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Desalination In the 21st Century - Techno-Economic Aspects

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May 13, 1995, 3:00:00 AM5/13/95
Desalinators & would-be desalinators in the global `village'!

Greetings from India, now a part of the global `village'!

Hereunder, for your kind perusal, is the abstract for a proposed
paper, `Desalination in the 21st Century' for the International
Desalination Congress at Abu Dhabi, Nov 1995. You are an expert
on this subject and I seek your kind help. As you are aware,
there is very little published on this aspect and it is a bit of
`crystal gazing'.

The last date for this is already over, but I am hoping that a
somewhat unusual paper like this may still be entertained like
ten years ago (Desalination in the year 2000 - Technoeconomic
Aspects, Desalination v67 1987 579-588). I am still waiting to
discover as to how wrong I was then! Soon, I should know!! - opk



Dr O P Kharbanda 501 Olympus Bombay400026 Ph3862728 e-m:opk@soo- (For Abu Dhabi IDA World Congress Nov95)

ABSTRACT: The biggest single challenge of the 20th century was
that of food and thanks to the Green Revolution, this has been
well met. Providing enough clean and potable water is likely to
be the biggest challenge in the next century. Desalination has
come of age and it is here to stay, and the process choice is
mainly one of economics, decision-making for the future water

Hybrid processes (distillation cum reverse osmosis) and co-gener-
ation (power cum desalination) appear to be some of the most
promising avenues. The major processes are reviewed including
some of the refinements thereof, and a peep into the shape of
things to come in the next century is attempted - based on recent
trends and a bit of `crystal gazing/dreaming'!
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