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RFD: comp.databases.pick

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David Ruggiero

May 4, 1993, 7:41:41 PM5/4/93
This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) to create a new USENET group:



comp.databases.pick (unmoderated) will be a newsgroup which will provide
a common forum:

(1) To discuss the design, programming, and administration of systems
and applications which use a database model and programming tools
generically known as "Pick", "Pick-like", or "Pick-compatible".
These include, among others:

- "Pure" Pick (a.k.a. the "Pick Operating System"), a standalone
operating system running on a large number of different mini- and
microcomputer platforms under a dizzying array of versions, releases,
and brand names (see Question 2, below);

- "UniVerse" (from Vmark, Inc.), a Pick-style applications environment
running on a multitude of Unix platforms, including Sequent, AT&T,
Sequoia, Encore, IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, Data General, and many others;

- "UniData" (from the Unidata Corporation), a similar environment, also
running on a number of Unix systems;

- "Revelation" and "Advanced Revelation" (from Revelation Technologies),
a Pick-inspired "industrial strength" database for MS-DOS and networked
PC systems;

- "Prime Information", a Pick-compatible system running on Prime Computer
hardware under the PRIMOS operating system.

(2) To share ideas, information, and experience regarding design and
programming of applications within a Pick environment, including
efficient file design and useful Pick programming techniques;

(3) To allow those using Pick-like systems to relate their experiences
with specific software and hardware implementations of Pick and with
the Pick data model in general;

(4) To discuss conferences, trade shows, publications, and courses of
interest to those working with (or considering using) a Pick-like

(5) To discuss new products of interest to the Pick marketplace and users;

(6) To educate and inform others about the strengths, weaknesses, and general
usage of the Pick data model in the real world; and

(7) To provide Pick users, designers, programmers, and administrators
with Usenet access to have what they have not had before: a common
newsgroup to share their ideas, concerns, experiences, questions,
and knowledge with one another.

Pick is huge, far larger than anyone who doesn't follow it might
imagine. Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of systems, with
millions of individual users, using Pick-like software as their main
operating system and/or database manager and/or development environment.

Even considering *only* the number of sites, developers and current end
users of its original incarnation (the Pick Operating System), Pick is
easily among the most under-represented portable (open) software system
of its size on Usenet. The historical and technical reasons for this are
complex and interesting to speculate upon, but a great deal can be explained
by simple fragmentation: Revelation users chat in comp.databases; Prime
Information users post into; Stratus Pick users use
comp.sys.stratus, and the odd Pick OS article occasionally finds its way
into comp.os.misc, to give only a few examples. Many more folk don't
post at all, because there isn't any defined group dedicated to their
questions, interests, and knowledge.

To be sure, each Pick "flavor" is in some way different from all others,
but all are very similar in the manner that they view and store database
records, and in the ways that applications can be designed and built to
run under them. A common group will foster and focus discussion among
all of these previously separate groups of individuals.

In summary, a new news group called _comp.databases.pick_ is proposed.
It will focus exclusively on discussions by, for, and of things relating
to any facet of database systems which are compatible with (or were
inspired by) the set of database concepts generally known as "Pick".

Discussion of the proposed group comp.databases.pick will be held on
"news.groups". (Note that the Followup-To: line of this article will
direct any responses there automatically.) Copies of this RFD will also
be cross-posted to comp.databases, comp.os.misc,, and
comp.sys.stratus. Readers should feel free to re-post this article to
other newsgroups whose readers might find it of interest, as long as the
Followup-To: line remains directed to news.groups.

Requests for more information may be directed to me at the address below
at any time.
David Ruggiero ( Seattle, WA:Our slugs can beat up your slugs

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