Unique Conference: Integrating Ecology and Psychology

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White Horse

Feb 27, 1996, 3:00:00 AM2/27/96

Hello People,

Mark your calenders for May 9-12, 1996. I learned about a unique
conference: "Sacred Earth, Sacred Self: Integrating Ecology, Psychology
and Spirituality". It is sponsored by Prescott College in Arizona.

This get-together includes a mix of experiential learning and lecture,
small group interaction, movement, music, solo time in nature and
silence. All workshops and sessions are interactive, thought provoking
and high spirited.

David Orr, author of _Ecological Literacy_ and Father Thomas Berry,
author of _The Dream of the Earth_, are keynote speakers.

Other presenters include some of the leading educators and pioneers in
ecopsychology in this country: Laura Sewall, Robert Greenway, Steven
Foster & Meredith Little, Chellis Glendinning, Leslie Gray, Elias Amidon
& Elizabeth Roberts, David Abram and more.

This conference addresses many of the root causes, major themes and
provocative questions that lie at the heart of the current environmental
crisis. The intention is to focus on these issues by bringing together the
passion of the activists, the sensitivity of the therapists, the expertise of
the ecologists and the power to transform of the students and educators.

A few partial scholarships are available to the first 20 students who
apply. For a synopsis of the conference themes and various presenters,
email cla...@hubcap.clemson.edu. Space is limited to 200 people
because the rustic camp in the mountains near Prescott can only
accommodate that many. It is filling fast.

This promises to be an extraordinary, heartfelt event! Feel free to
share this opportunity with others too.

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