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impulse duplication

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Tim Pritlove

Dec 12, 1988, 6:48:17 AM12/12/88
Hello Bill,

i hope my message will reach you this way. Re-Mail to GinTonic@focus63
(...!uunet!unido!focus!focus63!GinTonic) when there's no
other way. The focus63-site forwards all mail to me at my 'impulse'.

Sorry for all the garbage you had to receive. In addition, I do not
receive "news.config", your article was forwarded to me by another
german UUCP-User.

You know Germany has not completed changing mailpaths to .de, and
so I think I'll change my site name to something else (It could
be 'brazil', but I think I try to reach postmaster@brazil first :-)

I'm trying to get rid of our little problem. Greet all your users
from the 'impulse of the other side of the world', okay :-)

Tim Pritlove (Lortzingweg 7, D-3014 Laatzen, West Germany) GinTonic@impulse
impulse software engineering ...!mcvax!{unido,tmpmbx}!focus!impulse!GinTonic
-------- "We'll be the Pirate Twins again, Europa..." (Thomas Dolby) ----------

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