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NoCeM V0.91 ALPHA needs testers.

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Jul 17, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/17/95


Once again, I'm looking for people willing to devote some time to test
the latest (and hopefully last) ALPHA version of the NoCeM software.

This will be part of the next generation of anti-spam software. More
information about this is below.

You need:
* To have PGP (without it you can't even read the package).
* To have a copy of Cancelmoose's public key (it's in the servers).
* To be able read and post to alt.nocem.misc.
* To be willing and able to supply feedback about the software.

If you are interested, please send a digitally signed note to

- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=

A bit about NoCeM ("No See 'Em"):

More and more people are getting onto Usenet and the signal to noise
ratio continues its downward spiral. The onslaught of spams, ads,
scams, and just plain drivel threatens to drown out any meaningful use
left to the net. Cancels are a very limited and highly controversial
solution, at best.

Now, anyone can indicate which messages (via a NoCeM notice) that they
think you should, or should not read. You can decide if you like the
criteria that person uses-- if you agree, you can accept their
notices. If not, the notice has no effect on you.

NoCeM (the software):

* Automates notice collection and action.

* Allow you to specify whose notices you accept. Furthermore, you can
subspecify what kinds of notices a given person can issue.

* Checks the digital signature on all notices. No signature, or a bad
signature and the notice has no effect.

* Allow you to specify a number of methods of obtaining notices- news,
email, web, or anything else you like.

* Removes "bad" messages from your newsrc-- thus it is not newsreader
dependant. What to do with "good" messages is implemented, though
not well.

* It is optimized to concentrate only on subscribed groups, so it
works fairly quickly, unless you subscribe to hundreds of newsgroups.
(And in that case, you need it all the more..)

* Will continue to function after abuse causes admins to turn off
message cancelling ability.

Version: 2.6.2


(Warning-- if you reply to this address it will allocate you an anon
id, and send it to me. If you mind this, switch the 'an' on my reply
address to 'na').

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