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Conrad Wong

Oct 13, 2001, 5:47:04 AM10/13/01
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Lynx's Swiped Incomplete Listing of Publications for Aspiring Zoomorphic
Writers, Artists and Fans in General

----- last overall update: July 16, 1998 -----

Lynx has taken over the maintenance of this list, with Greywolf's permission,
and will now be handling updates. Send requested changes to:

The dates in braces { 15 Jan 95 } indicate the last time that a 'zine
entry was updated. I update entries only when people e-mail me information,
so if you see your 'zine or any other 'zines on the list whose info is not
up to date, please e-mail me. Also, if you see a 'zine that interests you
but whose information is not recent, please try to contact the editors and
get current information before either sending money or submissions.

The following are publications featuring or at least having a significant
showing of "zoomorphic" characters/stories, and which more-or-less accept
fan submissions.

North American Fur (NAF)
Jarlidium Press
2406 SW 308TH PL
Federal Way, WA 98023
( 30 Jan 2000 )
Editor: Paul Groulx (aka Growl)
Type: apa-zine
Backissues: None presently. Premier issue released to public 14th
November 1997. Copies of issue #1 still available.
Distribution: bi-annually (twice a year) through MailBox Books or at
reduced costs through NAF subscription.
Subscriptions: By accounting method. See NAF webpage for more information.
Size: will vary 50 - 200 pages.
Format: 8.5x11,quality colour cardstock cover, stapled w/ binding tape.
Content: Mostly artwork with some text stories and articles on
fandom. Strictly furry content.
Rating: Restricted. 18 years or older to join or purchase.
Membership: For membership form, see
Notes: This apazine is run in more of a members only publication
like that of Growl's former apa FNC (see below) than a
standard apazine. Specific content only presented for
members (ie. Comments) do not appear in public copies.
Issues of NAF look a lot like the FNC Showcases with the same
quality of artwork and text.
While it's still an APA, issues are available for sale (minus the mailing
comments which are for members only). Subscriptions are available. Issues
#4 and #5 are still available and can be ordered from the mail order guys.
Published twice a year with the release of #6 near.

Artists in the book include Po Shan Cheah, Rommel Ignacio, Shantae Howard,
Max BlackRabbit, Sara 'Caribou' Palmer, David Buttenshaw, Dan 'Flinthoof'
Canaan, James 'Tibo' Birdsall, Aaron 'L!' Larson,
and Style Wager

#5 and #6 include 1st and 2nd parts of a serialized "Dela the Hooda" graphic
novel "Wrong Side of Town" being produced by Style and myself (Yah, blatent
plug! Now go out and get a copy!).
Mythagoras - New Tales and Animal Legends
16057 Tampa Palms Blvd. W.
Suite 232, Tampa, FL, 33647
( 12 Aug 97 )
Editor: Watts Martin
Type: magazine
Distribution: 3-4 per year
Price: $4 cover for issue #1, + $1.00 postage.
Subscriptions: $12.00 for 3 issues, $20.00 for 6 issues.
Back Issues: This is issue #1, 1997. No copies of the previous issues
done in 1989-1990 are available.
Size: 48 pages
Format: 8.5" x 11", b&w semi-glossy cover, b&w screened interior,
saddle-stitch binding.
Content: Text stories, art with an emphasis on story illustrations
rather than filler or pin-up art.
Rating: Quality work
Contributors: Michael Payne, Joel Woodman, Watts Martin, Ashtoreth,
Tim Susman, M.C. de Alarcon, Ken Rand, Gerald Perkins,
Allen Petlock, Bill Biersdorf, John Nunnemacher,
Conrad Wong, Genesis Whitmore, Jordon Greywolf
Submissions: Contact the above email address, or try:
Notes: Mythagoras originally was produced as a small 'zine in
1989-1990 which ran for three issues. The print runs
on the issues were small and none are now stocked.
YARF! The Journal Of Applied Anthropomorphics
P.O. Box 1299, Cupertino, CA 95015-1299
{ 18 Jan 94 }
Editor: Jeffrey Ferris (and others, but he is the head dude)
Email: (Kris Kreutzman's Internet address) (Dave Bryant, art director)
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Bimonthly
Price: $6.00 (includes postage to US & Canada,
overseas add $2/issue for airmail, yipe!)
Note: prices have gone up due to new US Postal Service costs
and increases in cost of production
Back issues: Are available, ask for a list.
Size: Usually around 60 full-size pages. Thermal book binding.
Sometimes larger issues are run for special events with
a list price of $7 to $8(which subscribers get at a discount).
Subscriptions: $40 for 8 issues (US$56 overseas airmail), which runs about
a year. Prices will go up, but have not been posted as yet.
Content: "Art, stories, graphic series, reviews ... lots of stuff."
- Greywolf
Rating: R. "We'll accept up to mild R for artwork (full nudity
acceptable in a nonsexual context) and medium R for text.
These are rules of thumb; sometimes a story demands more
leeway, such as the occasional violence in Chris Grant's
_Ace of Spaces_ -- a war story." -- Dave Bryant
Contributors: Mark Stanley, Monika Livingston, Watts Martin, Jimmy Chin,
Kris Kreutzman, Chris Grant, Roy D. Pounds II, Ken Sample,
Jordan Greywolf, Zjonni Perchalski, Jim Groat, Terrie Smith,
Maggie DeAlarcon, Tom Verre', Lance Rund, Dave White, James
Lynn, plus other professional and amateur writers and
Contributions: Ask for our "Issue #0" for guidelines about who we are and
what we would like to print. Issue #0 is our old 8 page
preview issue and is free. Heck, we'll give them to anyone,
just ask. Jeff went a little crazy with the copier and we
have a large box full of them.
Notes: "Probably the best 'zine I've seen yet. I even like it better
than Everchanging Palace (more value for the bux)..." - Greywolf
Alternate Realms
Tigerwing Press c/o Dean & Lia Graf
6250 Holabird St. #1
San Diego, CA 92120
{ 3 May 95 }
Editors: D. A. Graf
Email: Internet:
Type: Science fiction anthology
Content: Science-fiction stories and art, not necessarily "furry", but
with a showing.
Rating: PG?
Notes: Also available at this address is Boudoir, an erotica
art/story 'zine.
PawPrints Fanzine
Conrad "Lynx" Wong
PMB 554
101 First Street
Los Altos, CA 94022
{ 15 Feb 2001 }
Editor: Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock (issue 1)
Conrad "Lynx" Wong (other issues)
Email: Internet:
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: bi-annual
Subscriptions: No subscriptions are currently being handled.
Price: $5 plus $3 shipping (US) for issue #1-9 & 11, $10 for issue #10
ask about overseas rates
Size: 8.5"x11" page size, 70 to 100 pages
Content: Illustrated text stories, comic-format stories, stand-alone
illustrations and filler art featuring "critters" of various
Rating: General Audiences (no erotica, no sexual overtones, no gore,
no swearing, no nudity)
Contributors: Many talented creators new to furry fandom-- ask if you're
curious about specific people or want a list of contributors in
any particular issue.
Contributions: Our apologies but we are no longer taking contributions as
of this time. PawPrints's final issue will be #12, available
in April of 2001.
Notes: Issues #1 through 11 are available at this time.
5137 Catherine St., Philadelphia, PA 19143.
{ 26 Sep 93 }
Editor: Scott Alston
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Quarterly
Price: $2.75 cover price, $3.50 incl. postage
Back Issues: Available. Send SASE for catalog.
Size: Digest, approx. 50 p.
Content: mostly "pin-up" artwork and graphic stories
Rating: R
Contributors: Terrie Smith, Roy D. Pounds II, Bill Fitts, Ken Sample, Scudder
Kidwell, Scott Alston, Colleen Winters, Jordan Greywolf, Shon
Howell, Brian Sutton, Robert Haynie
Notes: Scott Alston is very good at prompt correspondence.
Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project
6201 15th Avenue NW, PMB #532
Seattle, WA 98107
{ 13 Nov 2000 ]
Editor: Gene Breshears (
Type: Anthology
Distributon: tri-annual
Price: $5.00 per issue, $12 per year (US, Canada, Mexico, contact
directly for overseas pricing)
Size: 50 pages, spiral-bound
Content: 40-50% art, the balance text. A 'shared universe sf/furry
anthology of stories' centering around the adventures of the
crews of four ships: the merchant ship Tai-Pan, the pirate
ship Iktome, the research ship Ramanujan, and the luxury liner
Quantum Lady.
Rating: PG-13 with supplements in the R or stronger range
Contributors: Terrie Smith, Chuck Melville, Edd Vick, Lex Nakashima,
Gary Fletcher, Mark Allen Davis, many others.
Notes: Contributors receive one complimentary copy of the issue in
which their work appears. The fanzine is produced in March,
July, and November, and has been published on time for two
years running under its new management.
Webpage at
The Dallas Brawl Update
Jarlidium Press
2406 SW 308th Pl.
Federal Way, WA 98023
{ 3 Nov 99 }
Editor: Flinthoof
Type: APA
Distribution: Monthly
Price: $1.50 + SASE with 4 oz. postage for members
$5.00/issue for nonmembers. Membership open. No waitlist.
Size: Full sized, stapled and taped, usually around 55 pages.
Content: cartoon "zaps" by contributors at other contributors' characters
Rating: G
Contributors: Mike Capriola, Jed Martinez, Matt J. McCullar,
Michael Susko Jr., Scott Thomas
Notes: No minac. International distribution. Back issues available.
Folk Tails
5338 Heather Glen, Garland, TX 75043
{ 3 May 95 }
Editor: Mel. White
Email: Internet:;
Genie: M.White36
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Annual
Price: $2.50 / issue including postage ($3.50 overseas)
Content: text-heavy
Rating: G
Contributors: Kay Shapero, Tracy Kazaleh, Bonnie Burchill, Conrad Wong
Note: issue #2 is now out
The Centaurs' Gatherum
7500 Pennington Road / Norfolk, VA 23505
{ 1 Feb 96 }
Editor: Bob Stein
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: ?
Price: $2.50
Back Issues: Available, send SASE for info.
Size: Digest-sized.
Content: Art, stories, puzzles -- but mostly art. Theme is centaurs and
centaur-like creatures (fox'taurs, wolf'taurs, equestaurs...)
Rating: R
Contributors: Donna Barr, Terrie Smith, Jim Groat, Scott Ruggels, Mary Lynn
Skirvin Johnson, Maggie DeAlarcon, Chris Grant, Sherlock,
Heather Bruton, Steve Gallacci, Quinton Hoover, Roberta Gregory,
Kjartan Anorsson, Jordan Greywolf, Roy D. Pounds II, Karena
Kliefoth, Victor Wren
Notes: CGN (the N used to stand for 'Newsletter') has a practice of
making the addresses of contributors available, which is quite
handy for those would would like to correspond with other
Radio Comix
11765 West Ave. #117
San Antonio, TX 78216
{ 17 Jul 98 }

Publisher: Radio Comix
Editor: Elin Winkler (Editor-in-Chief)
Type: Anthology
Distribution: Monthly
Price: $2.95 per issue cover price ($1 for postage for mail order)
Size: Comic-sized, 32 p.
Content: B&W with color cover (first issue was 56 pages), with adventure,
science fiction, fantasy or humor themes. (We've broadened the
base considerably over the years! ;)
Rating: PG-13 (for language or violent situations, nudity in Furrlough
is frowned on.)
Contributors: Ted Sheppard, Brian Sutton, Joe Rosales, Kurt Wilcken, Kevin
Muranaka, Scotty Arsenault, Michael Vega, Phil Morrissey, Chris
Whalen and a cast of thousands!
Contributions: Accepting submissions for Furrlough and its sister adults-only
title, Genus. Genus stuff should be adults only, but in a happy,
consenting way.
Pay rate is based on 17% of wholesale sales divided between
contributors based on the number of pages they did. Furrlough
will not pay less than $12 per page; Genus hovers around $14-15
per page. Should the books sell over 3000 copies, royalty rate
is 20% of wholesale; selling over 10,000 copies (we wish!)
royalty rate is 22% of wholesale.
Hunca Munca
Elin Winkler
7226 Blanco Rd. #1916
San Antonio, TX 78216
{ 20 Apr 95 }
Editor: Elin Winkler
Type: fanzine
Distribution: Quarterly (?)
Price: $6 postpaid through mail order
Size: Approximately 30-50 pages/issue (?)
Content: artwork, stories, articles ranging from children's stories
to pin-ups to news about anthropomorphics in fiction and
animation (including Japanese anthropomorphics)
Rating: PG (nothing risque!)
Contributors: (?)
Notes: No payment but a 'trib copy is assured and room is made for
contributors to plug their outside projects.
Richard Chandler / Gallery
1416 85TH DR NE
EVERETT WA 98205-1488
{16 Feb 99}

Editor: Richard Chandler
Type: APAzine
Distributon: Quarterly
Price: Variable by issue size. Subscriber discount.
Back issues: Up to four issues back in stock. Occasionally, pre-ordered
reprints are made. More available from Mailbox Books
Subscriptions: By accounting method, Suggested starting balance $30 or more,
suggested minimum balance $15.
Web Page:
Size: Currently around 300 pages
Content: All artwork. Some comics, some pin-ups, con-reports, what
have you. Not strictly furry, but the majority is.
Rating: G - X
Contributors: Over 70 artists have participated in Gallery. See the
Web site for details.
{ 5 Nov 1994 }
5206 20th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105-3313 USA.
Editor: R'ykandar Korra'ti
Type: Fanzine
Frequency: Irregular
Price: $4.50
Size: Magazine (8.5x11"), 52 pages (#2 has 56 pages)
Format: B&W, magazine, offset press, glossy cover (#2 has color cover)
Content: Prose fiction, nonfiction articles and essays,
graphic stories, and artwork.
Rating: PG-13
Contributors: Steve Gallacci, Conrad Wong, DAC Crowell, Greywolf
Issue nr. 2 contributor list, roughly in order of appearance:
Richard Chandler, Steve Gallacci, Peter Garfield White, Gary Hudson,
Andrew Hendriks, Thomas G. Brady, Lonny Woltz, Raymond Foldhazi, Fred
Sloniker, Hubert Bartels, Mike Van Wie (writers); Steve Gallacci,
Brian Carpenter, Roy Pounds II, Jordan Greywolf, Gary Hudson, Mike
Ritchie, Lonny Woltz, me, Hubert Bartels, Michael Van Slyke, Scott
Alston (artists). Niall MacConaill, Anna Korra'ti
Notes: Eventually replies to everything sent, but can take
a few weeks. Is accepting contributions for #3 now.

The Ever-Changing Palace
c/o Steve Gallacci, P.O. Box 19419, Seattle, WA 98109
{ 29 Nov 92 }
Editors: Lex Nakashima, Steve Gallacci
Email (GEnie): B.CLARK35
Type: Closed-Contributorship Fanzine
Frequency: Irregular
Price: Issue #1, $5. Subsequent issues: $7. +1$ postage, $2 overseas
Size: around 100 pages, magazine size
Format: B&W magazine, glossy cover. All except #1 w. color cover.
Content: Stories, art, poems related to the Xanadu universe created by
Vicky Wyman
Rating: PG-13
Contributors: Vicky Wyman, Steve Gallacci, Chuck Melville, Juan Alfonso,
Will Faust, many more.
Notes: While a fanzine, as far as submissions go, it's (last I heard)
"by invitation only".
Steam Victorian
c/o Greyfox Graphics & Publishing, P.O. Box 160040, Cupertino, CA 95016-0040
{ 3 May 95 }
Editor: Zjonni Perchalski
Type: Shared-Theme Fanzine
Frequency: Twice yearly (January and July, approximately)
Price: $5 for #1, $10 for #2-#6. #1 & #2 available as of 21 Sep 93
Size: magazine size
Format: B&W magazine with glossy cover. #2-#6 w. full-color cover on
heavy stock, perfect binding
Content: Stories, art, dealing with a common "Victorian fantasy" world
Rating: PG
Contributors: Zjonni Perchalski, Baron Engel, Christina Hanson, Conrad Wong,
many others
Notes: No issues currently available, negotiations under way to sell
rights to a third party to resurrect the magazine.
Furry Furry
Alleged Literature, 26 Princes Street, Oxford OX4 1DD, UK
{ 23 Sep 93 }
Editor: Damian Cugley
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: twice-yearly
Price: 75p in UK, otherwise 2 IRCs
Back Issues: this is the first issue
Size: 32pp A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Content: comic strips, some text and maybe stories in future
Rating: R
Contributors: Damian Cugley, Jeremy Dennis, John Miller,
Lee Brimmicombe-Wood
Notes: This zine is produced in the UK so we expect to mainly
include British work. Send an SAE or IRC or email
message for a page of submission guidelines.
The American Journal of Anthropomorphics
Vision Entertainment, Ltd, Post Office Box 5800009, Flushing, NY 11358-0009
{ 15 Feb 01 }
Editor: Mr. Darrell Benvenuto
Type: Magazine
Distribution: Semi-Annual
ISBN: Issue #3: 1887038000 #4: 1887038019
Price: $10.00 US + $1.50 Shipping (US) or $3.00 (World)
Size: Issue #1: 104 pages #2: 128 pages
Issue #3: 120 pages #4: 128 pages
Format: 8.5" x 11", printed on heavy, 70-pound offset bond,
perfect bound inside a full color, coated C1S stock
cover. Interior pages are black & white.
Content: Selections of ultra-high-quality artwork from artists
around the world. Each artist featured in the Journal
has approximately five pages of artwork, prefaced by
a background and direct contact information page, as
well as fixed commission rates when available.
Rating: G to PG
Contributors: Eric Schwartz, Shea Ryan, Terrie Smith, Steven Martin,
Robert Guthrie, Michele Light, Tom Verre, Kevin Vetrone,
Dan Flahive, Michael Flynn, Bryce Nakagawa, Jay Shell,
Diana Harlan Stein, Mark Mandolia, Monika Livingstone,
Kyla Littlejohn, Ruben Rodriguez, Ken Sample, Daphne Lage,
Taral Wayne, Jeff Wood, Craig Carrington, Mitchell Beiro,
Josef Ricketts, Joseph Ny, Ronald Bokhoven, Joshua Kennedy,
Genesis Cook, Timothy Fay, Michelle Parker, Roy Pounds & more.
Notes: The Journal appears in Ulrich's International Periodicals
Reference, and copies can be ordered through any college
or university library. All Back Issues are available.
The Journal is also available through INGRAM and Baker &
Taylor, the two largest book distribution houses in the
world. It can be ordered through any bookstore in the world.
It is also available through all comic book stores in the US
and Canada through Diamond Comic Distribution. The book is
also internationally available through
Mailbox Books, P.O. Box 1278, Roslyn, PA 19001
{ 13 Dec 94 }
Editor: Mitch Marmel
Email:; FidoNet 1:273/952.1
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Via Mailbox Books. Irregular release; roughly semiannually.
Price: $6.00 US plus s&h; write Mailbox for details.
Back Issues: #1, #2 and #3 available from Mailbox Books.
Size: varying page count; 8.5 x 11
Content: Pinups of Tali Hartoh-Mason, a FurNet storyboard character.
Rating: PG-13 (nudity)
Contributors: Kjartan Arnorsson, Taral Wayne, Juan Alfonso, Jim Groat,
David Cannon, Mel. White, Conrad Wong, Roy D. Pounds II,
Chris Grant, Bryce Nakagawa, Matt Howarth, Ted Sheppard,
Ed Zolna, Jack Cavanaugh, Juan Alfonso, Brigitte Sliertin,
Dick Ayers, Irwin Hasen, Dan Parent, Mark Bode', John D.
Shull, Doug Winger, and many more!
Note: #4 will be coming out for ConFurence East in October.
A continuing feature is having artists who don't normally DO
furries do Tali illoes...
Fur of a Kind
Mary Lynn Schroeder, 1001 Glenwood Dr., Apt. B4, West Monroe, LA 71291 ?
(old address is 1802 Winters Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30360)
{ 3 May 95 }
Editor: Mary Lynn Schroeder
Email: unknown at this time, try contacting
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: (pending)
Content: "Furry", story, filk, poetry, art and comic sheets. Black
& white.
Rating: PG
Submissions: Minimum of 1 page, maximum of 40 pages. Stories must be
submitted both in hard copy and on disk in ASCII format.
Contributors get free copy if they've submitted and had
published 3 or more pages in the issue.
Lazy Fox Studios, Northfields, Lower Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex,
( 20 Feb 2000 )

Editor: Foxy
(also for Prask - co-editor)
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: 2 issues / year
Price: Issues 3 upwards are $7 overseas inc. postage
Size: A4, 210mm x 297mm. #1=38 pages, #2=52 pages. #3 onwards =64.
Format: B/W magazine with light cardboard cover
Content: Comic strips, pin-up art, text stories, reviews, poetry.
Rating: pg13
Contributors: Maggie DeAlarcon, Jimmy Chin, Craig Carrington, Peter
LaVerdiere, Foxy, Chris Berdoz, Tygger. (Many more!)
Contributions: For submission guidelines, email above addresses.
Notes: Issues 1,2 and 4 are sold out.
Currently in the production stage of issue #10.
Foxes Are Neat
Lazy Fox Studios, Northfields, Lower Dicker, Hailsham, East Sussex,

Editor: Foxy
Email: /
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: 3-issue mini-series.
Price: $7 overseas inc. postage
Size: A4, 210mm x 297mm, 64 pages. 3 issues now available!
Format: B/W magazine with light cardboard cover.
Content: All vulpine based pin-up art and graphic stories.
Rating: R
Contributors: Michele Light, Tygger, Terrie Smith, Brian O'Connell,
Joseph Ny, Jimmy Chin, Eric Elliott, Paul Defenbaugh,
Brian Sutton, many others.
Note: Only issue 3 is still available.

Hot to Trot
UniGraphix, 1613 36TH ST SE, Auburn, WA 98002

Editor: Flinthoof (Dan Canaan
Email: /
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Irregular
Price: $3 (plus $0.50 postage for US delivery, $0.75 for overseas)
Issues 1-2 SOLD OUT (but being reprinted soon!), Issues
3-4 currently in stock
Size: Digest, 32 pages. (issue #1 was 40 pages)
Format: B/W with cardboard covers.
Content: Pin-up art, text and graphic stories, of an equine and
mythological theme.
Rating: R/X
Contributors: Terrie Smith, Tygger, Michele Light, Flinthoof, Foxy,
Michelle Parker, Scott Alston and others.
Contributions: Open to all, please email Flinthoof for information.
Yes, we take contribs in email!

Fur Scene
85 Croydon Road, Keston, Kent, BR2 8HU, ENGLAND.
Editor: Martin Dudman
Type: Newsletter
Distribution: Irregular/Quarterly
Price: 1.50 (including postage UK & Europe),
$3.00 (including postage to US & Canada)
Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm), 28 pages.
Format: B/W with cardboard cover.
Content: Art, stories, news and reviews.
Rating: R/PG
Contributors: Mark Stanley, John Tatman, Ian Curtis, Steve Witcher,
Matt Fox Wilson, Terrie Smith, Little John, Simon Barber
and Mr Fish.
Contributions: For submission guidelines, write or email us at the above
Fire & Fur: Anthropomorphic Adventures Through The Wildside
c/o Knechtschaft Studio, 2823 Chestnut St., New Orleans, LA 70115
Editor: Edwin "Pelzig" Dyer, III
Email: or
Type: APA
Distribution: Four to five membership issues a year, two public issues a year.
Price: Public issues run $4.00ppd. unless a special edition.
Size: Varies with membership roster, average 50 to 110, full-size pages.
Format: Fanzine style, staple bound with strip binding. Full size pages.
Content: A artist and writer workshop APA. Submissions range from artwork,
design concepts, prose, comic story, and literary works. The APA
is designed to allow artists of all levels to submit work for
commentary and critisicm in the effort to improve each
others works.
Rating: G up to PG-13.
Membership: (current) Dwayne Ferguson, Quentin Dumas, Clancy McKeever, Summer
Jackson, Bryon Havranek, Ryan McKeever, Pelzig, Simon Leo Barber,
Jon Yeager, J. Thomas, James Birdsall, Bill Koonts, Gary Lee
Seto, Kevin "Foxy" Charlesworth, R'ykander Korra'ti, and Mick
Contributions: Send SASE via snailmail or contact thru Email for the "Fire &
Fur" guidelines. Webpage is:
451 B Gladding Res. Ctr., Richmond, Va 23220-8615
{ 16 Jan 96 }

Editor: JW Kennedy
Email: (only good during school months)
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: Quarterly
Price: $1.25 for #1, $1.75 for #2, unknown for issue #3 and 4
distributed mainly through Mailbox Books, also available
direct from editor but add $0.75 for postage
Back Issues: #1 still available
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"; 24 pages for #1 and #2
Content: Graphic stories, pinups
Rating: PG
Contributors: JW Kennedy, Vince Riley, Chris Berdoz, Todd A. Smith
Contributions: Graphic works only. Send clean photocopies, image
proportional to 5" x 7.5". Limit 6 pages. Contributor
copies are free.
Notes: Won't be up during summer. Deadline for issue 5 is
March 18, 1996; issue 6 is June 15, issue 7 is Sept. 10.
{ 14 Sept 96 }
Editor: Dwight J. Dutton
Type: magazine (formerly APA)
Distribution: quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)
Size: US 8.5x11", perfect binding, color cover
Contents: comic type stories & some pin-up art, comments, but no
text stories
Rating: No X material accepted, R & M had better have a good
story around it, otherwise PG
Contributors: See web page
Price: varies, US $15 (UK, same price plus overseas postage)
Subscriptions: $60/year (4 issues), postage included
Notes: Web page at HTTP://
or write to Dwight Dutton for information
Back issues #20-23 may be available through Mailbox Books
South Fur Lands
PO Box 251 / Nundah QLD 4012 / Australia
{ 15 Mar 98 }
Editor: Mark Laine
Type: Fanzine
Distribution: quarterly (plus R/X-rated edition in February)
Size: 32 pages
Contents: comic type stories & some pin-up art, comments, text stories
Rating: PG, any text and artwork, some leeway for sake of story
continuity. (R/X for special edition, anything legal is OK)
Contributors: See web page
Price: $6.00 Overseas, $3.50 in Australia & $4.50 in New Zealand.
Subscriptions: (In Australian Currency) For Aus - $14.00, NZ - $18.00
Overseas $26.00. Add an extra $3.50, $4.50, and $6.00
for inclusion of R/X edition.
Notes: Contributors include Paul Kidd, Craig Hilton, Bernard Doove,
Grant Freckelton, Terry Knight, Gerard Ashworth, Amy Provonost.
Black and White at approximately A4 size paper with a fifteen
milimeter boarder (approx 1/2 inch). Those contributions
from north of the equator must have some sort of Australasian
aspect to their work. Those south of the equator have free
range over subject matter.
More information can be gained from the "South Fur Lands"

FNC: Furthest North Crew
152 Gloucester #B-2 / Ottawa, Ontario / Canada, K2P 0A6
{ 7 Aug 96 }
Editor: John Boulton (Production)
Editor: Niall MacConaill (Finanaces & Contact)
Net Admin: Tor Amundsen
Email: (Amundsen) (Boulton)
Type: APA
Anthology (FNC Showcase)
Frequency: APA - quarterly
Showcase - yearly
Price: APA - members only ($20 Canadian, $25 US/year)
Showcase - approx. $7.50US
Back Issues: Infrequently, the APA issues are available from Ed Zolna.
Only 40 of each issue is made, and usually back issues are
bought by new members. When the members have had a suitable
period to purchase them, the issues that remain are sent to
Mailbox books.
The Showcase Anthologies are reprinted as required.
Size: APA - typically 350 pages
Showcase - 80 pages.
Content: Anthropomorphic stories, sequential art and illustrations.
Frequent member interaction, including friendly 'zaps' and
illustrations of friends' characters, as well as joint
projects. Stories are as actively encouraged as art.
Rating: Up to and including R. Roughly translates as: No Erections,
No Penetrations, No bits of bloody Centaurs.
Contributors: Paul Groulx, Dusty Rhoades, Jeremy Kidd, Andrew Thompson,
Scott Norman, Lisa Iennaco, John Boulton, Niall MacConaill,
Mark Stanley, Mick Collins, Tom Barnes, Fred Patten, Michael-
Scot McMurry, Simon Barber, Karen Ogden, David Buttenshaw,
Simon Barber, Peter Laverdiere, Jason Jenson, Genesis Cook,
Bonnie Burchill, Andrea Robbins, Andrew Murphy-Mee, Freddy
Anderson, Nicolai Shapero, Porsupah Toliani,
David Schneberger, Peter White, Arthur R. Caldwell, Mike
Higgs, Matt Henry, Jimmy Chin, Per Okerstrom, Brian Feir,
Stephie Stone, Marc Boisvert, Steve Gattuso, Bill Fitts,
Zjonni Perchalski and various others and guests.
Contributions: Contributions are accepted from Members, Waitlisters and
Guests, though only members receive a copy. Waitlisters
and Guests have the opportunity to purchase the 'spare'
copies before they are sent to MailBox Books.
Waitlist Info: Contact Serval (Niall MacConnaill) by Snail Mail
Contact Tugrik by Email
Obtain at major furry cons at the FNC booth/party
Read the FNC web page at
Notes: It's like, Canadian eh?
Viktoria's Secret / Furlined
c/o Knechtschaft Studio, 6841 Gafford Dr., Columbus, OH 43229
Editor: Edwin "Pelzig" Dyer, III
Email: or
Type: Both are fanzines
Distribution: 3 times yearly for each title
Price: $5.00ppd for issue # 5 of each title; issues #1 thru #3 of both
are entirely sold out ( though you might check Mailbox Books )
Canadian and overseas orders add $2.00. Orders are shipped via
U.S. Postal Service, Certified mail. Issue #7 of VS is out,
latest issue of Furlined being #6.
Size: 35-38 full-size pages staple-bound plus 11x17 fold-out
centerfold in each sans latest issue of each title.
Format: B/W
Content: Viktoria's Secret features lingerie-clad furries and "faux
furries" (humans with furry outfits or ears/tail accessories),
while Furlined is an adult-themed 'zine. Pin-up style illos
only with no text stories. Each 'zine features contact
information for all contributing artists.
Rating: Viktoria's Secret is PG-13 - R/Furlined is R - X
Contributors: Chris Whalen, Tygger Graf, Kishma Danielle, Tanamin Wingate,
Terrie Smith, Daphne Lage, Matt Lunsford, Shon Howell, Mike
Reed, Bill Fitts, Pelzig, Scott Alston, Zephery Hughes, and many
others; varies per issue.
Contributions: Send SASE via snailmail or E-mail for details; website for
Viktoria's Secret is:
Fox One: The Military Anthropomorphic Fanzine
c/o Knechtschaft Studio, 6841 Gafford Dr., Columbus, OH 43229
Editor: Edwin "Pelzig" Dyer, III
Email: or
Type: Fox One is a fanzine
Distribution: Published twice a year.
Price: $4.00ppd for issue # 1 and #2 . Canadian and overseas
orders add $2.00. Orders are shipped via
U.S. Postal Service, Certified mail. Issue #3 was released
in color cover format, limited number printed.
Size: 35-38 full-size pages staple-bound (11x17 fold-out
centerfold for issue #1 only )
Format: B/W
Content: Military furries from all eras, small arms, uniforms, nose art,
"good-girl (ala Vargas )" art, and more military themed
illustrations. Pin-up style illos only with no text stories. Each
'zine features contact information for all contributing artists.
Rating: Fox One is G to PG-13.
Contributors: Simon Leo Barber, Pelzig, Guy Garnett, Bryon Havranek, Taura
LearFox, Clancy "Mad Mac" McKeever, Jeff Pierce, Ted
Sheppard, Chris Whalen, Steve Corbett, M.C. de Alarcon, Bill
Koonts, Scott Johnson, and others.
Contributions: Send SASE via snailmail or E-mail for details
Fire & Fur: Anthropomorphic Adventures Through The Wildside
c/o Knechtschaft Studio, 6841 Gafford Dr., Columbus, OH 43229
Editor: Edwin "Pelzig" Dyer, III
Email: or
Type: APA
Distribution: 4 to 5 member issues a year, 2 public issues a year. Current
member issue is #10, last public issue; the F&F Sampler.
Price: Public issues run $4.00ppd. unless a special edition.
Size: Varies with membership roster, average 50 to 110, full-size pages.
Format: Fanzine style, staple bound with strip binding. Full size pages.
Content: A artist and writer workshop APA. Submissions range from artwork,
design concepts, prose, comic story, and literary works. The APA
is designed to allow artists of all levels to submit work for
commentary and critisicm in the effort to improve each
others works.
Rating: G up to PG-13.
Membership: (current) Dwayne Ferguson, Quentin Dumas, Clancy McKeever, Summer
Jackson, Bryon Havranek, Ryan McKeever, Pelzig, Simon Leo Barber,
Jon Yeager, J. Thomas, James Birdsall, Bill Koonts, Gary Lee
Seto, Kevin "Foxy" Charlesworth, R'ykander Korra'ti, and Mick
Contributions: Send SASE via snailmail or contact thru Email for the "Fire &
Fur" guidelines. Webpage is:
12536 Short Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
( 23 Sep 99 )

Editor: Kay Shapero
Type: Good question - it's like an APA except that members don't
print their own contributions which are instead mailed to
the editor who types them up and prints the zine as a whole.

Distribution: Monthly
Price: $1.75 plus postage (usually 2 oz worth) Includes the right
to contribute 90 lines of text or equivalent pictures
(This varies - generally as many as Ye Ed can squeeze in.)
Membership open. No waitlist.
Size: Full sized, stapled, usually around 13 pages.
Content: Cooperative storytelling in a variety of locations and
styles. Contributions are generally interwoven in the zine
which is why contributions are not printed up by the
contributors. Also general silliness. See the "background"
entry on the website for details.
Rating: PG-13
Contributors: Kettan, Barbara Mc Gowan, Kurt Miller, Ken Nielsen
Kay Shapero, Vicky Shapero, Philip B. Smith,
Michael J. Susko Jr., Scott Thomas, Frank White
Notes: Back issues available.
Anthrolations - The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction
Sofawolf Press
60 Sam Turner Rd.
East Falmouth, MA 02536-3969
( 22 Dec 99 )

Editor: Jeff Eddy
Type: Literary Magazine
Distribution: bi-annually
Price: $6
Subscriptions: N/A.
Back Issues: N/A. Issue #1 available at Further Confusion 2000.
Size: 56 pages
Format: 8.5" x 11", b&w, saddle-stitch bound.
Content: Anthropomorphic or zoomorphic character fiction. Text
stories and story illustrations exclusively. No
stand-alone artwork.
Rating: Some violence, coarse language, and sexual topics or
stand-alone artwork.
Rating: Some violence, coarse language, and sexual topics or
situations. Nothing explicit.
Contributors: Issue #1: Tim Susman, MCA Hogarth, Michael McGee,
Lanny Fields, Dekker Graden, Christopher Williams.
Story illustrations by Karena Kliefoth, Megan Giles,
G. "Coyotepuck" Wills, and Derrick Dasenbrock.
Submissions: Electronic only. See web site for details.
Notes: Stories examine the interactions of characters with
those around them, in a variety of genres and
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