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Adam H. Kerman

Oct 8, 2021, 3:17:31 PMOct 8
Job Bautista <> wrote:

>While I was searching for newsgroups in Eternal September, I noticed an
>English-language newsgroup for political discussions about COVID is
>nowhere to be found. It seems that's the reason why people keep posting
>about COVID in c.o.linux.advocacy (why this of all newsgroups, idk),
>t.p.misc, and t.p.guns...

Oh don't feign ignorance about the long-standing troll. YOU cannot force
anyone to post anything anywhere. As you don't want to discuss the
topic, you aren't a legitimate proponent.

There is no shortage of political newsgroups. We just don't need another

>Looking at news.groups (I saw none in news.groups.proposals, searching
>by subject) for related posts, I see that someone talked about an alt
>newsgroup named alt.coronavirus. However, it's not being carried by E-S
>or AIOE for some reason. So I assume that's dead.

It was never newgrouped 'cuz the name is stupid and the proponent had
bad motives.

>In my opinion, the benefits of creating a newsgroup for such discussions
>are: 1) help reduce the amount of COVID posts 2) Centralize all
>political, COVID-related discussion

You aren't topic moderator and you cannot force any discussion you
decree to be off topic into another newsgroup. Unmoderated Usenet
doesn't work like that.

>So creating the group in the talk.* hierarchy could be a good idea. It
>ensures that all Usenet servers that carries Big 8 will have this group
>as well. I think "talk.politics.covid" should be the name for such a
>newsgroup. What do you think? Should there be such a newsgroup? Or
>should there be a /general/ COVID discussion? Or both? Or neither?

>(Btw, I also crossposted this those first three newsgroups I mentioned.
>Thought that their feedback might be useful. If you're from those
>newsgroups, please make sure to include only news.groups.proposals in
>your reply message. The Followup-To header is there for a reason.)

I refuse to post in news.groups.proposals and I'll ignore your
Followup-To as the irony on you is lost.
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