original works using existing comic characters.
alt.comics.image What would a comic be without an image?
alt.comics.lnh Interactive net.madness in the superhero genre.
alt.comics.peanuts For the discussion of the Peanuts comic strip.
alt.comics.superman No one knows it is also alt.clark.kent. Some spinoff from LETS and other local money systems. Academic freedom issues related to computers. (Moderated) Academic freedom issues related to computers.
alt.comp.blind-users Computer technology for the visually impaired.
alt.comp.compression Use comp.compression instead.
alt.comp.databases.xbase.clipper Use comp.lang.clipper instead.
alt.comp.freeware Free software that was intended to be free.
alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt Designing devious devices in the den.
alt.comp.hardware.homedesigned Computer hardware designed at home.
alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt Building your PC from motherboards and cards.
alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi Use comp.lang.pascal.misc instead.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus ASUS motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.elitegroup Elitegroup motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicro Supermicro motherboards.
alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tyan Tyan motherboards.
alt.comp.pheriphs.mainboard.supermicro Use alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.supermicro.
alt.comp.shareware "Try Before You Buy" software marketing.
alt.comp.shareware.authors People who write "Try Before You Buy".
alt.comp.shareware.for-kids "Try Before You Buy" for children.
alt.comp.shareware.programmer People who write "Try Before You Buy".
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.hp Hewlett Packard palmtop machines.
alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot Discussion of USR/Palm PILOT series.
alt.comp.tandem-users Users of Tandem computers.
alt.comp.virus An unmoderated forum for discussing viruses.
alt.comp.virus.source.code The source code to various virii. The business of consulting about computers. Soliciting for computer consultants. Posts about computer consulting. (Moderated) I hate to drive it, it gets such lousy mileage. Interactive TV.
alt.config Alternative subnet discussions and connectivity.
alt.consciousness Use sci.psychology.consciousness instead.
alt.consciousness.4th-way The Fourth Way, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky.
alt.consciousness.jancox Jan Cox's view of consciousness.
alt.consciousness.mysticism The quest for ultimate reality.
alt.consciousness.near-death-exp Discussion of near-death experiences.
alt.consciousness.slyman G.I. Gurdjieff's 4th Way presentation. (Moderated)
alt.conspiracy Be paranoid -- they're out to get you.
alt.conspiracy.antichrist Will Spencer does not assume responsibility.
alt.conspiracy.area51 The US Government has a secret they're not telling you.
alt.conspiracy.jfk The Kennedy assassination.
alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated JFK assassination conspiracy discussion. (Moderated)
alt.conspiracy.netcom Evil Empire / Gribbit. The construction industry. See also
alt.consumers.experiences Use misc.consumers instead. Free offers and how to take advantage of them.
alt.consumers.sweepstakes You may have already won!
alt.control.test.test.test It worked.worked.worked, idjit.
alt.cookies.yum.yum.yum Use instead. Use instead. The PClone package Corel Draw & related products. No description.
alt.corporate.accountability Use instead.
alt.cosuard Sysops against rate discrimination. /koo pahns/, not /kew pahns/. Try it.
alt.cows.are.nice Except when you put on the nipple clamps.
alt.cows.moo.moo.moo Like cows would cluck or something.
alt.crackers Snack food in little bits or big bytes.
alt.cracks Heavy toolbelt wearers of the world, unite.
alt.crafts.plastic-canvas Using plastic and canvas in artful creations.
alt.crafts.professional Professional craftsmen.
alt.creative-cook Use instead.
alt.crime Crime in general, not just the crimes in alt.*.
alt.cuddle What cows do with their food; should be alt.cows.cuddle.
alt.cult-movies Movies with a cult following.
alt.cult-movies.alien The Alien series of films.
alt.cult-movies.evil-deads The Evil Dead movie series.
alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror Virgin! Virgin! Virgin! Virgin!
alt.cult.nudism Crackpots in the nudist movement.
alt.culture.alaska Is this where the ice weasels come from?
alt.culture.argentina Use soc.culture.argentina instead.
alt.culture.austrian Use soc.culture.austria instead.
alt.culture.beaches Surf's up!
alt.culture.bullfight To understand and appreciate the bullfight.
alt.culture.cajun Cajun culture, history, genealogy, events.
alt.culture.egyptian Use soc.culture.egyptian instead.
alt.culture.gard-trask The Legend of Gardner Trask III.
alt.culture.hawaii Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono.
alt.culture.indonesia Use soc.culture.indonesia instead.
alt.culture.internet The culture(s) of the Internet.
alt.culture.jesse-garon 'Jesse Garon', The GoldenBoy of USENET.
alt.culture.jollyroger Conservative pirates of the Western Soul.
alt.culture.karnataka Culture and language of the Indian state of Karnataka.
alt.culture.kerala Use soc.culture.indian.kerala instead.
alt.culture.knights The lives of the knighthood.
alt.culture.kuwait Use soc.culture.kuwait instead.
alt.culture.military-brats We learned to walk in Army bootees. Norsemen on the net.
alt.culture.ny-upstate New York State, above Westchester.
alt.culture.ny.upstate Use alt.culture.ny-upstate instead.
alt.culture.openair-market Discussing open air markets around the world.
alt.culture.oregon Discussion about the state of Oregon.
alt.culture.saudi The life and times of the people of Saudi Arabia.
alt.culture.somalia Use soc.culture.somalia instead.
alt.culture.tamil Use soc.culture.tamil instead. Discussion of 1960s culture in the US and abroad. At least pick a _good_ decade to be stuck in the past. The Me Decade. Asian Indians in the US and Canada. Basking in the sun of the US's lower left.
alt.culture.usenet A self-referential oxymoron.
alt.culture.virtual.oceania Oceania project discussion and news. (Moderated)
alt.culture.www World Wide Web culture.
alt.current-events.blizzard-of-93 The terrible blizzard of 1793.
alt.current-events.bosnia The strife of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater The Clinton Whitewater Scandle.
alt.current-events.haiti News about Haiti. Use instead.
alt.current-events.russia Current happenings in Russia.
alt.current-events.ukraine Current and fast paced Ukrainian events.
alt.current-events.usa What's new in the United States.
alt.cyberangels The Guardian Angels try to rescue the net from itself.
alt.cybercafes Cyber/Computer/Internet Cafes or Coffeeshops.
alt.cyberpunk High-tech low-life.
alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo Literary virtual reality in a cyberpunk hangout.
alt.cyberpunk.movement A little laxative might help. Cyberspace and Cyberpunk technology.
alt.cyberspace Cyberspace and how it should work.
alt.cyberspace.rebels Tough individualists on the net.
alt.cynicism Bitter on the outside, idealistic on the inside!
alt.dads-rights Rights of fathers. (Moderated)
alt.dads-rights.unmoderated Unhindered discussion of the rights of fathers.
alt.david Where have you gone, Michaelangelo?
alt.dcom.slip-emulators Pseudo-SLIP/PPP with shell accounts. TIA, SLAP, etc.
alt.dcom.telecom Unmoderated discussion of telecommunications technology. ... and the diseases that killed them, next on Geraldo.
alt.dear.whitehouse When Hints from Heloise aren't enough. How depressed is a fuck?
alt.desert-storm Continuing proof that alt groups never die. Discussion of graphics design. Product design. Do it, and do it NOW! Please leave the light on when you leave.
alt.destroy.the.internet Demons in the wire. The ultimate in moderated newsgroups. (Moderated)
alt.devilbunnies Probably better left undescribed.
alt.disasters.aviation Plane Lands Safely at Airfield, Film at 11.
alt.disasters.misc General discussion of disaster issues.
alt.discordia All hail Eris, etc.
alt.discrimination Quotas, affirmative action, bigotry, persecution.
alt.disney Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead.
alt.disney.collecting Use rec.arts.disney.merchandise instead.
alt.disney.criticism Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead.
alt.disney.disneyland Use rec.arts.disney.parks instead.
alt.disney.secrets Use rec.arts.disney.misc instead.
alt.divination Divination techniques (e.g., I Ching, Tarot, runes).
alt.dont.get.even.get.odd Oddball insomniacs.
alt.doobry No description.
alt.dragons-inn Breathing fire tends to make one very thirsty.
alt.dreams What do they mean?
alt.dreams.castaneda The dreaming techniques of Carlos Castaneda.
alt.dreams.lucid What do they _really_ mean?
alt.drinks.kool-aid Beverage break on the Information Superhighway.
alt.drinks.snapple Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.
alt.drugs Use rec.drugs.misc instead.
alt.drugs.caffeine All about the world's most-used stimulant drug.
alt.drugs.chemistry Discussion of drug chemistry and synthesis.
alt.drugs.culture Entertainment while under the influence.
alt.drugs.hard Heroin, cocaine, and friends.
alt.drugs.leri I'm a little leary of drugs too.
alt.drugs.melatonin The hormone Melatonin.
alt.drugs.pot Use rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.pot.cultivation Use rec.drugs.cannabis instead.
alt.drugs.psychedelics Use rec.drugs.psychedelic instead.
alt.drugs.usenet Repeatedly pushing the button for a fix.
alt.drumcorps Use rec.arts.marching.drumcorps instead.
alt.drunken.bastards Peeing in the potted plants.
alt.drwho.creative Writing about long scarves and time machines.
alt.dss Discussion of the new Digital Satellite Systems. It looks like a duck, but it's an alt group.
alt.dumpster Oscar has always wanted a roomier place.
alt.dur.general Durge chatter. Use talk.environment instead. Use the groups instead. School doesn't have to suck! The Bangkok distance education project. Education for people with physical/mental disabilities. Learning from teachers who are far away. The email project for teaching English. Student Affairs principles & practices. Christian home-schoolers. (Moderated) The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Alternative postsecondary degree programs. Studying about studying.
alt.elvis.king Fat and dead, too. Pretty useless king.
alt.emusic Ethnic, exotic, electronic, elaborate, etc, music. Home Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. Fueling ourselves without depleting everything. Discussing electrical engineering.
alt.engr.explosives BOOM.
alt.ensign.wesley.die.die.die We just can't get enough of him.
alt.etext Texts made available for electronic redistribution.
alt.eunuchs.questions Did it hurt?
alt.evil Tales from the dark side.
alt.exotic-music Exotic music discussions.
alt.ezines Electronically published mini-magazines.
alt.fairs.renaissance Discussions of Renaissance faires and festivals. Discussion of actors, male and female. Discussion of dead actors, male and female. She's deadpan and she's homicidal. No description. No description. Who's the Boss? Now who's naked on your screen? For fans of old AT&T logos. I'm fond of buffered analgesics. Robert Lynn Asprin too. Modern master of the spooky story. Bahbrah! Discussion group for fans of Barry Manilow. Priss, the Replicants, the ADP and Bubblegum Crisis. Fans of the original micro-softie. The Science Guy. ? The movie Blade Runner. Jake & Elwood ride again! Finally, someone who makes Al Gore look lively. No description. A young actor the women seem to be crazy about. "Oooh, he just sounds soooo cool! *Giggle*!" Male and female actors from Great Britain. From the Evil Dead to Brisco County, Jr. Amy Fisher would understand. Some musician guy I've never heard of. The brother Douglas Adams never talks about. A Toronto-area radio station. Get a Life, you Letterman flunky. Fans of felatio. Late Night with a big red pompadour. The Notorious Courtney Love. Discussion of actor Crispin Glover. For discussion of a past US Vice President. Because the good Doc says I can't. Electronic fan club for humorist Dave Barry. The man who fell to earth. Conversation about David Cassidy by fans. Thwarter of the supervillain Tiffany. The Usenet search engine at Comedian Dennis Miller. A pop music group. Funny hats do not a band make. 7? 11? Crap personified. Discussion of the Dirk Pitt series by Clive Cussler. Group for fans of dirty whores like Kathy-Jo Kramer. Disney Afternoon characters & shows. The Gargoyles animated series. The Man of Bronze. Lustful fanboys. Fans of radio host Imus. Two radio guys. Of "Amazon Women On The Moon" fame. Author of "The Meaning of Liff", & other fine works. Dr. Pepper -- Love him or hate him. Please ignore if group exists on your site. People just love automobiles at Pennsic. Now called "". A place to worship Dr. Mellow. Herbert's drinking buddies. The ever exotic ramblings of Eli-the-Bearded. Discussing Eddie Izzard, etc. The works of writer David Eddings. Maker of Supermodels. The music and antics of Elton John. Fans of the singer Elvis Costello. The late, great Elvis the Pelvis. Use instead. No description. Is that a Sears poncho? Fans of funny animals, ala Steve Gallacci's book. FurryMUCK and other anthropomorphic MU*s. Crime does pay, or we wouldn't have so much of it. Some TV preacher and horsebreeder. Careful Neddy, it's that dastardly Moriarty again. Fans of Doug Tracht, the DJ. The host of "TalkSoup" on the E! Entertainment Channel. For the discussion of the works of Harlan Ellison. From Blade Runner to Indian Jones to Clancy stories. Book 'em, Dano. Love them horn rimmed glasses, baby. For discussion of hedgehogs and thier fandom. Fans of SF author Robert Heinlein grok this group. I have no damn mouth! Fans of the Henry Rollins Band. Mother! Douglas Hofstadter and Godel, Escher, Bach. Elementary, my dear Watson. Like he ever said that. Fans of the abrasive radio & TV personality. The movie, "The Adventures of Fartman." Jammy Smears, Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, etc. A contributor to alt.astrology and soc.culture.indian. On his Majesty's Secret Service (& secret linen too). Fans of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Dead Kennedys' lead singer. Discussing the popular "Friends" star. Playmate & sitcom starlet. Phone Pranks 'r' Us. Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication. Wild and wacky comedian Jame Carrey. For the discussion of the 'Huge One'. A circus sideshow performer. Fans of the late-great guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. A white sports coat and a pink crustacean. No description. Joel Furr. Please, take him home to the place where he belongs. The future people speak. ? Forget the rest of him, ya gotta love the nose. Why are there so few hot, exhibitionist, S&M women? Anything about Kate Moss, famous waifish model. Fans of Kathy-Jo Kramer. People who love Keanu Reeves, in all his blandness. For the sycophantic hordes. Discussion of Kieran Snyder's life and work. Come Dancing. LA radio station KROQ, FM 106.7. Great monster name. What is The Forum ? Will it be a music concert or a lecture this time? Little critters with BIG eyes. One of the top 10 reasons to get the alt groups. Top Ten lists from the Letterman show. (Moderated) Discussion of Disney's "The Lion King". No description. Nice tits, eh... And how about that puppy? Fanboys fall for female. No description. No one would know her, but she prosecutes O.J. Simpson. Discussion of the Mark & Brian radio program. For the general discussion of Meg Ryan and all her work. Comedic great Mel Brooks. Discussing the actor Michael Biehn. Fear for his bad hair days. British children's TV presenter. Electronic fan club for animator Mike Jittlov. Electronic fan club for those wacky Brits.'s favorite music group, moxy fruvous. Discussions of Netscape's WWW browser Mozilla. Fans of the "dopest, freshest homeboy" on KFI. I thought people hated jerks who talked in theatres. Canadian answer to MTV. Discussing Andrew Martinez - the Naked Guy at Berkeley. The Well of Souls and all things Markovian. No description. Conservatives return with a vengence. UK model and Internet Cyberfemale, Nicki Lewis. Long live Nikita! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons, comics, etc. Noam Chomsky's writings and opinions. Have you ever played ping pong in Pago Pago? Juice! Juice! Juice! It's not that good, it's just OK. People not impressed with Oksana Bayul's figure. Another figure skater fan group. Playmate and Baywatch lifeguard. The official group of playmate Pamela Lee's fan club. Miscellaneous Patricia Nieuwendijk discussion. The magicians Penn Jillette & Teller. Anne McCaffery's SF oeuvre. No description. Philip K. Dick, writer. British children's TV presenter. Princess Caraboo. Like, but for anyone named Piers. For fans of the s-f author Piers Anthony. P.J. O'Rourke's dramatic displays. Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet too. Discussion of important Power Rangers facts. For fans of Terry Pratchett, s-f humor writer. Announcements about pubic wigs & book signings. (Moderated) The Death of Lusers. Julius will be so jealous. Omnipotent being from either Star Trek or James Bond. No description. Possum Lodge happenings. For folks who couldn't find Fans of actress Christina Ricci. WQEW's The Big Broadcast and its host Rich Conaty. Even people who are not crooks die. Baseball's most popular minor leaguer. Discussing all things relating to Robotech. Jellybeans and all. Fan discussion of the actor/comic/writer/engineer. Rumpole of the Bailey. Derogation of others for fun and profit. Rush's television programme. Sailor Moon animation, manga, and merchandise. Fans of the talented horror/comedy movies director. For fans of the famous Page 3 Girl/pop singer. The Speed'ing babe from Arlington VA. Use instead. Ahrnold, MacArthur at twice the mass. Fans of the music of Shostakovich. Fat fetishes have no place here. Stuff about snopes. Sega's spinning blue hero. A cartoon revived from the 1960s. Actor, author, performance artist, and monologist. Slowing down traffic. The newsgroup that goes to 11. George Lucas's Star Wars. The Rev. Steve Winter and his tactics. See That wild and crazy Vulcan. No, she doesn't make noises like a squirrel. Really. Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Boys and men that teenagers worship. Girls and women that teenagers worship. No, not just any Bob -- _THE_ Bob. No description. Mortal Men doomed to die. Use alt.books.tom-clancy instead. Some guy. 31 flavours for readers. Someone get this chick a colorist! A teenage porn star whose trying to get respect. The Irish rock band U2. Fans of the mystical and awe-inspiring UNABOMBER. The band Velocity Girl. The War Lord of the West Preservation Fan Club. Standing by, red 2. Happy, happy hump day. Generation X's gorgeous, elfin, brainy, goddess actress. Discussion of the works of humour author P.G. Wodehouse. The diminutive neurotic. Groovy rock star & manager of pro wrestlers.
alt.fandom.cons Announcements of conventions (SciFi and others).
alt.fandom.misc General topics of fandom.
alt.fantasy.conan People dreaming about O'Brien. All facets of the fasion industry discussed.
alt.fax Use comp.dcom.fax instead.
alt.feminazis For people who hate radical feminists.
alt.feminism Use soc.feminism instead.
alt.feminism.individualism Discussions about feminism and individualism. Multiculturalism invades the Emerald isle.
alt.filesystems.afs The Andrew Filesystem. Use instead.
alt.flame Alternative, literate, pithy, succinct screaming.
alt.flame.abortion Use talk.abortion instead.
alt.flame.airlines Problems and complaints with the airlines. Flames directed towards Notre Dame football.
alt.flame.james.ngygook No description.
alt.flame.jay-stevens No description.
alt.flame.jesus.christ Looking for the Ultimate Flame in return.
alt.flame.nerds.jn No description.
alt.flame.niggers The disgustng spectacle of racial hatred.
alt.flame.rush-limbaugh The opposition's version of
alt.flame.spelling USENET's favourite fallacious argoomint.
alt.flame.tcs.die.die.die Stupid TCS, Babylon 5 at 2am?
alt.flamenet FlameNet the Newsgroup! Collegiate humor. Use or comp.society.folklore.
alt.folklore.computers Stories & anecdotes about computers (some true!).
alt.folklore.gemstones Stories about minerals.
alt.folklore.ghost-stories Boo!
alt.folklore.herbs Discussion of all aspects of herbs and their uses. Current urban legends and other folklore. (Moderated)
alt.folklore.internet Internet Myths and Legends.
alt.folklore.military Military-oriented 'urban legends' and folklore. The folklore of science, not the science of folklore.
alt.folklore.suburban Serious discussion of urban legends. (Moderated)
alt.folklore.urban Urban legends, ala Jan Harold Brunvand. Use instead. Barbecue, grilling and related subjects. Aphrodisiac confections. An American Classic. Buy our nostalgic art. Black gold of another sort. Colombian tea. Breakfast, all day and all night. Fast food restaurants. Very low fat foods; not necessarily about weight loss. Ground hominy, germless. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Low fat diets, food, and cooking. Carl Sagan's favourite burger place. Fun with flapjacks. No description. Never put one on your friend's knee at a recital. Fruit of the Loom. For the sea food lover in you. The ancient art of preparing raw fish. Make a run for the border. Not just for breakfast anymore. All about wine, for oeneophiles.
alt.foot.fat-free Like, but for foot fetishists.
alt.foreplay The groups probably have useful tips about this. Use instead. Items for sale and wanted in Grand Junction, CO. Dietary items for sale and wanted.
alt.fractal-design.painter Fractal Design's "Natural Media" painting.
alt.fractals Use sci.fractals instead.
alt.frank.magazine Great Canadian political satire.
alt.fraternity.sorority Discussions of fraternity/sorority life and issues.
alt.freaks Rick James, we love you!
alt.freedom.of.information.act All about the FOIA.
alt.freemasonry Someone will build my basement for free? Cool.
alt.freenet Free access to computer networks. Luc has fun and likes cheese.
alt.future.millennium The coming of 2000 (or 2001, if you're accurate).
alt.galactic-guide Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Known Galaxy Project.
alt.gambling Use rec.gambling instead. Use instead. The Air Warrior combat computer game. A real high point in any gamer's day. The Alternate Trek Reality showcase newsgroup. For Game Builders using DCGAMES. CivNet - Microprose's networked Civilization game. Computer game Command & Conquer. Use instead. A dice game popular in the computer crowd. Discussion of Star Wars related game. Some game. Roll the bones. A really popular PC game. Announcements about the PC game Doom. (Moderated) Ladies and Gentlemen, We are in Hell. On Earth! Helping people new to a really popular PC game. The game Down Economy. (Moderated) Duke Nukem 3D. Binaries for Duke3D. Virgin Games computer game Dune II. Hints & discussion of Dust: A Tale of the Wired West. The Final Fantasy game. Storytelling in the Final Fantasy universe. Computer utilities for Dungeons and Dragons. Use instead. The Galactic Bloodshed conquest game. No description. It's just a game, isn't it? Fnord. Using an IPX emulator for the Internet to play games. Use instead. The Atari Lynx. Discussion of the Macintosh Sci-Fi game Marathon. Activision's Second Battletech Simulator. Struggling in Mortal Kombat! Mortal Kombat III. misspelt. You can't get there from here. Multi-Trek, a multi-user Star Trek-like game. Discussion of the paradise version of netrek. Talk about games at The video game Street Fighter 2. Gateway for TORG mailing list. Discussion and comparison of various upcoming 3-D games. A World of Dark game. In-character roleplaying in the Clan Tremere. Discussion of Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets. Video games from before the mid-1980s. Video games imported from Japan. The craft of war: Orcs versus Humans. A sequel to the infamous Water Closet games. Discussion of WhiteWolf's line of gothic/horror RPGs. Rage, White Wolf's trading card game. A flight simulation game. The Team17 arcade/strategy game Worms. Grappling, throwing, clenching and so on. Discussion on all aspects of the X11 game Xpilot. The networked game Xtrek.
alt.gathering.rainbow For discussing the annual Rainbow Gathering.
alt.geek To fulfill an observed need.
alt.genealogy Use soc.genealogy.* instead.
alt.gnashing-teeth Angry sales people.
alt.gnn.exodus No description.
alt.go.go.nancy Fans of ice skater Nancy Kerrigan.
alt.gobment.lones Talk about the thousand points of blight.
alt.good.morning Would you like coffee with that? A place for some news that's good news.
alt.gossip.royalty Rumours plaguing the crown.
alt.gothic The gothic movement: things mournful and dark.
alt.gothic.announce Announcements relating to the Gothic subculture. (Moderated) Discussion on pointy boots, hair dye, and makeup tips!
alt.gourmand Recipes & cooking info. (Moderated)
alt.government.abuse About governmental abuses of its power.
alt.grad-student.tenured Professional students.
alt.graffiti The writing is on the wall. Use* instead. Discussion of pixmap utilities.
alt.great-lakes Discussions of the Great Lakes and adjacent places.
alt.great.ass.paulina Ditch Rick for these drooling fanboys. Yah, right.
alt.grelb Vanity newsgroup for net.personality Alan Bostick.
alt.guinea.pig.conspiracy Rodents are massing for the Great Rebellion.
alt.guitar You axed for it, you got it.
alt.guitar.amps Discussion of guitar amplifiers.
alt.guitar.bass Bass guitars.
alt.guitar.lap-pedal Pedal steel guitar discussion group. Discussions about guitar tablature music.
alt.hacker No description.
alt.hackers Descriptions of projects currently under development. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.discuss A self-moderated hackers discussion group. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.groups Discussion of various hacker groups.
alt.hackers.groups.moderated Advanced hacking and related technology. (Moderated)
alt.hackers.malicious The really bad guys -- don't take candy from them.
alt.hacking Redundant with many other groups.
alt.hackintosh Clever programming on Apple's Macintosh.
alt.ham-radio.packet Use instead.
alt.hangover Pass the aspirin and a barrel of coffee. Exploding egoism.
alt.hardcore Like a peach. Or the earth.
alt.healing.reiki No description. Use* or* instead. Really old medicine from India. Chronic Fatigue Snydrome Action Group. (Moderated) Discussion of oxygen & ozone therapy. Business Calculus Support Group.
alt.hemp It's about knot-tying with rope. Knot!
alt.hemp.politics Political issues surrounding marijuana. Use rec.heraldry instead.
alt.herpes.personals People with herpes looking for companionship. Are there a lot of pathetic people on the net or what?
alt.hindu The Hindu religion. (Moderated) A forum for discussing the hobby of living history.
alt.history.ocean-liners.titanic Historic ocean liners: the Titantic.
alt.history.what-if What would the net have been like without this group?
alt.holoworld.rpg The Holoworld role-playing game.
alt.home-theater.marketplace Home theater equipment wanted and for sale.
alt.home-theater.misc Discussing all aspects of home theatre systems. Bob Vila would love this group.
alt.homosexual Same as
alt.homosexual.lesbian Use soc.women.lesbian-and-bi instead.
alt.horology A group for the science of clocks and watches.
alt.horror The horror genre.
alt.horror.creative Original horror fiction, poems, pictures.
alt.horror.cthulhu Campus Crusade for Cthulhu, Ctulhu, Ctulu, and the rest.
alt.horror.werewolves They were wolves, now they're something to be wary of.
alt.hotrod High speed automobiles. (Moderated)
alt.housing.nontrad Communes, co-housing & alternative living arrangements. Do-it-yourself (DIY) topics.
alt.html Use comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html instead.
alt.html.editors.webedit Users of Kenn Nesbitt's WebEdit.
alt.html.webedit Use alt.html.editors.webedit instead.
alt.human-brain A delicacy in some corners of the planet. What readers think is funniest in netnews. (Moderated) Discussion of posts.
alt.humor.bluesman Humor from the 105th St. BluesMan's world.
alt.humor.puns Not here.
alt.hvac Heating, venting and air conditioning.
alt.hypertext Discussion of hypertext -- uses, transport, etc.
alt.hypnosis When you awaken, you will forget about this newsgroup.
alt.icelandic.waif.bjork.bjork.bjork Ex-Sugarcubes - not the Swedish Chef.
alt.illuminati See alt.cabal. Fnord.
alt.image.medical Medical image exchange discussions.
alt.immortal Eventually makes you insult people around the universe.
alt.impeach.clinton Some think he performs as though he is impeared. Progressive politics in the Indian sub-continent. (Moderated)
alt.individualism Philosophies where individual rights are paramount.
alt.industrial The Industrial Computing Society claimed this name.
alt.infertility Discussion of infertility causes and treatments.
alt.internet Try to find a better focused group than this.
alt.internet.access.wanted "Oh. OK, how about just an MX record for now?"
alt.internet.commerce Doing business on the Internet. Recognizing the people responsible for inet success.
alt.internet.i-box Possibly about Spry's Internet in a Box package. The coverage of the internet by the media. Not available in the uucp world, even via email. Carl Malamud's Internet Talk Radio program. Use talk.bizarre instead.
alt.inventors People with new ideas.
alt.invest.penny-stocks Investing in low cost stocks.
alt.invest.real-estate Use misc.invest.real-estate instead.
alt.irc Internet Relay Chat material.
alt.irc.announce Announcements about Internet Relay Chat (IRC). (Moderated)
alt.irc.bots Daemons on the Internet Relay Chat.
alt.irc.bots.eggdrop Eggdrop IRC-Bot discussion/announcements. See for details.
alt.irc.dalnet The DALnet IRC network.
alt.irc.efnet No description.
alt.irc.hottub Discussion of the IRC channel #hottub.
alt.irc.ircii IRC, the sequel.
alt.irc.mirc Help and info on the IRC client mIRC.
alt.irc.questions How-to questions for IRC (International Relay Chat).
alt.irc.ratsnest Trivia game schedules, scores, and chat for #RatsNest.
alt.irc.recovery Withdrawing from IRC overdose.
alt.irc.romance Finding love on the Internet Relay Chat.
alt.irc.undernet The alternative IRC.
alt.irs.class-action Discussing a class-action suit against US's IRS. Internet Services (defunct; fnord). (Moderated) If it's a sewer, let's treat it like one! (Moderated) The companion to -- too much foo. (Moderated)
alt.islam.sufism Discussions of the mystical dimensions of Islam.
alt.japanese.misc Use soc.culture.japan(.moderated) instead.
alt.japanese.text Postings in Japanese; Japanese language software. Use* instead. Overseas from where? Use* instead.
alt.jokes.limericks There once was a group in alt.
alt.jokes.pentium Playing with the problems plaguing Pentium.
alt.journalism Shop talk by journalists and journalism students.
alt.journalism.criticism I write, therefore I'm biased.
alt.journalism.freelance Clearinghouse for freelance writers. News from a homosexual viewpoint.
alt.journalism.gonzo Hunter S. Thomspon's approach to reporting.
alt.journalism.moderated The profession of journalism. (Moderated) Reporting on topics of music.
alt.journalism.newspapers Writing in the newspaper industry. The work of photo journalists.
alt.journalism.print For newspaper, magazine and online reporters.
alt.journalism.students People studying to be journalists.
alt.jyotish No description.
alt.kalbo Bald guys of the world, unite!
alt.karen Vanity group.
alt.ketchup Whak* Whak* ...shake... Whak* Damn, all over my shirt. A place for the pre-college set on the net. Use soc.penpals instead.
alt.kill.the.whales And fulfill the prophecy of Star Trek IV! No description.
alt.landscape.architecture Landscape design and planning.
alt.lang.asm Assembly languages of various flavors.
alt.lang.basic The Language That Would Not Die. The CA Realizer GUI programming environment.
alt.lang.delphi Use comp.lang.pascal.misc instead.
alt.language.urdu.poetry Poetry in the Indic Urdu language.
alt.las-vegas.gambling Paying the big price for entertainment in Las Vegas.
alt.lasers Anything about laser technology.
alt.lawyers.sue.sue.sue Use instead.
alt.lefthanders How gauche.
alt.legend.king-arthur Legends and history of Arthur, King of the Britons.
alt.lemmings Rodents with a death wish.
alt.lesbian.feminist.poetry Everyone has their niche. Shops for people with oral fixations. The warm light at end of the tunnel is a locomotive. This may be the answer to "get a life" for some. Another whingy alt group. Discussions related to going barefoot.
alt.litterbox Use rec.pets.cats instead.
alt.locksmithing You locked your keys in *where*? Gambling with the state as bookmaker. Created by someone who couldn't find alt.romance.
alt.lucky.w Luck is benificent synchronicity (it sez here).
alt.lunatics The Lunatics and any other perverts who like them.
alt.lycra The WunderFabrik.
alt.mac.copy-protect.kdt-terminator KDT and copy-protection for Macintosh. (Moderated) Use instead.
alt.machines.cnc Discussing CNC Machine tools.
alt.mag.penthouse Penthouse Magazine.
alt.mag.playboy Four decades of appreciation or degradation. Your pick.
alt.magazine.2600hz Spam free discussion of 2600 Magazine. (Moderated)
alt.magazines.pornographic Use instead.
alt.magic For discussion about stage magic.
alt.magic.secrets The Butler did it, with mirrors, to Colonel Mustard.
alt.magick For discussion about supernatural arts.
alt.magick.chaos Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards.
alt.magick.moderated Serious discussion of magickal practices. (Moderated)
alt.magick.serious People seriously into the occult. Pursuing spirituality through sexuality and vice versa. No description.
alt.magick.tantra Discussing tantric yoga and other esoteric practices.
alt.magick.tyagi Magick as revealed by Mordred Nagasiva.
alt.magick.virtual-adepts Not quite, but almost, an adept. And piss off thousands of people even faster.
alt.malta Yum, chocolate maltas are delicious. No description.
alt.manga Use rec.arts.manga instead.
alt.manufacturing.misc All about manufacturing. No description.
alt.martial-arts.karate.shotokan Discussions of shotokan karate.
alt.masonic.members Freemasons.
alt.math.iams Internet Amateur Mathematics Society. (Moderated) Can I get fries with that?
alt.mechwarrior2 Use instead. Helping people with allergies. Chronic Fatague Syndrome discussions. (Moderated) Specific discussion about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Information about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Discussion about chronic fatigue syndrome. (Moderated) Use misc.emerg-services instead. Discussion of medical equipment. Fibromyalgia Fibrositis List. Veterinary medicine and animal health. Jobs for medical industry salespeople.
alt.meditation General discussion of meditation.
alt.meditation.moderated Moderated disucssion of meditation. (Moderated)
alt.meditation.transcendental Contemplation of states beyond the teeth.
alt.mega-ego.yonderboy Cruel irony, indeed.
alt.memetics The evolution of ideas in societies.
alt.mens-rights We hold these truths to be self-evident.
alt.messianic Messianic traditions.
alt.mexico The people of Central America's largest nation.
alt.military.cadet Preparing for the coming apocalypse.
alt.mind.bending Discussion of MindBending Software releases.
alt.mindcontrol Are you sure those thoughts are really your own?
alt.mining.recreational Digging rock as a hobby.
alt.mirc Use alt.irc.mirc instead.
alt.misc Use misc.misc instead.
alt.misc.forteana Charles Fort, his books, and general weird happenings.
alt.missing-adults Locating missing adults.
alt.missing-kids Locating missing children.
alt.mobilehome Aspects of living in mobile homes.
alt.models Use rec.models.* instead.
alt.mof No description.
alt.motd The messages of the day.
alt.motherjones Mother Jones magazine.
alt.motorcycle.sportbike Use instead. Use instead.
alt.motss.bisexua-l Use instead.
alt.mountain-bike Use instead.
alt.movies.branagh-thmpsn Films of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.
alt.movies.bruce-lee Movie star & martial artist Bruce Lee & Jeet Kune Do.
alt.movies.chaplin Discussion of Charlie Chaplin's life and art.
alt.movies.christian-bale Actor Christian Bale.
alt.movies.cinematography Use rec.arts.movies.production instead.
alt.movies.hitchcock The films of Alfred Hitchcock.
alt.movies.independent Films put out by independent producers.
alt.movies.indian Films from India and the Indian subcontinent.
alt.movies.joe-vs-volcano Fans discuss the movie Joe versus the Volcano.
alt.movies.kubrick For the discussion of Stanley Kubrick's movies. Godzilla! The Wolfman! The Thing! Aiiieee!!
alt.movies.scorsese Are you talking to me? You think I'm funny?
alt.movies.silent Shhhhhhhhhhh!
alt.movies.siskel+ebert Reviewing reviews from reviewers Siskel and Ebert.
alt.movies.spielberg Films of blockbuster director Steven Spielberg.
alt.movies.terry-gilliam Writer and director Terry Gilliam.
alt.movies.tim-burton The brooding works of Tim Burton.
alt.movies.visual-effects Discussion of visual f/x for movies and tv.
alt.msdos.batch MS-DOS batch files.
alt.msdos.programmer For the serious MS/DOS programmer (no forsale ads).
alt.mtv-sucks Barry Manilow RUL3Z!
alt.mud Use instead.
alt.mud.lp Use instead.
alt.mud.majormud Discussion of the MBBS mud. Lots and lots of mud.
alt.mud.programming Programming in text-based virtual reality environments.
alt.multimedia.director Macromedia Director. People who need to get out more often. Artists on the 4AD music label. Use instead. Swedish pop. African music. Discussion of Alanis Morissette. Use instead. One of Seattle's finest. For groups having 2 or less Platinum-selling albums. Discussing alternative music by female artists. Discussion of the pop-rock group America. Discussion about Amy Grant and her music. Use instead. Bananananana Truffle. Band directors' forum. Use instead. The Beastie Boys. Jeff Beck, I suspect. Discussion of the pop-rock group America. The soulful stylings of the Brothers Gibb. Bela and the Flecktones. Sounds from the Big Band era. Discussion of Billy Brinkley, err Joel. For fans of Bjork and the late Sugarcubes. Iron instruments. The band Black Sabbath and their music. Discussing Blue Rodeo. Bluegrass information, lyrics, transcriptions, etc. BOC -- Godzilla's gonna get ya. For "All fellow travelers." Fandom of the uniquely British group Blur. For fans of Jon and the gang. People pirating music performances. The harmonizing tunes of Boyz II Men. Apparently too popular to warrant further description. The Butthole Surfers. The music and fans of The Byrds. Oh, Canada, eh? Soca, Calypso, and Steel Pan. Lips that touch Def Leppard won't touch mine. The music of Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty. The music & art of the international star Celine Dion. You might think hymnals and chants, but you'd be wrong. An "alternative" band from UK (Northwich). Discussion of the pop-rock band Cheap Trick. The life and music of superstar Cher. Discussion of the band Chicago. Discussions of clarinets, players, and music. Anything about the musical group The Clash. To complex for _your_ simple mind. In my day, we used to count sheep. No need to argue -- Irish pop group The Cranberries. Discussion of the musical group Crash Test Dummies. Music to dance to. Discussion of the works of Glenn Danzig. MOTHER! A way to exchange information about this artist. The Dave Matthews Band. Art is not bound by the limits of tastefulness. Discussions about Deep Purple and related artists. Discussion about the rock group Def Leppard. The works of Depeche Mode. For discussion about Ronnie James Dio. Mark Knoppfler and the rock band Dire Straits. Is "progressive metal" an accepted label? Discussion of the Band. For fans of Justine and co. The Electric Light Orchestra. Enigma and similar bands. Gaelic set to spacey music. Erasure's fan following. Discussion of the musical group Faith No More. Fates Warning. SF/fantasy related folk music. Rock group Fleetwood Mac and its members. No description. The band Galaxie-500 and related music. Capitalizing on "just telling it like it is." Roddenberry's bad lyrics for the Star Trek theme. Genesis, in all their incarnations. The band Green Day. Discussion of folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie. Gwarrrrr. Could be porno set to music. Lip music. Taxi! The music of the Hawaiian islands. Hootie and the Blowfish. Use instead. Discussing Iggy Pop, his life and work. Soloists without contracts with the major labels. The musical duo Indigo Girls. The band InSoc, AKA Information Society. Get it? "In Excess". In the words of Nelson, "Ha ha." Discussions about J.S. Bach (1685-1750). JT! The music of Jane's Addiction and its members. Singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. Ironman sitting on a park bench. Music from the Jewish heritage. 'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky. No description. Use instead. The multi-platinum rock group "Journey". Givin' it from the (usually drunken) heart. Use instead. No description. Music of Kylie Minogue. Discussion about Led Zeppelin and their music. The music of Leonard Cohen. Discussion about the music of Gordon Lightfoot. Talk about The Band. Life and music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Discussion of Loreena McKennit. Lou Reed. The art, the music and the life of Luis Miguel. Discussion of song lyrics. About DJ's, their music, and lives. The art of creating techno, ambient, etc. No description. People who play woodwind instruments. Able to break glasses with a single boundless high note. A progressive band. The Silmarillion is a book. You've been a good little boy! No description. Mexican influenced music. Music from MIDI devices. About Raymond Zwarts's MidiWeb WWW site for MIDI. Perhaps not the music you would expect. Use instead. No description. Discussion of current rock and pop music. No description. Hey, hey, they were the Monkees. Still In Search of the Lost Chord. Morrissey's career and music. No description. The music of New Order and its members. Nils Lofgren's Music, concerts, CDs etc. Nine Inch Nails. Works for Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. Use instead. Generation X's Seattle leaders, leaderless. Discussion of the group No Doubt. Southern California Punk Ban NoFX. No description. No description. For fans of the Ambient Techno music group "The Orb". Blizzard of Osbourne. I'm broken. Milwaukee's music at its finest. Guitarist Pat Metheny and his group. Guitarist Pat Metheny and his group. (Moderated) Discussion of Paul Simon's music. The music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam. The music of the Pet Shop Boys. So, it's the music of Peter Gabriel, sans frontier. The American composer Philip Glass. Sold out shows everywhere. The Pogues. Weird Al or not, polka is popular some folks. Musical group Pop Will Eat Itself. Discussions related to the music group Primus. So my Prince came. Make him go away. For the punk-dance act called "the prodigy". Discussion about record production and A&R. Yes, Marillion, Asia, King Crimson, etc. All types of psychedelic music. Fandom of the British band Pulp. The band Queen and related solo acts. For discussion of the kings of puck rock. Jesus rides beside us. Rockabilly. To Pink or Not to Pink. For Rushheads. A Touch of Solace in Ecstasy. ? (Moderated) Making the music and/or listening to it. Aquatic creatures playing cymbals and the horn stand. No description. No description. Discussions of ska ( skank ) music, bands, and suchlike. Skank or mosh, we don't care. The Smashing Pumpkins. Discussion about the Smiths, and related solo projects. Life and music of Stephen Sondheim. Loud enough to make you deaf. News & Discussions on Sophie B. Hawkins. Discussion of sweet soul music. The band Soundgarden. Discussion of the Brit-pop combo Squeeze. Discussing the band Steely Dan. No description. The band Stone Temple Pilots. No description. Oxford's finest. ABBA and beyond. David "Japan" Sylvian and friends. The Roland U20 synthesizer. Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, and much more! The real alternative music scene. Bring on the bass! Janis Joplin to ZZ Top, Willie Nelson to Pantera. The music and fans of The Band. A rider on the storm no more. If you play it too loud, they bust your party. The band The Cure. No description. They Might Be Giants. Todd Rundgren music fandom. Discussion of works of artist Tom Waits. Tool is so... out there, man. The rock band The Tragically Hip. Another group for the band U2. See also Music from the British Isles. No description. For discussion of topics related to Van Halen. Use instead. Music that appears in video games. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree. Parodies-R-Us. Enduring megagroup. Music from around the world (no "pop" or "rock"). No description. The progressive band Yes. No description. So don't do that.
alt.mythology Zeus rules.
alt.mythology.mythic-animals Creatures of myth, fantasy, and imagination.
alt.native People indigenous to an area before modern colonisation. Use* instead.
alt.necronomicon Use alt.necromicon instead.
alt.neo-tech Books and ideas from Neo-Tech Publishing Company. Work out your troubles with
alt.netgames.bolo Use instead. The USA's north eastern region.
alt.newbie The altnet housewarming committee.
alt.newbies Housewarming for a group. Yes, we delight in your games.
alt.newlywed Life after the wedding. Don't believe the hype. News concerning Macedonia in the Balkan Region. Gate's megacorp in the news.
alt.niteclub.alternative Alternative music nightclubs.
alt.niteclub.commercial Commercially owned nightclubs.
alt.nocem.misc Discussion about the NoCeM project.
alt.noise Ow, quit it.
alt.non.sequitur Richard Nixon.
alt.nosebeeping Test newgroup goes wild in slapstick spoof.
alt.npractitioners Nurse practitioners.
alt.nuke.europe People not especially fond of Europe.
alt.nuke.the.usa People not especially fond of the US of A.
alt.obituaries Notices of dead folks.
alt.occult.kabbalah.golden-dawn The Golden Dawn system of Kabbalah. (Moderated) Office management issues.
alt.olympic.studies Analyzing various Olympic competitions. (Moderated)
alt.olympics.housing.low-cost Looking for cheap housing at the Olympics. Large commercial online services, and the Internet. Or should that be "America Offline?" Discussions and questions about Compuserve. Run! It's the Delphoids! Public FreeNet systems. Discussions and questions about GEnie. The Global Network Navigator. Discussion of The Imagination Network. MSN (Microsoft Network) online service. The Sears Prodigy system. The womens' organization Beta Sigma Phi. The Clan MacDude, Scots meet the surf. Digitale Burgerbeweging (Dutch EFF). Discussion of the Earth First! society. The Food Not Bombs homeless aid organization. Junior Chamber of Commerce. The Christian Organization PromiseKeepers. A ministry for boys. Regarding the Sierra Club. The "Starfleet" Star Trek fan organization. For the discussion of topics relevant to Team OS/2. Public speaking and Toastmasters International.
alt.os.linux Use comp.os.linux.* instead.
alt.os.linux.caldera The Caldera Network Desktop.
alt.os.linux.slackware Questions, answers & general talk of Slackware Linux.
alt.os.multics 30 years old and going strong.
alt.os.windows95.crash.crash.crash Early test runs have not impressed.
alt.out-of-body Out of Body Experiences.
alt.pagan Discussions about paganism & religion.
alt.pagan.contacts Personal & commercial contacts in the pagan community.
alt.pagan.magick Pagan magick and ritual discussion.
alt.pantyhose Stockings are sexier.
alt.parallel.universes Perpendicular universes hurt more.
alt.paranet.abduct "They replaced Jim-Bob with a look-alike!"
alt.paranet.metaphysics Philosphical ontology, cosmology and cosmetology.
alt.paranet.paranormal "If it exists, how can supernatural be beyond natural?"
alt.paranet.psi "How much pressure can you generate with your brain?" "Maybe if we dissect the psychic ..."
alt.paranet.skeptic "I don't believe they turned you into a newt."
alt.paranet.ufo "Heck, I guess naming it ``UFO'' identifies it."
alt.paranormal Phenomena which are not scientifically explicable.
alt.paranormal.channeling Spiritual mediumship, channeling and channelers.
alt.paranormal.crop-circles A discussion of Crop Circles.
alt.paranormal.pyramid Theories on mystic aspects of pyramids.
alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic And Rolaids.spells.relief. Use* instead.
alt.parenting.spanking Discussion about punishment methods for children.
alt.parenting.twins-triplets The issues of raising twins & other multiples.
alt.parents-teens Parent-teenager relationships. Parties, celebration and general debauchery. Damn the environmentalists, full speed ahead!
alt.peace Political, social and philosophical talk of world peace.
alt.peace-corps The works of the Peace Corps.
alt.peeves Discussion of peeves & related.
alt.penguin-fetish.recovery This one's for you, Alun.
alt.periphs.pcmcia Credit card sized plug in peripherals (PCMCIA, JEDIA).
alt.personals Do you really want to meet someone this way? Geek seeks Dweeb. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.aliens Looking for out-of-this-world love. Personals by or seeking bisexuals.
alt.personals.big-folks Romance for large people.
alt.personals.bondage Are you tied up this evening?
alt.personals.fags Use alt.personals.motss instead.
alt.personals.fat Romance for fat people.
alt.personals.fetish Romance for object-oriented people.
alt.personals.herpes Contacting people with herpes.
alt.personals.intercultural Sometimes the twain can meet.
alt.personals.intergen Where the old meet the young.
alt.personals.jewish Advertising for romance with Jewish people.
alt.personals.misc Dweeb seeks Geek. Object: low-level interfacing.
alt.personals.motss Romance for gay people. Personal ads from people with voice mail systems.
alt.personals.poly Hi there, do you multiprocess?
alt.personals.psychedelic Looking for other drug users.
alt.personals.spanking Oedipus gives this group a thumbs up.
alt.personals.spanking.punishment In search of bad butt burn.
alt.personals.tall Romance for tall people.
alt.personals.teen Teen personal ads and e-mail-me ads.
alt.personals.transgendered People seeking TV/TS friends.
alt.personals.universities.csu.sacramento PSP at Cal State Sacramento.
alt.pets.ferrets Ferrets and the people who love them.
alt.pets.hamsters Make that wheel go 'round.
alt.pets.parrots.african-grey Distant relative of the Norwegian Blue.
alt.pets.prairie-dogs Keeping prairie dogs as companions.
alt.pets.rabbits Coneys abound. See also
alt.pets.rodents All species of pet rodent. United Kingdom version of alt.2600.
alt.philosophy.debate Back to basics.
alt.philosophy.objectivism A product of the Ayn Rand corporation.
alt.philosophy.taoism All aspects of Taoism.
alt.philosophy.zen Meditating on how the alt.* namespace works.
alt.phreaking All about stealing phone service.
alt.pinecone The heart of camp arts & crafts. Leadfoot Larry.
alt.planning.transportation Transportation planning issues and techniques.
alt.planning.urban Urban development.
alt.politics.british Politics and a real Queen, too.
alt.politics.bush The politics of shrubbery.
alt.politics.clinton President Bill Clinton.
alt.politics.correct A Neil Bush fan club.
alt.politics.datahighway Electronic interstate infrastructure.
alt.politics.democrats.d U.S. Democratic party. The European economic community.
alt.politics.economics War == Poverty, & other discussions.
alt.politics.elections All about the process of electing leaders.
alt.politics.equality An oxymoron.
alt.politics.europe.misc The general political situation in Europe.
alt.politics.greens Green party politics & activities worldwide.
alt.politics.harry-browne Libertarian Harry Browne for US president.
alt.politics.homosexuality As the name implies.
alt.politics.immigration All issues related to immigration.
alt.politics.jaffo Six hectares long.
alt.politics.korea A forum for Korean politics. (Moderated)
alt.politics.libertarian The libertarian ideology. Individual liberty and gay/lesbian/bi issues. How the mass media is involved in shaping politics. About an individual nation just for blacks.
alt.politics.nationalism.white About White Supremacy. Politics of the U.S. firearms (etc.) regulation agency. The United States Centrial Intelligence Agency. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Political organizations. The ultrasecret security arm of the US government. Politics at the "United" Nations.
alt.politics.perot Discussion of the non-candidate.
alt.politics.radical-left Who remains after the radicals left?
alt.politics.reform Political reform. Not a good idea to mix them, sez Marilyn & Profumo.
alt.politics.socialism.mao Maoist thought in theory and practice.
alt.politics.socialism.trotsky Trotskyite socialism discussions.
alt.politics.usa.congress Discussions relating to U.S. House and Senate.
alt.politics.usa.constitution U.S. Constitutional politics.
alt.politics.usa.misc Miscellaneous USA politics.
alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich Discussion of House Speaker Gingrich. Discussions of the USA Republican Party.
alt.politics.white-power People who believe in White Supremacy.
alt.politics.youth Discussions about youth politics.
alt.polyamory For those with multiple loves.
alt.pootergeek.lesbian For Pootergeeks and their friends.
alt.postmodern Postmodernism, semiotics, deconstruction, and the like.
alt.president.clinton Will the CIA undermine his efforts?
alt.prisons Can I get an alt.* feed in the slammer?.
alt.privacy Privacy issues in cyberspace.
alt.privacy.anon-server Issues surrounding programs that aid anonymity.
alt.privacy.clipper The USA administration's Clipper encryption plan.
alt.private.investigator Digging up the dirt.
alt.projectmng Managing projects.
alt.prophecies.nostradamus Mystic verse.
alt.prose Use rec.arts.prose instead.
alt.psst.hoy Psst, buddy. Wanna buy a hoy?
alt.psychoactives Better living through chemistry.
alt.psychology Use sci.psychology.misc instead. An group away from home.
alt.psychology.jung Discussion of works & theories of Carl Jung.
alt.psychology.mindmachine Light/sound/electrostim technology.
alt.psychology.nlp Neuro-linguistic programming.
alt.psychology.personality Personality taxonomy, such as Myers-Briggs.
alt.psychology.transpersonal Transpersonal psychology.
alt.psychotic.roommates Single white female seeks roommate. Realistic place to meet and chat with friends. Your cyberspace friendly bar...come on in!
alt.pud "Discussion of the TFiLE PuD!@#@#!@$!" Whatever.
alt.pulp Paperback fiction, newsprint production, orange juice.
alt.punk Punk rock and its surrounding culture.
alt.punk.europe The punk rock scene in Europe.
alt.punk.straight-edge Not shaving eyebrows, but the sXe movement.
alt.ql.creative Quantum Leap fiction for the typographically challenged.
alt.quotations Quotations, quips, .sig lines, witticisms, et al. Use instead. Digital radio signals. Radio programming by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. U.S. National Public Radio: shows, stories, hosts, etc. Radio storyman Paul Harvey. Hide the gear, here comes the magic station-wagons. Use instead. Use instead. Radio talk and call-in shows. Radio in the United Kingdom. Talk radio (call-in) programmes in the British Isles.
alt.railroad Use misc.transport.rail.misc instead.
alt.random.noise Bitstream Underground's Random Noise.
alt.rap Use instead.
alt.rap-gdead Fans of The Grateful Dead and Rap. Really.
alt.rave Techno-culture: music, dancing, drugs, dancing, etc. Realtors helping with long moves.
alt.rec.camping Use rec.backcountry instead.
alt.rec.hovercraft Recreational hovercraft discussion.
alt.recovery For people in recovery programs (e.g., AA, ACA, GA).
alt.recovery.aa Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.addiction.sexual Recovering sex addicts. For adults from dysfunctional families.
alt.recovery.catholicism Getting over a Roman Catholic upbringing.
alt.recovery.clutter Getting over a cluttering/messiness problem.
alt.recovery.codependency Mutually destructive relationships.
alt.recovery.compulsive-eat Food is an addictive drug. Recovery and Narcotics Anonymous.
alt.recovery.panic-anxiety.self-help Self-help for panic recovery.
alt.recovery.religion The twelve steps from the Ten Commandments.
alt.religion.all-worlds Grokking the Church of All Worlds from Heinlein's book.
alt.religion.angels Belief in angels.
alt.religion.asatru No description.
alt.religion.broadcast It's legal but not necessarily proper.
alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren Nichiren believers unite.
alt.religion.buddhism.nkt Buddhist sect New Kadampa Tradition (NKT).
alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan The teachings of Buddha as studied in Tibet.
alt.religion.christian Unmoderated forum for discussing Christianity.
alt.religion.christian-teen Discussion area for Christian teens.
alt.religion.christian.20-something Discussion for the Twentysomething.
alt.religion.christian.anabaptist.brethren No description. The international Church of Christ.
alt.religion.christian.calvary-chapel No description.
alt.religion.christian.last-days In anticipation of Christ's 2nd coming.
alt.religion.computers Tiresome technical tirades.
alt.religion.course-miracle A Course in Miracles (ACIM).
alt.religion.druid Druids and their ideas, practices, and beliefs.
alt.religion.eckankar Eckankar, the religion of the Light and Sound of God.
alt.religion.gnostic Unmoderated group like soc.religion.gnostic.
alt.religion.goddess Perspectives on goddess worship & women's spirituality.
alt.religion.islam Unmoderated group like soc.religion.islam.
alt.religion.kibology He's Fred, Jim.
alt.religion.louis-nick Worship in the Church of Lou.
alt.religion.monica Discussion about net-venus Monica and her works. (Moderated) Mormon religion. More Mormon religion.
alt.religion.rabbet The Rabbet sect.
alt.religion.scientology L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology.
alt.religion.scientology.squick.squick.squick The sacred Three Squick.
alt.religion.scientology.xenu The Galactic Overlord of Scientology (OT III).
alt.religion.sexuality The politics of sexuality and religion.
alt.religion.shamanism Use soc.religion.shamanism instead.
alt.religion.unification Discussion of Unificationism.
alt.religion.universal-life Universal Life Church.
alt.religion.urantia-book Discussions about the Urantia Book.
alt.religion.vaisnava Discussion of the Vaisnava spiritual tradition.
alt.religion.watchtower Watchtower/JW discussion group. (Moderated)
alt.religion.wicca No description.
alt.relocate Setting up a new home in a far away place.
alt.restaurants Use instead.
alt.retribution Use alt.flame instead.
alt.revenge Two wrongs trying to make a right.
alt.revisionism "It CAN'T be that way 'cause here's the FACTS".
alt.revolution.american.second Jeffersonian dreams.
alt.revolution.counter Discussions of counter-revolutionary issues.
alt.rhode_island A little state with apparently world wide interest.
alt.rock-n-roll Counterpart to and alt.drugs.
alt.rock-n-roll.acdc Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
alt.rock-n-roll.aerosmith Lead singer looks like an ugly lady.
alt.rock-n-roll.classic Classic rock, both the music and its marketing.
alt.rock-n-roll.hard Music where stance is everything.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal For the headbangers on the net.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death "Death metal" and newgroup overkill.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.gnr "Axl Rose" is an anagram for "Oral Sex".
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.groove Groove-oriented stoner metal.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.heavy Non-sissyboy metal bands.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden Sonic torture methods.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.megadeth The band Megadeth.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.metallica Sort of like Formica with more hair.
alt.rock-n-roll.metal.motley-crue The music of Motley Crue. Slayer teams up with Tom Cora.
alt.rock-n-roll.oldies Discussion of rock and roll music from 1950-1970.
alt.rock-n-roll.stones Gathering plenty of moss by now.
alt.rodney-king Riot catalyst.
alt.romance Discussion about the romantic side of love. Chit chat about romance, often silly.
alt.romance.mature-adult Discussions and personals for mature adults. Love over the wire - does it work?
alt.romance.teen Talk about teen love and infatuations.
alt.romance.unhappy alt.angst on the run.
alt.rush-limbaugh Fans of the conservative activist radio announcer.
alt.rv Rotten varmints or recreational vehicles, you decide.
alt.sailing.asa The American Sailing Association.
alt.sailing.pbsa Hey Sailor.
alt.satanism Not such a bad dude once you get to know him. Satellite TV in the Asia/Pacific region. Satellite signal de-cryption techniques. All about European satellite tv. TV satellite systems wanted or forsale. Environmentalist causes. Programming the Sound Blaster PC sound card. Looking for assistance with schoolwork.
alt.sci.joe-bay The "b" stands for "bargain!"
alt.sci.mbe No description.
alt.sci.physics.acoustics The soundness of the science of sound. Scientific theories you won't find in journals.
alt.sci.planetary Studies in planetary science.
alt.sci.sociology People are really interesting when you watch them. Science and technology in Indonesia.
alt.sci.time-travel Theory of time travel.
alt.scooter Motor scooters, like Vespas, Lambrettas, etc.
alt.scottish.clans Discussions about Scottish Clans. Security issues on computer systems. Discussion of Home/Business/Vehicle security alarms. Espionage, intelligence, and tradecraft. Pointers to good stuff in (Moderated) The Pretty Good Privacy package. Terrorism -- the bomb, the bullet, and the blade. The Bomb the rocked Olympics '96. TWA Flight 800 over Long Island. The story of television.
alt.sega.genesis Another addiction.
alt.self-esteem Discussing self-esteem improvement and help.
alt.self-improve Self-improvement in less than 14 characters.
alt.sewing A group that is not as it seams. Postings of a prurient nature. Debating the pros and cons of sex. How to make the most of your UFO abduction. No description. Ouch. Sexual acts involving the anus. Possibly animal husbandry, but I doubt it. People who enjoy suffocation. Ben-wa, beach, tea, soccer, Lucille ... testicles too. Hairy homosexual men. For phallic fantasies. Silly, tricks are for kids. Happiness is a warm puppy. For people with big, purple newt fetishes. That little squeek they make is so cute. Pictures of bestial acts. NEWS FLASH: ancient people did it mostly the same way. Tie me, whip me, make me read the net! A new marketplace competitor for Fruitopia. Whatever spins your electrons. For frustrated SCO users. Excuse me while I turn the page. Discussing attraction to boy children. Discussions about female breasts -- big and small. See All about cathouses. All posts to this group will be cancelled. Where Carasso's SO is himself. I dunno, that's a pretty small hole in the middle. Discussing attraction to children. It's amazing what tentacles can do. Phone sex with a real time Internet visual aid. Mickey, Minney --- you know. Ask what this is about. Canadian college boys amuse themselves. No description. Cleansing the bowels as an erotic act. Literary or artistic works with a sexual theme. Use The business of sex. Looking for personal escorts. Discussion of personal escort advertisements. So you want to be a star. No descriptipn. Rollin' with the rolly polly. Discussions about female dominant relationships. Sword play or containment systems, take your pick. Sexual attraction to missing body parts. Lusting after unnatural body forms. Worshipping the feet of male children. Sex for the bean counters. Sex for bean counters who can't spell. They're dry and secure all day, too. It's an ear thing. Keen on ET's star child, all grown up. No description. Rollin' with the rolly polly. Rubber, leather, chains, and other fetish clothing. Kiss them. Now. We like opps' toes. Arousal caused by very big people. Hair, hair, everywhere. Palms even. We just _love_ Hannakaisa, She's Soooo sexy. Sticky and almost fluid ... hmm. At least you don't have that smell afterward. Motorcycles as sex objects. The mysteries of Asia are a potent lure. People stimulated by panties. Peter D's momma sure is something. Need we say more? This is for you robot types. Sexy Serena and friends. People excited by excrement. For discussion & posting of fantasies related to size. Like necrophilia without being quite so macabre. Discussion of smoking as a sexual fetish. For those with a fetish about sports clothes. Illogical yet fascinating Star Trek lust. The BOB(c) fetishes; The BOB(c) in drag. Laughter is the best foreplay. The potent powers of the petite. Ooooooo suck my tongue. Trent "NIN" Reznor's screaming slaves. Arousal by young, underweight people. They don't mean hottub polo. Sploshing, food, mud and other messy fetishes. People who dig covering a women with White-Out. Rough-housing for sexual kicks. Erotic pictures of the X-men. Use instead. What was your first time like? Always wet. Peaches, crew cuts, tennis balls, whatever. Tonight's movie: 20000 convicts in the hood & a woman. Use instead. Discussing sexual attraction to girl children. 'Various Public "Glory-Holes"' it said. Ewww. Use* instead. Fuel for the pornography-incites-violence debate. Why are there so few, hot, exhibitionist, S&M pussies? Tracking the changing sexual mores of human society. Homosexual relations. Discussing the issues of intra-family sexual relations. Robbing the cradle and the grave. Calling His name. I love chocolate ice cream. What's it to you? Discussion on sex with people with the initials J.P. That's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" to you, bub. No description. Discussions of magazines with sticky pages. Passion for the prosecutor. Self-satisfaction for people who can't spell. Where one's SO is oneself. Probably illegal traffic. Sex with unusually short people. Jesse Helms would not subscribe to this group. Discussing the ins and outs of certain movies. Asmodean, God of Fuck. No description. Penthouse Letters. Get the trimmers, that stuff is gross. Dead people as stimulus. The pleasures and complications of remote mounting. No description. Not involving sound. Void where prohibited by law. Discussion of orgies and group sex. For all your parpering needs, kind sir. Discussing the issues around attraction to children. The issues around attraction to boy children. The issues around attraction to girl children. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Almost certainly illegal traffic. Sex on the line. Gigabytes of copyright violations. Discussion of gigabytes of copyright violations. Copyright violations featuring mostly females. Copyright violations featuring mostly males. Plush Sex: Strategically Placed Holes. Discussing the sexuality of pre-teen people. Stop the insanity. The precursor to many a deflowering. The oldest profession. Possibly sex between reptiles, but probably with them. For the discussion and encouragement of safe sex. Exon does the nasty. We have proof! The oldest profession. Markup languages as a sexual tool. What's this? Bleats me! Agh, I can't reach the rip cord! Sadism and masochism with mulberries. Home of the Snake Cult. The Snuff Film urban legend grows weirder. Noises from the heat of passion. Roll your own joke for this one. Bondage for beginners. For those who need it *NOW*. Erotic stories involving bondage/dominations. For those who talk about needing it *NOW*. Erotic tales involving homosexuals. Stories featuring heterosexual sex. Stories about intrafamily sex. Stories with sexual content. (Moderated) No description. Discussion of strip clubs, exotic dancers, etc. Sex talk for very large people and their admirers. The promiscuous crowd. Insipid sex. No description. The sexuality of teenagers. Discussion of phone sex services. Cartoon sex. The subtopics of are becoming more and more odd. Sex lives of transsexuals. Not all girls are beautiful, but we love the ugly too. Sex with uncircumcised men. The senator should lighten up. No description. Group sex via the telephone. A lot of lurkers in this group. Requests for erotica, either literary or in the flesh. Looking for escorts. No description. Bet there are a lot of models beating a path to here. To streamline things a bit. Not quite co-ed naked water polo. Exploring the eroticism of feeding and being fed. Questions for only true sex wizards. The sexuality of young people. A euphemism for A euphemism for
alt.sexual.abuse.recovery Helping others deal with traumatic experiences. More Stardrek.
alt.sf4m A group for forumites everywhere. We know who you are.
alt.shared-reality.sf-and-fantasy "Worlds Beyond" shared universe.
alt.shared-reality.startrek.klingon Klingons: Blood, Honor and Tribbles.
alt.shenanigans Practical jokes, pranks, randomness, etc.
alt.shoe.lesbians A discussion for shoe lesbians and their friends.
alt.showbiz.gossip A misguided attempt to centralise gossip.
alt.shut.the.hell.up.geek Group for Usenet motto. I.M. Pei's little known bland brother.
alt.silly-group.persian Rugs, cats, lambs, etc. Eponymy.
alt.silly.little.newsgroup With a
alt.skate Use* instead.
alt.skate-board Discussion of all apsects of skate-boarding.
alt.skate.figure Use instead.
alt.skincare Dermatology.
alt.skincare.acne Fighting zits.
alt.skinheads The skinhead culture/anti-culture.
alt.skinheads.moderated The skinhead culture/anti-culture. (Moderated)
alt.skunks Le pew.
alt.sl9 Crashing into Jupiter.
alt.slack Posting relating to the Church of the Subgenius.
alt.smokers Puffing on tobacco.
alt.smokers.cigars From stogies to cubans.
alt.smokers.pipes Briars, meerschaums, and calabashes.
alt.snail-mail Mail sent on paper. Some people still do that.
alt.snowmobiles For bikers who don't like two wheels in snow and ice.
alt.society.anarchy Societies without rulers.
alt.society.civil-liberty Same as alt.society.civil-liberties.
alt.society.conservatism Social, cultural, and political conservatism.
alt.society.fruitopia Discord, but not Eris.
alt.society.futures Musing on where we're all headed.
alt.society.generation-x Lifestyles of those born 1960-early-1970s.
alt.society.labor-unions Theory and practise of labor unions.
alt.society.mental-health Keeping your marbles in the modern world.
alt.society.modern-life Multi-disciplinary discussion of today's world.
alt.society.neutopia A place to further the cause of peace and love.
alt.society.resistance Ohm's law applied to social science.
alt.society.revolution Espousing Jeffersonian ideals.
alt.society.sovereign Independence in society.
alt.society.underwear What's the big deal, anyway?
alt.society.zeitgeist Adult discussion of current events, love, music.
alt.soft-sys.corel.draw The Corel Draw graphics package. Generating voltage from the sun's energy. Discussions of practical solar thermal energy use.
alt.solaris.x86 Sun's Solaris on Intel x86 compatible computers.
alt.soulmates Richard Bach and his herculean odds.
alt.sources Alternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.mac Source code for Apple Macintosh computers.
alt.sources.wanted Requests for source code.
alt.spam What is that stuff that doth jiggle in the breeze?
alt.speech.debate High school and collegiate debate and forensics. Spirituality from a personal/experiential vantage.
alt.spleen Venting as a biological function. Use Rotisserie league basketball. In the gutter again. Like alt.suicide with rubber bands. Look what you've done to the wall! Hunting with birds of prey. Table soccer and dizzy little men. Run for the roses: breeding, betting on & racing horses. Horse race handicapping systems & strategies. Discussion of personal watercraft. The game of lacrosse. Indoor splatball with infrared lasers. Variant on old sport for those with no access to cows. Being a referee. Splat, you're it. Light amusement. Knock your balls into your pockets for fun. All aspects of indoor racquetball and related sports. With the proper technique, vegetables can go very fast. Discussions of street hockey. Use instead. Traditional Greco-Roman rasslin'.
alt.sports.badminton Discussion about badminton. Atlanta Braves major league baseball. Baltimore Orioles major league baseball. Boston Red Sox major league baseball. California Angles major league baseball. Chicago White Sox major league baseball. Chicago Cubs major league baseball. Cincinnati Reds major league baseball. Cleveland Indians major league baseball. Colorado Rockies major league baseball. Detroit Tigers major league baseball. Florida Marlins major league baseball. Houston Astros major league baseball. Kansas City Royals major league baseball. Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball. Minor league baseball talk. Milwaukee Brewers major league baseball. Minnesota Twins major league baseball. Montreal Expos major league baseball. New York Mets baseball talk. New York Yankees baeball talk. Oakland As major league baseball. Philadelphia Phillies baseball talk. Pittsburg Pirates major league baseball. San Diego Padres major league baseball talk. Seattle Mariners major league baseball. San Francisco Giants baseball talk. St Louis Cardinals baseball talk. Texas Rangers major league baseball. Toronto Blue Jays baseball talk. Big 5 conference basketball talk. U of Pennsylvania (NOT Penn State!) basketball. Atlanta Hawks NBA basketball. Boston Celtics NBA basketball. Charlotte Hornets NBA basketball. Chicago Bulls NBA basketball. Cleveland Cavaliers NBA talk. Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball. Denver Nuggets NBA basketball. Detroit Pistons NBA basketball talk. Golden State Warriors NBA basketball. Houston Rockets NBA basketball talk. Indiana Pacers NBA basketball talk. Los Angeles Clippers NBA talk. Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball talk. Miami Heat NBA basketball talk. Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketball talk. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA basketball. New Jersey Nets NBA basketball. Orlando Magic NBA basketball talk. Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball talk. Phoenix Suns NBA basketball talk. Portland Trailblazers NBA talk. San Antonio Spurs NBA basketball talk. Sacramento Kings NBA basketball talk. Seattle Sonics NBA talk. Toronto Raptors NBA talk. Utah Jazz NBA basketball talk. Vancouver Grizzlies NBA talk. Washington Bullets NBA basketball. New York Knicks NBA basketball talk. The Atlantic Coast Conference. No description. Discussions of college sports in the Big East. The Big 10 college athletic conference. Conference USA college athletics. Ivy League athletics. Sports at Michigan colleges. Notre Dame sports. OSU Sports plus a whole lot more. Discussions of college sports in the Pac 10. Sports in the SEC athletic conference. Sports at the University of Kentucky. Sports at Syracuse University. Univerisity of Texas at Austin athletics.
alt.sports.darts Dart throwing games. Arena football (US-style, not soccer). Florida U Seminoles football. Minnesota Vikings NFL football talk. Oakland Raiders NFL football talk. Arizona Cardinals NFL football talk. Atlanta Falcons NFL football talk. Baltimore's franchise NFL football talk. Buffalo Bills NFL football talk. Carolina Panthers NFL football talk. Chicago Bears NFL football talk. Cincinnati Bengals NFL football talk. Cleveland Browns NFL football talk. Dallas Cowboys NFL football talk. Denver Broncos NFL football talk. Detroit Lions NFL football talk. Green Bay Packers NFL football talk. Houston Oilers NFL football talk. Indianapolis Colts NFL football talk. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football talk. Kansas City Chiefs NFL football talk. Los Angeles Raiders NFL football talk. Los Angeles Rams NFL football talk. Miami Dolphins NFL football talk. New England Patriots NFL football talk. New Orleans Saints NFL football talk. New York Giants NFL football talk. New York Jets NFL football talk. Oakland Raiders. Philadelphia Eagles NFL football talk. Phoenix Cardinals NFL football talk. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football talk. San Diego Chargers NFL football talk. Seattle Seahawks NFL football talk. San Francisco 49ers NFL football talk. St. Louis Rams NFL football talk. Tampa Bay Bucaneers NFL football talk. Washington Redskins NFL football talk.
alt.sports.gymnastics Gymnastic competitions. No description. EC Hockey League. Rotisserie league ice hockey. I Hockey League. Boston Bruins NHL hockey talk. Buffalo Sabres NHL hockey talk. Use instead. Chicago Blackhawks NHL hockey talk. Calgary Flames NHL hockey talk. Colorado Avalanche NHL hockey talk. Dallas Stars NHL hockey talk. Detroit Redwings NHL hockey talk. Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey talk. Florida Panthers NHL hockey talk. Hartford Whalers NHL hockey talk. Los Angeles Kings NHL hockey talk. Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey talk. New Jersey Devils NHL hockey talk. New York Islanders NHL hockey talk. New York Rangers NHL hockey talk. Ottawa Senators NHL hockey talk. Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey talk. Phoenix Coyotes NHL hockey talk. Pittsburgh Penguins NHL hockey talk. Use Quebec Nordiques NHL hockey talk. San Jose Sharks NHL hockey talk. Saint Louis Blues NHL hockey talk. Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey talk. Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey talk. Washington Captials NHL hockey talk. Winnipeg Jets NHL hockey talk. Some hockey league, maybe. Football, European style. Footballs, British style.
alt.stagecraft Technical theatre issues.
alt.starfleet.rpg Starfleet role playing stories.
alt.starfleet.rpg.german Playing "Starfleet" using German language.
alt.startrek.bajoran The Star Trek alien race known as the Bajorans.
alt.startrek.borg Galactic spam.
alt.startrek.cardassian Cardassians in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.creative Stories and parodies related to Star Trek.
alt.startrek.creative.erotica Lustful stories set in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.klingon AcK! What is that thing on your head?!
alt.startrek.romulan Romulans in the Star Trek universe.
alt.startrek.tos.trekmuse The MUSE based on StarTrek, the Original Series.
alt.startrek.trill Discussions about Trills and symbiosis.
alt.startrek.uss-amagosa The Internet Star Trek Society.
alt.startrek.vulcan Vulcans in the Star Trek universe.
alt.steinberg.cubase Discussion of Cubase and Steinberg Products.
alt.stories.erotic Use rec.arts.erotica instead.
alt.stories.incest Storied about intrafamiliy sexual relationships.
alt.stupidity Discussion about stupid newsgroups.
alt.stupidity.spatch ...and bacon.
alt.sufi Awakening to marriage of the sacred to everyday life. Talk of why suicides increase at holidays.
alt.super.nes Use instead.
alt.supermodels Discussing famous & beautiful models.
alt.supermodels.cindy-crawford House of Style's overexposed host. Dealing with emotional situations & experiences. Pro-choice advocates. People with people who were abused. Discussion of AIDS among serodiscordant couples. Support for people who have panic attacks. Helping people with stiff joints. Dealing with labored breathing. Helping people who can't control muscle movements. Attention Deficit Disorder. People in relationships with ADD/ADHD afflicted. Sizeism can be as awful as sexism or racism. Peer support for boy lovers. Discussion of breast implants. Discussion & support for breastfeeding. Emotional aid for people with cancer. Helping men with prostate cancer. Cerebral Palsy support. Childless by choice support group. Support group for those with chronic pain. Support for sufferers of ulcerative colitis. Depression and mood disorders. Extremely serious depression problems. Depression that comes and goes. Support for kids w/diabetes and their families. Seeking enlightenment through weight loss. Discussion of the use of anorectic drugs in obesity. To promote creativity among disabled artists. Sexual issues relating to disabled people. For persons with dissociative disorders. Discussion of marital breakups. Support for unusually short people. (Moderated) The cyberspace support group for dystonia. People over the edge about weight loss. Endometriosis support group. Epilepsy support. Recovering from religious cult experiences. Discussion group for people with food allergies. People who are foster parents. Support for and by people with glaucoma. Support group for the grieving. For those grieving the loss of their pet. Discussion of migraine and headache ailments. Support group for hearing impaired. Discussing herpes. Support for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome. The urinary tract disease interstitial cystitis. Discussion of jaw-disorders. Helping genitals cope. Helping people deal with kidney problems. For individuals with learning disabilities. It's not easy being green. Marfan syndrome support group. Discussion of the problems and joys of marriage. Helping women through menopause. Living with multiple sclerosis. Support for those affected by myasthemia gravis. Discussing issues relating to second-hand smoke. The dangers of secondhand smoke. (Moderated) Support/resources to treat obesity. (Moderated) For overcoming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Support and resources for people with ostomies. The endocrine disorder PCO, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Group for those with personality disorders. Post Polio Syndrome discussion area. For individuals with prostatitis. Mutual support for schizophrenics. Short people commiserate. Um, er, <blush>, well, maybe I will post, after all. Single parenting solutions and support. Inflammation of the sinuses. Psoriasis and other common skin afflictions. Discussing the skin-disease psoriasis. For all types of sleep disorders. Helping Xenophobes. Support for people dealing with Spina Bifida. Dealing with step parents. Getting over the nicotine addiction. Support for people who stutter. Survivors of Prozac & all other SSRIs. Issues of interest to tall people. How to earn your keep with a fifteen foot commute. People with thyroid gland problems. Coping with ringing ears and other head noises. Support for folks with Tourette's Syndrome. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Turner Syndrome support group.
alt.surfing Riding the ocean waves.
alt.surfing.bodyboard A mini-surfboard for playing in the ocean.
alt.surrealism Surrealist ideologies and their influences.
alt.sustainable.agriculture Such as the Mekong delta before Agent Orange.
alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork The beginning of the end.
alt.sys.amiga.blitz The Blitz Basic programming language.
alt.sys.amiga.demos Code and talk to show off the Amiga.
alt.sys.amiga.thor Group for the multipurpose offline reader THOR.
alt.sys.intergraph Support for Intergraph machines.
alt.sys.mac.newuser-help A forum for Macintosh users new to the internet.
alt.sys.pc-clone.acer Acer computer systems. Dell computer systems.
alt.sys.pc-clone.gateway2000 A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.micron A PC clone vendor.
alt.sys.pc-clone.zeos Zeos (Micron subsidiary) computer systems.
alt.sys.pdp10 The trusty old PDP 10.
alt.sys.pdp11 The trusty old PDP 11.
alt.sys.pdp8 The trusty old PDP 8.
alt.sys.perq PERQ graphics workstations.
alt.sys.sun Technical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
alt.sysadmin.recovery Getting over the trauma of system administration. (Moderated)
alt.taiwan.republic Use soc.culture.taiwan instead. Diskutoj per la internacia lingvo. A lighthearted place for discussions concerning Koreans. Discussion of royalty and nobility. General talk about the weather.
alt.tanya.shalayeva Ask
alt.tarot Your destiny is in the cards.
alt.tasteless Truly disgusting.
alt.tasteless.jokes Sometimes insulting rather than disgusting or humorous.
alt.tasteless.penis Try putting some chocolate on it. Use instead. Horror stories of technical support. Use sci.engr instead.
alt.teens Teenagers.
alt.teens.penpals For teens to advertise for/find penpals. NO SEX ADS!
alt.teens.poetry.and.stuff Use rec.arts.poems instead.
alt.teens.sexuality Discussion for teens about sex & sex issues.
alt.telescopes.meade.lx200 Discussion of Meade's LX200 telescope. Use instead.
alt.test Alternative subnetwork testing.
alt.test.a No description. He's so big he needs his own test group.
alt.test.d Discussion about posts in alt.test. No description.
alt.test.ignore.yes.its.that.easy Naming, however, is more challenging. Thank you for sharing. Hardly just one.
alt.test.only Stop interrupting testing with discussion.
alt.test.test Think, people! How many test groups do we really need?
alt.test.two This is getting ridiculous.
alt.test.yer.posts Directions for people who find "alt.test" too confusing.
alt.testing.testing Radio check.
alt.theosophy Teaching about God & the world based on mystic insight.
alt.thinking.hurts So don't do that. You made your bed, lie in it.
alt.thought.southern No description.
alt.thrash Thrashlife.
alt.tinygirls Like
alt.toon-pics Use instead.
alt.torture Remarkably insightful group name. Yo Joe! The G.I.Joe/Action Force action figures. Optimus Prime is my hero. Use instead. From robots to vehicles and back again.
alt.transgendered Boys will be girls, and vice-versa. All about travelling to Canada. Ever go to Montreal for pizza --- from Albany?
alt.treasure.hunting Finding lost riches.
alt.troll The gentle art of trolling, on Usenet and beyond.
alt.true-crime Criminal acts around the world. Discussion of the NBC Sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun. Discussion of the BBC TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous. American Gothic. Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs! Discussing Pinky & the Brain cartoons (Narf). Use instead. He's everywhere. Now appearing in several alt groups. The world's #1 show, aka "Babewatch". Some sort of science and comedy show. The Beauty and the Beast telly programme. Fans of "Beverly Hills 90210" TV show. NBC's "Boston Common" show. Here's the story of a lovely lady. A western comedy adventure. Discussion of the TV Show Chicago Hope. Discussion of the TV show Christy and related issues. Just what the hell is going on here? Keep them on the boob tube and off the net. For the fans that refuse to die. A live action animated sitcom. Squish the saccharine newt. The Discovery Channel Canada discussion group. The Duckman animated sitcom. For the discussion of CTV's Due South. Fan fiction based on CTV's Due South. Discussion of _Earth 2_ television series. Fans of the television show Eek the Cat. Discussion of the television show E.R. The Forever Knight television programme. Kelsey Grammer as Frasier. Discussion of NBC's comedy Friends. Just look at these wonderful prizes. Fans of those inside (and outside) of Herman's Head. There was only one, then a bad sequel, now a tv show. Discussions on the hit ABC sitcom Home Improvement. A shotgun does an impressive job of destroying a TV. Oh Looocceeee, I'm ho-ome! 30 minutes to sell you a vacuum hair cutting system. The Kids in the Hall comedy skits. Spirits. Discussions about Knight Rider. "Kung-fu" and "Kung-fu, The Legend Continues". The Law & Order television programme. Animated variety. The new adventures of the man from Krypton, Superman. Fan fiction about Lois and Clark. Lost in Space. Some people really love their televisions. Tom Selleck stars as a hunky private investigator. Nothing like a good comedy about war and dying. Blipverts will kill ya. Cat fights and sleaziness, Wednesdays on FOX. Discussing all incarnations of Mission: Impossible. Hey, you robots! Down in front! I want my MTV. Miss Piggy on the tube. Discussion of the TV Series "Murder One". "Married... With Children". My So-Called Life and Operation Life Support. Shows on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Discussion of the NBC sitcom Newsradio. Nickelodeon tries to appeal to the Boomers. The first network for kids. For the TV show with moss growing on it. The TV show "Nowhere Man" on US UPN stations. For fans of the NYPD Blue TV show. Fans of Fox's Party of Five. The Picket Fences show. The Prisoner television series from years ago. Public access and community television. Fanfiction relating to the show Quantum Leap. Discussion of the MTV programme "The Real World". Convincing 3-D animation. The British sci-fi/comedy show. Some change from Lassie, eh? Road Rules, MTV series. The Robotech animated SF TV series. But he won't do windows. In all her glory. Saved by the Bell, a sitcom for teens. For fans of TV/movie actor Scott Bakula. SCTV (Second City TV) & alumni discussions. Deep sea adventures in the future. A funny guy. Live action Asian SF/Fantasy discussion, etc. Sunny day. USA's Silk Stalkings murder/mystery show. Don't have a cow, man! The cartoon-within-a-cartoon. General discussion on TV situation comedies. FOX's Sliders. Writing stories in the Slider's show environment. Saturday Night Live, older but not better. Space: Above and Beyond. Sports on television. Deep Space 9. The original Star Trek series. Another Star Trek universe show: Voyager. No description. Babble. Late night wars on the major networks. FOX's animated series with Jon Lovmyself. No description. SPOOON!!! Discussion about the "Tiny Toon Adventures" show. Careful with that cel! Some show called "TV Nation". Discussion about the popular (and unusual) TV show. Discussion of the sci-fi phenomenon V. V.R. 5. For Sandpiper Air Frequent Flyers. A wise guy. Extra-terrestrial coverup conspiracies. Creative writings for the The X-Files. No description. That Connie Dobbs clone, her tv show, and her double Xs.
alt.ufc No description.
alt.ufo.reports Use alt.paranet.ufo instead.
alt.union.iatse A entertainment/information industries union.
alt.union.natl-writers Publishing industry & labor movement.
alt.unix.wizards Like comp.unix.wizards, only unmoderated.
alt.usa-sucks Not like an Electolux.
alt.usage.english English grammar, word usages, and related topics.
alt.usage.german Questions and answers about the German language.
alt.usenet.kooks I have a theory about why we have such crazy theories.
alt.usenet.manifestoes Mission statements, purposes on the net. (Moderated)
alt.usenet.offline-reader Getting your fix offline.
alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent Forte, Inc.'s Agent offline readers.
alt.usenet.reposts Use instead.
alt.utensils.spork No, it's a foon! Or a floorwax and dessert topping.
alt.uu.announce Announcements of Usenet University.
alt.uu.comp.os.linux.questions Usenet University helps with LINUX.
alt.uu.lang.esperanto.misc Learning Esperanto at the Usenet University.
alt.uu.lang.russian.misc Learning Russian at the Usenet University.
alt.uu.math.misc Learning math at the Usenet University.
alt.uunet.anti-trust Legal theories of Stephen Boursy.
alt.vacation.las-vegas Everything you always wanted to know about Vegas.
alt.vampyres Discussion of vampires and related writings, films, etc. Discussion of Digital Video Disk hardware and software. Reviews of video games. LD players and selections available for them. Trading of legally copied videos.
alt.videos.bootlegs Illegally made tapes of commercial events. Discussion/information on visas pertaining to US.
alt.war Not just collateral damage.
alt.war.civil.usa Discussion of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865).
alt.war.vietnam Discussion of all aspects of the Vietnam War. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC software. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC applications. D00DZ in favour of pirating PC games. D00DZ in favour of pirating old PC software.
alt.waves Tsunami. Gesundheit.
alt.webedit Use alt.html.editors.webedit instead. (Moderated) Use instead.
alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die Ensigns just get no respect. Bob's not here.
alt.wholesale Nobody else pays retail, why should you? The Common Desktop Environment.
alt.windows95 Use* instead.
alt.winsock Windows Sockets.
alt.winsock.programming Programming Windows Sockets.
alt.winsock.trumpet The Trumpet newsreader.
alt.wired Wired Magazine.
alt.wolves Discussing pure wolves.
alt.wolves.hybrid Wolf-dogs and other crosses.
alt.women.attitudes The different attitudes that women have.
alt.women.shesaid Women-only discussion group. Not moderated.
alt.women.supremacy Women's social status and general gender wars.
alt.www.hotjava Discussions of Sun Microsystems's Java language. All forms and aspects of yoga.
alt.zen It is.
alt.zima A clear malt beverage, better with lime.
alt.zines Small magazines, mostly noncommercial.

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