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What follows is a complete list of newsgroups in the "Big Eight"
hierarchies (comp.*, humanities.*, misc.*, news.*, rec.*, sci.*,
soc.*, and talk.*) with descriptions. Moderated newsgroups are marked
with the string "(Moderated)" at the end of the description.

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comp.admin.policy Discussions of site administration policies. Artificial Intelligence. (Moderated) Research about artificial life. General document understanding technologies. OCR research, algorithms and software. Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Education. Fuzzy set theory, aka fuzzy logic. Artificial intelligence in games and game-playing. Genetic algorithms in computing. Natural language processing by computers. All aspects of neural networks. Philosophical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Expert systems and other artificial intelligence shells. Artificial Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
comp.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
comp.apps.spreadsheets Spreadsheets on various platforms.
comp.arch Computer architecture.
comp.arch.arithmetic Implementing arithmetic on computers/digital systems.
comp.arch.embedded Embedded computer systems topics.
comp.arch.fpga Field Programmable Gate Array based computing systems.
comp.arch.hobbyist Homebrew digital electronics design. (Moderated) Storage system issues, both hardware and software.
comp.archives.admin Issues relating to computer archive administration. Discussing Microsoft Windows archives.
comp.bbs.majorbbs Support & discussion of The Major BBS from Galacticomm.
comp.bbs.misc All aspects of computer bulletin board systems.
comp.bbs.waffle The Waffle BBS and USENET system on all platforms.
comp.benchmarks Discussion of benchmarking techniques and results.
comp.binaries.cbm For the transfer of 8bit Commodore binaries. (Moderated)
comp.bugs.misc General UNIX bug reports and fixes (incl V7, uucp).
comp.cad.autocad AutoDesk's AutoCAD software.
comp.cad.cadence Users of Cadence Design Systems products.
comp.cad.compass Compass Design Automation EDA tools.
comp.cad.i-deas SDRC I-DEAS Masters Series software.
comp.cad.microstation MicroStation CAD software and related products.
comp.cad.microstation.programmer Developing software in Microstation CAD. Parametric Technology's Pro/Engineer design package.
comp.cad.solidworks SolidWorks newsgroup.
comp.cad.synthesis Research and production in the field of logic synthesis.
comp.client-server Topics relating to client/server technology.
comp.cog-eng Cognitive engineering.
comp.compilers Compiler construction, theory, etc. (Moderated)
comp.compilers.lcc The lcc C Compiler and related topics. The Java Compiler Compiler and related topics.
comp.compression Data compression algorithms and theory.
comp.compression.research Discussions about data compression research. (Moderated)
comp.constraints Constraint processing and related topics. Manage data as a corporate asset: stds & methds.
comp.databases Database and data management issues and theory.
comp.databases.adabas ADABAS Database topics in general.
comp.databases.berkeley-db The Berkeley DB libraries.
comp.databases.btrieve Pervasive Software client/server development.
comp.databases.filemaker Technical discussions about FileMaker.
comp.databases.gupta Gupta SQLWindows client-server development. Problem resolution with DB2 database products.
comp.databases.informix Informix database management software discussions.
comp.databases.ingres Issues relating to INGRES products. MS Windows' relational database system, Access. Microsoft's SQL Server and related products.
comp.databases.mysql MySQL RDBMS technical discussions.
comp.databases.object Object-oriented paradigms in database systems.
comp.databases.olap Analytical Processing, Multidimensional DBMS, EIS, DSS. Oracle-related jobs, etc. Oracle related topics. Oracle database administration/server topics. Oracle software tools/applications.
comp.databases.paradox Borland's database for DOS & MS Windows.
comp.databases.pick Pick-like, post-relational, database systems.
comp.databases.postgresql PGSQL Relational Database Management System.
comp.databases.progress The Progress 4GL & RDBMS.
comp.databases.rdb The relational database engine RDB from DEC.
comp.databases.sybase Implementations of the SQL Server.
comp.databases.theory Discussing advances in database technology.
comp.databases.visual-dbase Database discussions using Visual dBASE.
comp.databases.xbase.codebase CodeBase and its related products. Fox Software's xBase system and compatibles.
comp.databases.xbase.misc Discussion of xBase (dBASE-like) products.
comp.dcom.cabling Cabling selection, installation and use.
comp.dcom.cell-relay Forum for discussion of Cell Relay-based products.
comp.dcom.fax Fax hardware, software, and protocols.
comp.dcom.isdn.capi CAPI - the Common ISDN Application Interface.
comp.dcom.lans.ethernet Discussions of the Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 protocols.
comp.dcom.lans.misc Local area network hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems Data communications hardware and software.
comp.dcom.modems.cable Cable modems and internet access via cable tv. Network Testing and Analysis Procedures and Results. Network management methods and applications.
comp.dcom.sdh-sonet Discuss the SDH and SONET technology. Info on Cisco routers and bridges.
comp.dcom.sys.nortel Nortel telecommunications products and systems.
comp.dcom.telecom Telecommunications digest. (Moderated) Discussion of technical aspects of telephony.
comp.dcom.videoconf Video conference technology and applications.
comp.dcom.voice-over-ip Voice Over IP technology.
comp.dcom.vpn Virtual Private Network Technology.
comp.dcom.wan All topics concerned with wide area networking.
comp.dcom.xdsl Discussion area for different DSL technologies.
comp.distributed Distributed Resource Sharing and Applications. Document Management technologies.
comp.doc.techreports Lists of technical reports. (Moderated)
comp.dsp Digital Signal Processing using computers.
comp.editors Topics related to computerized text editing. Computer science education. Computer assisted languages instruction issues.
comp.emacs EMACS editors of different flavors.
comp.emacs.xemacs Bug reports, questions and answers about XEmacs.
comp.emulators.apple2 Emulators of Apple // systems.
comp.emulators.cbm Emulators of C-64, C-128, PET, and VIC-20 systems. Emulators of game console systems.
comp.emulators.misc Emulators of miscellaneous computer systems. A free MS-Windows emulator under X.
comp.file-sharing.bittorrent Distributed file sharing on Bittorrent protocol.
comp.fonts Typefonts -- design, conversion, use, etc. Designing gameplay and rules systems. Biz news, project management, jobs. Abstract algorithms for games. General info on programming games. Algorithms used in producing computer graphics. Technical aspects of computer animation. Application Programmer Interface issues, methods. The OpenGL 3D application programming interface. 3-D graphics software from Alias Research. 3D modeling, animation and raytracing package. Corel graphics software applications. The GNU Image Manipulation Program. The gnuplot interactive function plotter. NewTek's Lightwave3D & related topics. Question, answers, tips and suggestions. Paint Shop Pro in general. Adobe Photoshop techniques & help. Ulead graphics software products. Computer graphics miscellany. Autodesk's 3D Studio software. Rendering comparisons, approaches, methods. Raytracing software, tools and methods. RenderMan interface & shading language. Info on scientific visualization.
comp.groupware Software & hardware for shared interactive environments.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.admin Lotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.apps Application software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc Lotus Notes related discussions.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmer Programming for Lotus Notes.
comp.home.automation Home automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
comp.human-factors Issues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).
comp.infosystems Any discussion about information systems.
comp.infosystems.gis All aspects of Geographic Information Systems.
comp.infosystems.gopher Discussion of the Gopher information service.
comp.infosystems.hyperg The Hyper-G network hypermedia system and applications.
comp.infosystems.kiosks Informational and transactional kiosks. (Moderated) All aspects of search technology.
comp.infosystems.wais The Z39.50-based WAIS full-text search system.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html Writing HTML for the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.images Using images, imagemaps on the Web.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc Miscellaneous Web authoring issues. Web site design philosophy.
comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets Layout/presentation on the WWW. Programs to help authoring Websites.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.mac Web browsers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.misc Web browsers for other platforms. Web browsers for MS Windows.
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.x Web browsers for the X-Window system.
comp.infosystems.www.misc Miscellaneous World Wide Web discussion.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.misc Web servers for other platforms. Web servers for MS Windows and NT.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix Web servers for UNIX platforms.
comp.internet.library Discussing electronic libraries. (Moderated) LJ blogging service and software. Search, Gmail, Groups, Maps, Picasa, etc. Internet video for the masses. Wikis, such as Wikipedia.
comp.lang.ada Discussion about Ada*.
comp.lang.apl Discussion about APL.
comp.lang.asm.x86 Bulletin Board and Q&A for x86 assembly language topics. (Moderated)
comp.lang.asm370 Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language.
comp.lang.awk The AWK programming language.
comp.lang.basic.misc Other dialects and aspects of BASIC.
comp.lang.basic.powerbasic PowerBasic Inc. programming languages.
comp.lang.basic.realbasic REALBasic programming discussion.
comp.lang.basic.visual.database Database aspects of Visual Basic.
comp.lang.basic.visual.misc Visual Basic in general.
comp.lang.beta The object-oriented programming language BETA.
comp.lang.c Discussion about C.
comp.lang.c++ The object-oriented C++ language.
comp.lang.c++.leda All aspects of the LEDA library.
comp.lang.c++.misc Development in C++, libraries, cross and single targets
comp.lang.c++.moderated Technical discussion of the C++ language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.c.moderated The C programming language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.clarion Technical discussion of Clarion programming.
comp.lang.clipper Clipper and Visual Objects programming languages.
comp.lang.clipper.visual-objects CA-Visual Objects developer system.
comp.lang.clos Common Lisp Object System discussions.
comp.lang.cobol The COBOL language and software.
comp.lang.dylan For discussion of the Dylan language.
comp.lang.eiffel The object-oriented Eiffel language.
comp.lang.forth Discussion about Forth.
comp.lang.forth.mac The CSI MacForth programming environment.
comp.lang.fortran Discussion about FORTRAN.
comp.lang.functional Discussion about functional languages.
comp.lang.haskell Polymorphically-typed lazy purely-functional programming. The Hermes language for distributed applications.
comp.lang.icon Topics related to the ICON programming language.
comp.lang.idl IDL (Interface Description Language) related topics.
comp.lang.idl-pvwave IDL and PV-Wave language discussions. 3D Graphics API's for the Java language. Support for and criticism of the Java System. Java software components (JavaBeans). Topics relating to Java and CORBA. Databases, java.sql, JDBC, ODBC. GUI toolkits and windowing: AWT, IFC etc. Set-up problems, catch-all first aid. JVM, native methods, hardware. Programming in the Java language. Security issues raised by Java. IDEs, browsers, compilers, other tools.
comp.lang.javascript Netscape Communications Corp.'s JavaScript language.
comp.lang.labview Labview Software Discussion Group.
comp.lang.lisp Discussion about LISP.
comp.lang.logo The Logo teaching and learning language.
comp.lang.misc Different computer languages not specifically listed. ML languages including Standard ML, CAML, Lazy ML, etc. (Moderated)
comp.lang.modula2 Discussion about Modula-2.
comp.lang.modula3 Discussion about the Modula-3 language.
comp.lang.mumps The M (MUMPS) language & technology, in general.
comp.lang.oberon The Oberon language and system.
comp.lang.objective-c The Objective-C language and environment.
comp.lang.pascal.ansi-iso Pascal according to ANSI and ISO standards.
comp.lang.pascal.borland Borland's Pascal.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.misc General component issues.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.databases Database aspects of Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc General issues with Borland Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.mac Macintosh based Pascals.
comp.lang.pascal.misc Pascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.
comp.lang.perl.announce Announcements about Perl. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.misc The Perl language in general.
comp.lang.perl.moderated Perl language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.perl.modules Use and development of Perl modules. Using Tk (and X) from Perl.
comp.lang.php PHP, server side scripting.
comp.lang.pl1 PL/I language discussions.
comp.lang.pop Pop11 and the Plug user group.
comp.lang.postscript The PostScript Page Description Language.
comp.lang.prolog Discussion about PROLOG.
comp.lang.python The Python computer language.
comp.lang.python.announce Announcements about the Python language. (Moderated)
comp.lang.rexx The REXX command language.
comp.lang.ruby The Ruby dynamic OO programming language.
comp.lang.scheme The Scheme Programming language.
comp.lang.scheme.scsh SCSH - the Scheme Shell.
comp.lang.smalltalk Discussion about Smalltalk 80.
comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacy Discussion of Smalltalk Language pros/cons.
comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin The Dolphin variant of the Smalltalk language.
comp.lang.tcl The Tcl programming language and related tools.
comp.lang.verilog Discussing Verilog and PLI.
comp.lang.vhdl VHSIC Hardware Description Language, IEEE 1076/87.
comp.lang.vrml Virtual Reality Modeling Language discussion.
comp.lang.xharbour xHarbour programming, Clipper, and xBase.
comp.lsi Large scale integrated circuits.
comp.lsi.testing Testing of electronic circuits.
comp.mail.elm Discussion and fixes for the ELM mail system.
comp.mail.eudora.mac Eudora email software for Macintosh. Eudora email software for MS Windows.
comp.mail.headers Gatewayed from the Internet header-people list.
comp.mail.imap Discussion of IMAP-based mail systems. Software used in the running of mailing lists. The UCI version of the Rand Message Handling system.
comp.mail.mime Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions of RFC 1341.
comp.mail.misc General discussions about computer mail.
comp.mail.mutt The Mutt E-Mail Client.
comp.mail.pegasus-mail.misc Pegasus Mail for DOS and Macs, and Mercury Mail. Discussion of Pegasus Mail for Windows.
comp.mail.pine The PINE mail user agent.
comp.mail.sendmail Configuring and using the BSD sendmail agent.
comp.mail.uucp Mail in the uucp network environment.
comp.misc General topics about computers not covered elsewhere. Discussing Android devices / OS. Mobile tablet PC running iPhone OS.
comp.multimedia Interactive multimedia technologies of all kinds. Computers as components in MIDI music systems. Miscellaneous use of computers in music. The use of Computers in Music Research and Composition. (Moderated)
comp.newprod Announcements of new products of interest. (Moderated)
comp.object Object-oriented programming and languages.
comp.object.corba OMG CORBA standard.
comp.object.logic Integrating object-oriented and logic programming. Topics about the Association for Computing Machinery. The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. (Moderated) Issues and announcements about the IEEE & its members. Association of Lisp Users related discussions. UniForum Association activities. USENIX Association events and announcements. Finding lodging during Usenix conferences. Planning for user group meetings and events. User group discussions in general.
comp.os.aos Topics related to Data General's AOS/VS.
comp.os.coherent Discussion and support of the Coherent operating system.
comp.os.cpm Discussion about the CP/M operating system.
comp.os.geos.misc GEOS O/S by Geoworks in general.
comp.os.geos.programmer GEOS O/S Programming in general.
comp.os.linux.advocacy Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
comp.os.linux.alpha Linux on Digital Alpha machines.
comp.os.linux.announce Announcements important to the Linux community. (Moderated)
comp.os.linux.development.apps Writing Linux applications, porting to Linux.
comp.os.linux.development.system Linux kernels, device drivers, modules.
comp.os.linux.embedded Linux operating system on embedded hardware.
comp.os.linux.hardware Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
comp.os.linux.m68k Linux operating system on 680x0 Amiga, Atari, VME.
comp.os.linux.misc Linux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
comp.os.linux.networking Networking and communications under Linux.
comp.os.linux.portable Linux OS on portable PCs.
comp.os.linux.powerpc Linux systems running on PowerPC microprocessors. Security and the GNU/Linux Operating System.
comp.os.linux.setup Linux installation and system administration.
comp.os.linux.x Linux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts. Linux on Xbox.
comp.os.lynx Discussion of LynxOS and Lynx Real-Time Systems.
comp.os.mach The MACH OS from CMU & other places.
comp.os.magic-cap Everything about General Magic's Magic Cap OS.
comp.os.minix Discussion of Tanenbaum's MINIX system.
comp.os.misc General OS-oriented discussion not carried elsewhere. Speculation and debate about Microsoft Windows. MS-Windows financial & tax software. MS-Windows applications. Utility/add-on programs for Win95. Other Winsock applications. MS-Windows word-processing applications. Microsoft Windows CE operating system. General discussions about Windows issues. Windows and other networks. Windows and TCP/IP networking. Win95 to Novell, TCP/IP, other nets. Windows' built-in networking. Windows NT system administration. Windows NT network administration. Windows NT Security topics. General discussion about Windows NT. Windows NT software setup. Windows NT BackOffice. Win NT software compatibility. Windows NT system services software. Controls, dialogs and VBXs. GDI, graphics and printing. Memory management issues. Programming Microsoft Windows. Network programming. Windows NT driver development. OLE2, COM and DDE programming. MFC-based development for Windows. Windows Development tools. Winsock programming. Windows VxD and driver development. 32-bit Windows programming interfaces. Video adapters and drivers for Windows. Miscellaneous Topics about Windows 95.
comp.os.msdos.4dos The 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.apps Discussion of applications that run under MS-DOS.
comp.os.msdos.desqview QuarterDeck's Desqview and related products.
comp.os.msdos.djgpp DOS GNU C/C++ applications and programming environment.
comp.os.msdos.misc Miscellaneous topics about MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer Programming MS-DOS machines.
comp.os.msdos.programmer.turbovision Borland's text application libraries.
comp.os.netware.connectivity Connectivity products (TCP/IP, SAA, NFS, MAC).
comp.os.netware.misc General Netware topics.
comp.os.os2.advocacy Supporting and flaming OS/2.
comp.os.os2.announce Notable news and announcements related to OS/2. (Moderated)
comp.os.os2.apps Discussions of applications under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.beta All aspects of beta releases of OS/2 systems software.
comp.os.os2.bugs OS/2 system bug reports, fixes and work-arounds.
comp.os.os2.ecomstation Serenity Systems operating system eComStation. Running games under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.mail-news Mail and news apps/utils (on- & offline) under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.marketplace Forsale/wanted; shopping; commercial ads; job postings.
comp.os.os2.misc Miscellaneous topics about the OS/2 system.
comp.os.os2.multimedia Multi-media on OS/2 systems.
comp.os.os2.networking.misc Miscellaneous networking issues of OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.server Administration of NetWare, Warp Server, etc.
comp.os.os2.networking.tcp-ip TCP/IP under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.networking.www World Wide Web (WWW) apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.programmer.misc Programming OS/2 machines.
comp.os.os2.programmer.porting Porting software to OS/2 machines. Compilers, assemblers, interpreters under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.setup.misc Installing/configuring OS/2; misc. hardware/drivers. Disk/Tape/CD-ROM hardware/drivers under OS/2. Base video hardware/drivers under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.utilities General purpose utils (shells/backup/compression/etc).
comp.os.os9 Microware's OS-9 real-time operating system.
comp.os.plan9 Plan 9 from Bell Labs. (Moderated)
comp.os.psos The realtime operating system pSOS+.
comp.os.qnx Using and developing under the QNX operating system.
comp.os.rsts Topics related to the PDP-11 RSTS/E operating system.
comp.os.vms DEC's VAX* line of computers & VMS.
comp.os.vxworks The VxWorks real-time operating system.
comp.parallel Massively parallel hardware/software. (Moderated)
comp.parallel.mpi Message Passing Interface (MPI).
comp.parallel.pvm The PVM system of multi-computer parallelization.
comp.periphs Peripheral devices.
comp.periphs.printers Information on printers.
comp.periphs.scanners Technical discussion of scanners and imaging devices.
comp.periphs.scsi Discussion of SCSI-based peripheral devices.
comp.programming Programming issues that transcend languages and OSs.
comp.programming.contests Announcements & results of programming contests.
comp.programming.literate Literate programming and LP tools. (Moderated)
comp.programming.threads All issues about multithreaded programming.
comp.protocols.dicom Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.
comp.protocols.dns.bind Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). (Moderated)
comp.protocols.kerberos The Kerberos authentication server.
comp.protocols.kermit.misc Kermit protocol and software.
comp.protocols.misc Various forms and types of protocol.
comp.protocols.nfs Discussion about the Network File System protocol.
comp.protocols.ppp Discussion of the Internet Point to Point Protocol.
comp.protocols.smb SMB file sharing protocol and Samba SMB server/client.
comp.protocols.snmp The Simple Network Management Protocol.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip TCP and IP network protocols. Topics related to Domain Style names.
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc TCP/IP for IBM(-like) personal computers.
comp.protocols.time.ntp The network time protocol.
comp.publish.cdrom.hardware Hardware used in publishing with CD-ROM. Software used in publishing with CD-ROM.
comp.publish.electronic.misc General electronic publishing issues.
comp.publish.prepress Electronic prepress.
comp.realtime Issues related to real-time computing.
comp.risks Risks to the public from computers & users. (Moderated)
comp.robotics.misc All aspects of robots and their applications.
comp.robotics.research Academic, government & industry research in robotics. (Moderated) Anything pertaining to network firewall security. Security issues of computers and networks. PGP and its implications. Use of PGP, bug reports and help. Testing signing, encryption and decryption using PGP. SSH secure remote login and tunneling tools. Discussion of Unix security.
comp.simulation Simulation methods, problems, uses. (Moderated)
comp.society.futures Events in technology affecting future computing.
comp.soft-sys.ace ACE programming, porting, and systems. Discussion of Forte development software. Uniface Client/Server App Development. Discussion forum on SAP software.
comp.soft-sys.dce The Distributed Computing Environment (DCE).
comp.soft-sys.gis.esri ESRI GIS software and system implementation.
comp.soft-sys.math.maple Maple computer mathematics discussion group.
comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica Mathematica discussion group. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.math.scilab Scientific software package Scilab.
comp.soft-sys.matlab The MathWorks calculation and visualization package.
comp.soft-sys.octave GNU Octave, language for numerical computations.
comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder Application development tools from PowerSoft.
comp.soft-sys.ptolemy The Ptolemy simulation/code generation environment. The SAS statistics package.
comp.soft-sys.stat.spss The statistical program package SPSS.
comp.soft-sys.wxwindows Discussions related to wxWindows framework. Software Engineering and related topics. Arabic script software. (Moderated) Configuration management, tools and procedures. Extreme Programming discussions. Finding, using, & writing non-English software. Software licensing technology. Discussions of software metrics. Design, organizational and other software patterns. Shareware announcements. (Moderated) Creation of shareware. (Moderated) All aspects of testing computer systems. Year 2000 compliance: projects and issues.
comp.sources.bugs Bug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.d For any discussion of source postings. Postings of recreational software. (Moderated)
comp.sources.testers Finding people to test software.
comp.sources.wanted Requests for software and fixes.
comp.specification.misc Formal specification methods in general.
comp.specification.z Discussion about the formal specification notation Z.
comp.speech.research Speech technology research issues.
comp.speech.users Issues related with using current speech technology.
comp.std.announce Announcements about standards activities. (Moderated)
comp.std.c Discussion about C language standards.
comp.std.c++ Discussion about C++ language, library, standards. (Moderated)
comp.std.misc Discussion about various standards.
comp.sw.components Software components and related technology.
comp.sys.3b1 Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.acorn.advocacy Why Acorn computers and programs are better.
comp.sys.acorn.announce Announcements for Acorn and ARM users. (Moderated)
comp.sys.acorn.apps Acorn software applications.
comp.sys.acorn.extra-cpu Extra CPUs in Acorn computers. Discussion of games for Acorn machines.
comp.sys.acorn.hardware Acorn hardware.
comp.sys.acorn.misc Acorn computing in general.
comp.sys.acorn.networking Networking of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.acorn.programmer Programming of Acorn computers.
comp.sys.amiga.advocacy Why an Amiga is better than XYZ.
comp.sys.amiga.announce Announcements about the Amiga. (Moderated)
comp.sys.amiga.applications Miscellaneous applications. Music, MIDI, speech synthesis, other sounds.
comp.sys.amiga.cd32 Technical and computing talk for Commodore Amiga CD32.
comp.sys.amiga.emulations Various hardware & software emulators. Discussion of games for the Commodore Amiga. Charts, graphs, pictures, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.hardware Amiga computer hardware, Q&A, reviews, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.introduction Group for newcomers to Amigas.
comp.sys.amiga.marketplace Where to find it, prices, etc.
comp.sys.amiga.misc Discussions not falling in another Amiga group.
comp.sys.amiga.morphos All about Amiga-compatible MorphOS.
comp.sys.amiga.programmer Developers & hobbyists discuss code.
comp.sys.amstrad.8bit Amstrad CPC/PcW/GX4000 software/hardware.
comp.sys.apollo Apollo computer systems.
comp.sys.apple2 Discussion about Apple II micros.
comp.sys.apple2.marketplace Buying, selling and trading Apple II equipment.
comp.sys.apple2.programmer Programming on the Apple II.
comp.sys.apple2.usergroups All about Apple II user groups.
comp.sys.arm The ARM processor architecture and support chips.
comp.sys.atari.8bit Discussion about 8 bit Atari micros.
comp.sys.atari.advocacy Attacking and defending Atari computers.
comp.sys.atari.announce Atari related hard/software announcements. (Moderated)
comp.sys.atari.programmer Programming on the Atari computer. Discussion about 16 bit Atari micros. Technical discussions of Atari ST hard/software.
comp.sys.att Discussions about AT&T microcomputers. Help getting your Be{Box,OS} working. Miscellaneous BeOS/BeBox related topics.
comp.sys.cbm Discussion about Commodore micros.
comp.sys.cdc Control Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
comp.sys.dec Discussions about DEC computer systems.
comp.sys.dec.micro DEC Micros (Rainbow, Professional 350/380).
comp.sys.encore Encore's MultiMax computers.
comp.sys.handhelds Handheld computers and programmable calculators.
comp.sys.hp.apps Discussion of software and apps on all HP platforms.
comp.sys.hp.hardware Discussion of Hewlett Packard system hardware.
comp.sys.hp.hpux Issues pertaining to HP-UX & 9000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp.misc Issues not covered in any other comp.sys.hp.* group.
comp.sys.hp.mpe Issues pertaining to MPE & 3000 series computers.
comp.sys.hp48 Hewlett-Packard's HP48 and HP28 calculators. IBM AS/400 miscellaneous topics. The "classic" IBM PC and compatibles of the 1980s. Demonstration programs which showcase programmer skill. Arcade-style games on PCs. Adventure (non-rpg) games on PCs. Announcements for all PC gamers. (Moderated) Flight simulators on PCs. Games not covered by other PC groups. PC computer games devoted to naval warfare. Role-playing games on the PC. PC space flight simulation games. Discussion of sports games for the IBM PC. Strategy/planning games on PCs. Wargames based on historical conflicts. CD-ROM drives and interfaces for the PC. Processor, cache, memory chips, etc. Modems & communication cards for the PC. Miscellaneous PC hardware topics. Network hardware & equipment for the PC. Hard drives & other PC storage devices. Whole IBM PC computer & clone systems. Video cards & monitors for the PC. Discussion about IBM personal computers. Topics related to IBM's RT computer. Questions about using soundcards with games. Soundcards in general. Music and sound questions using soundcards. Technical questions about pc soundcards. Microchannel hardware, any vendor. IBM System/34, System/36, System/38 diverse topics. Discussions about Intel systems and parts.
comp.sys.laptops Laptop (portable) computers.
comp.sys.laptops.thinkpad IBM/Lenovo line of laptop computers.
comp.sys.m6809 Discussion about 6809's.
comp.sys.m68k Discussion about 68k's.
comp.sys.m88k Discussion about 88k-based computers.
comp.sys.mac.advocacy The Macintosh computer family compared to others.
comp.sys.mac.apps Discussions of Macintosh applications.
comp.sys.mac.comm Discussion of Macintosh communications.
comp.sys.mac.databases Database systems for the Apple Macintosh. Action games for the Macintosh. Flight simulator gameplay on the Mac. Macintosh games for sale and trade. Macintosh games not covered in other groups. Strategy/planning games on the Macintosh. Macintosh graphics: paint, draw, 3D, CAD, animation.
comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc General Mac hardware topics not already covered. All forms of Mac storage hardware and media. Video input and output hardware on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.hypercard The Macintosh Hypercard: info & uses.
comp.sys.mac.misc General discussions about the Apple Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.oop.misc Object oriented programming issues on the Mac.
comp.sys.mac.portables Discussion particular to laptop Macintoshes.
comp.sys.mac.printing All about printing hardware and software on the Mac. Help with Macintosh programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc Other issues of Macintosh programming. Macintosh programming tools.
comp.sys.mac.scitech Using the Macintosh in scientific & technological work.
comp.sys.mac.system Discussions of Macintosh system software.
comp.sys.mac.vintage Unsupported Macintosh hardware and software.
comp.sys.mac.wanted Postings of "I want XYZ for my Mac."
comp.sys.mentor Mentor Graphics products & the Silicon Compiler System.
comp.sys.mips Systems based on MIPS chips.
comp.sys.misc Discussion about computers of all kinds.
comp.sys.msx The MSX home computer system.
comp.sys.ncr Discussion about NCR computers. Network Computers and related topics.
comp.sys.newton.marketplace Newton-specific forsale, wanted & jobs.
comp.sys.newton.misc Miscellaneous discussion about Newton systems.
comp.sys.newton.programmer Discussion of Newton software development. Discussing the physical aspects of NeXT computers. NeXT hardware, software and jobs. General discussion about the NeXT computer system. NeXT related programming issues. Function, use and availability of NeXT programs. Discussions related to NeXT system administration.
comp.sys.northstar Northstar microcomputer users.
comp.sys.oric Oric computers (Oric1, Atmos, Telestrat, et cetera).
comp.sys.palmtops Super-powered calculators in the palm of your hand.
comp.sys.palmtops.pilot The Pilot handheld computer.
comp.sys.pen Interacting with computers through pen gestures.
comp.sys.powerpc.advocacy Why the PowerPC is Good/Evil (delete one).
comp.sys.powerpc.misc Miscellaneous questions about PowerPC processors. Programming and architecture of PowerPC processors. Prime Computer products.
comp.sys.psion.apps Discussion about Psion specific programs.
comp.sys.psion.misc Discussion about miscellaneous Psion related topics.
comp.sys.psion.programmer Discussion about Psion programming.
comp.sys.pyramid Pyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.raspberry-pi Raspberry Pi computers & related hardware and software.
comp.sys.sgi.admin System administration on Silicon Graphics's Irises.
comp.sys.sgi.apps Applications which run on the Iris.
comp.sys.sgi.bugs Bugs found in the IRIX operating system.
comp.sys.sgi.hardware Base systems and peripherals for Iris computers.
comp.sys.sgi.marketplace SGI-specific for sale, wanted and jobs.
comp.sys.sgi.misc General discussion about Silicon Graphics's machines.
comp.sys.sinclair Sinclair computers, eg. the ZX81, Spectrum and QL.
comp.sys.stratus Stratus products, incl. System/88, CPS-32, VOS and FTX.
comp.sys.sun.admin Sun system administration issues and questions.
comp.sys.sun.announce Sun announcements and Sunergy mailings. (Moderated)
comp.sys.sun.apps Software applications for Sun computer systems.
comp.sys.sun.hardware Sun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.sun.misc Miscellaneous discussions about Sun products.
comp.sys.sun.wanted People looking for Sun products and support.
comp.sys.super Supercomputers.
comp.sys.tandem Tandem computers and related environments.
comp.sys.tandy Discussion about Tandy computers: new & old.
comp.sys.ti Discussion about Texas Instruments.
comp.sys.transputer The Transputer computer and OCCAM language.
comp.sys.unisys Sperry, Burroughs, Convergent and Unisys* systems.
comp.sys.wearables Wearable computers and their applications. (Moderated) Xerox 1100 workstations and protocols.
comp.sys.zenith.z100 Heath & Zenith computers, Z-100 series and others.
comp.terminals All sorts of terminals.
comp.text Text processing issues and methods.
comp.text.frame Desktop publishing with FrameMaker.
comp.text.interleaf Applications and use of Interleaf software.
comp.text.pdf Adobe Acrobat and Portable Document Format technology.
comp.text.sgml ISO 8879 SGML, structured documents, markup languages.
comp.text.tex Discussion about the TeX and LaTeX systems & macros.
comp.text.xml The Extensible Markup Language (XML).
comp.theory Theoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automata Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.unix.admin Administering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.aix IBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amiga Minix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.aux The version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc 386BSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.bsdi.misc BSD/OS operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce Announcements pertaining to FreeBSD. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc FreeBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.misc BSD operating systems.
comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc NetBSD operating system.
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.announce OpenBSD announcements. (Moderated)
comp.unix.bsd.openbsd.misc The OpenBSD operating system.
comp.unix.cray Cray computers and their operating systems.
comp.unix.dos-under-unix MS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.internals Discussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.misc Various topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.programmer Q&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questions UNIX neophytes group.
comp.unix.sco.misc SCO Unix, Systems, and Environments.
comp.unix.sco.programmer Programming in and for SCO Environments. Using and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.solaris Discussions about the Solaris operating system.
comp.unix.sys5.misc Versions of System V which predate Release 3.
comp.unix.sys5.r4 Discussing System V Release 4.
comp.unix.tru64 Running, owning and administering Tru64 UNIX.
comp.unix.ultrix Discussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.unixware.misc Products of Novell's Unix Systems Group.
comp.unix.user-friendly Discussion of UNIX user-friendliness.
comp.unix.xenix.misc General discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO). Various issues about windowing systems. Using and augmenting the UIM/X UI Builder. Discussion about the X Window System. Getting and using, not programming, applications for X. Discussion of the X toolkit. The K Desktop Environment. The Motif GUI for the X Window System.
humanities.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
humanities.classics Discussion of ancient Greece and Rome. Theory, practice, history & aesthetic issues in design.
humanities.language.sanskrit The Sanskrit language and related topics.
humanities.lit.authors.shakespeare Poetry, plays, history of Shakespeare.
humanities.misc General topics in the arts & humanities. The life and works of Richard Wagner.
humanities.philosophy.objectivism The ideas of Ayn Rand. (Moderated) Information for Progressive activists. (Moderated)
misc.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
misc.books.technical Discussion of books about technical topics. The business of consulting. (Moderated) Roundtable for marketing topics. (Moderated) Roundtable for general business topics. (Moderated) All aspects of professional records management.
misc.consumers Consumer interests, product reviews, etc.
misc.consumers.frugal-living Practicing a frugal lifestyle. Discussion about owning and maintaining a house. Common interest housing developments.
misc.creativity Promoting the use of creativity in all human endeavors. Discussion of the educational system. Adult education and adult literacy practice/research. Christian home-schooling. Almost anything about home-schooling. Teaching English to speakers of other languages. Issues related to medical education. Issues related to science education.
misc.emerg-services Forum for paramedics & other first responders.
misc.entrepreneurs Discussion on operating a business.
misc.entrepreneurs.moderated Entrepreneur/business topics. (Moderated)
misc.facts.straight-dope The Straight Dope column and related topics. All forms of aerobic activity. All other general fitness topics. Fitness walking: help, instruction, events. Bodybuilding, weightlifting, resistance. Macintosh expansion cards. Other Macintosh equipment. Macintosh software. Memory chips and modules for sale and wanted. Modems for sale and wanted. Networking hardware for sale and wanted. Miscellaneous other equipment. Software for other systems. PC expansion cards. Other PC-specific equipment. Portable PC systems. PC software. Complete PC systems. Disk, CDROM and tape drives for sale and wanted. Workstation related computer items. Non-computer items for sale and wanted.
misc.handicap Discussions of interest to persons with disabilities.
misc.headlines Current interest: drug testing, terrorism, etc. AIDS issues and support. Alternative, complementary and holistic health care. Arthritis and related disorders. Discussion of diabetes management in day to day life. Treatment & support of infertility. All about Repetitive Strain Injuries. All areas of occupational therapy.
misc.immigration.australia+nz Migration forum for Australia and New Zealand.
misc.immigration.canada Canada immigration issues.
misc.immigration.misc Miscellaneous countries immigration issues.
misc.immigration.usa USA immigration issues.
misc.industry.electronics.marketplace Electronics products & services.
misc.industry.quality Quality standards and other issues.
misc.industry.utilities.electric The electric utility industry. Discussion of intellectual property rights.
misc.invest.canada Investing in Canadian financial markets. Financial planning in general. (Moderated)
misc.invest.futures Physical commodity and financial futures markets.
misc.invest.marketplace All other ads/promotions.
misc.invest.misc Investments not in other misc.invest.* groups. Mutual Funds.
misc.invest.options Financial options on stocks and futures.
misc.invest.real-estate Property investments.
misc.invest.stocks Forum for sharing info about stocks and options.
misc.invest.technical Analyzing market trends with technical methods. Discussions about contract labor. Employment in the chemical sciences. Discussion about employment, workplaces, careers. Postings of resumes and "situation wanted" articles. Children, their behavior and activities. Information, support, and decisions re breastfeeding. The use of computers by children. Children's health. Pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy, childbirth. Discussion on all forms of family-oriented vacationing. Legalities and the ethics of law. Discussing the legal climate of the computing world. All aspects of law. (Moderated)
misc.metric-system The International System of Units.
misc.misc Various discussions not fitting in any other group. Discussion of news bulletins from the Net. Cellular telephones. Apple's iPhone.
misc.rural Devoted to issues concerning rural living.
misc.survivalism Disaster and long-term survival techniques and theory.
misc.taxes Tax laws and advice.
misc.taxes.moderated Tax professionals meeting place and answers to queries. (Moderated)
misc.test For testing of network software. Very boring.
misc.test.moderated Testing of posting to moderated groups. (Moderated)
misc.transport.air-industry Airlines, airports, commercial aircraft. (Moderated)
misc.transport.marine Maritime and inland waterways transportation.
misc.transport.misc General transportation issues.
misc.transport.rail.americas Railroads & railways in North & South America.
misc.transport.rail.australia-nz Railways in Australia & New Zealand.
misc.transport.rail.europe Railroads & railways in all of Europe.
misc.transport.rail.misc Rail issues not in other geographic groups.
misc.transport.road Road and highway transportation.
misc.transport.trucking Commercial trucking related issues.
misc.transport.urban-transit Metropolitan public transportation systems.
misc.wanted Requests for things that are needed (NOT software).
misc.writing Discussion of writing in all of its forms.
misc.writing.screenplays Aspects of writing and selling screenplays.
misc.writing.screenplays.moderated Craft/business of screenwriting. (Moderated)
news.admin.announce Announcements for news administrators. (Moderated)
news.admin.censorship Censorship issues in news administration.
news.admin.hierarchies Network news hierarchies.
news.admin.misc General topics of network news administration.
news.admin.moderation Technical and social issues of newsgroup moderation. (Moderated) Discussion of abuse of email systems. Network facility abuse, including spamming. Discussion of net abuse policy. (Moderated) Discussion of abuse of the Usenet system.
news.admin.peering Article flow, server peering requests, & offers.
news.admin.technical Technical aspects of maintaining network news. (Moderated)
news.announce.conferences Calls for papers and conferences. (Moderated)
news.announce.important General announcements of interest to all. (Moderated)
news.announce.newgroups Calls for newgroups & announcements of same. (Moderated)
news.announce.newusers Explanatory postings for new users. (Moderated)
news.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
news.groups Discussions and lists of newsgroups.
news.groups.proposals Development of Big 8 proposals. (Moderated)
news.groups.questions Where can I find talk about topic X?
news.lists.filters Notices for automated news filtering systems.
news.lists.misc News-related statistics and lists. (Moderated)
news.misc Discussions of USENET itself.
news.newusers.questions Q & A for new users of Usenet. (Moderated) Discussion about Usenet B-news-compatible software. Usenet-related software other than readers and servers. Discussion about the "nn" Usenet news reader package. The Network News Transfer Protocol. Discussing software for reading network news (Usenet).
rec.animals.wildlife Wildlife related discussions/information.
rec.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
rec.antiques Discussing antiques and vintage items.
rec.antiques.bottles Antique Bottle Collecting.
rec.antiques.marketplace Buying/selling/trading antiques. Audio devices and materials of yesteryear.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.cichlids Care and keeping of freshwater cichlids.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish Care and keeping of goldfish, koi, carp.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.misc Freshwater aquaria in general.
rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants Keeping of freshwater aquarium plants.
rec.aquaria.marine.misc Marine aquaria in general.
rec.aquaria.marine.reefs Marine Reef aquaria.
rec.aquaria.marketplace Aquarium advertising & announcements.
rec.aquaria.misc Closed System aquaria in general. Aquarium related technology and equipment.
rec.arts.animation Discussion of various kinds of animation.
rec.arts.anime.creative Original works by fans, related to anime/manga. (Moderated)
rec.arts.anime.fandom Important issues concerning Japanese animation fans. Announcements about Japanese animation. (Moderated)
rec.arts.anime.marketplace Things for sale in the Japanese animation world.
rec.arts.anime.misc Japanese animation fan discussions.
rec.arts.ascii ASCII art, info on archives, art, & artists. (Moderated)
rec.arts.bodyart Tattoos and body decoration discussions.
rec.arts.bonsai Dwarfish trees and shrubbery.
rec.arts.books Books of all genres, and the publishing industry.
rec.arts.books.childrens All aspects of children's literature.
rec.arts.books.hist-fiction Historical fictions (novels) in general.
rec.arts.books.marketplace Buying and selling of books.
rec.arts.books.tolkien The works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
rec.arts.comics.creative Comics-related original creative writing. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh The Legion of Super-Heroes and related characters.
rec.arts.comics.dc.universe DC Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.dc.vertigo Comics from the Vertigo imprint. Reviews, convention information and other comics news. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.marketplace The exchange of comics and comic related items.
rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe Marvel Comics' shared universe and characters.
rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks The Mutant Universe of Marvel Comics.
rec.arts.comics.misc Comic books, graphic novels, sequential art. Reviews of comics and comics-related materials. (Moderated)
rec.arts.comics.strips Discussion of short-form comics. Any aspects of dance not covered in another newsgroup.
rec.arts.disney.animation Animated features, cartoons, short subjects.
rec.arts.disney.merchandise Toys, videos, music, books, art, collectibles.
rec.arts.disney.misc General topics pertinent to the Disney Company.
rec.arts.disney.parks Parks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations.
rec.arts.drwho Discussion about Dr. Who.
rec.arts.drwho.moderated Discussion of "Doctor Who". (Moderated)
rec.arts.erotica Erotic fiction and verse. (Moderated)
rec.arts.fine Fine arts & artists.
rec.arts.henson+muppets The Muppets and other Jim Henson works.
rec.arts.horror.marketplace All horror-related commercial messages.
rec.arts.horror.misc The horror genre in miscellaneous media.
rec.arts.horror.movies The horror genre in movies. The horror genre in television shows.
rec.arts.horror.written The horror genre in written form. Discussions about interactive fiction.
rec.arts.manga All aspects of the Japanese storytelling art form. College marching bands. High school marching bands.
rec.arts.marching.colorguard Competitive color guard activity.
rec.arts.marching.drumcorps Drum and bugle corps.
rec.arts.marching.misc Marching-related performance activities.
rec.arts.marching.percussion Marching percussion.
rec.arts.misc Discussions about the arts not in other groups.
rec.arts.movies.current-films The latest movie releases.
rec.arts.movies.erotica Aspects of erotic films and videos. (Moderated) Non-American art films.
rec.arts.movies.lists+surveys Top-N lists and general surveys.
rec.arts.movies.local.indian Indian movies and the Indian film industry.
rec.arts.movies.misc General aspects of movies not covered by other groups. Going-to-movies experiences.
rec.arts.movies.past-films Past movies.
rec.arts.movies.people People in the movie business.
rec.arts.movies.production Filmmaking, amateur and professional.
rec.arts.movies.production.sound Movie, TV & Video sound. Reviews of movies. (Moderated) Technical aspects of movies.
rec.arts.mystery Mystery and crime books, plays and films.
rec.arts.origami Ancient Asian Paper Sculpture.
rec.arts.poems For the posting of poems.
rec.arts.prose Short works of prose fiction and followup discussion.
rec.arts.puppetry For discussion of puppets in any form or venue.
rec.arts.sf.announce Major announcements of the SF world. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.composition The writing and publishing of speculative fiction.
rec.arts.sf.fandom Discussions of SF fan activities.
rec.arts.sf.marketplace Personal forsale notices of SF materials.
rec.arts.sf.misc Science fiction lovers' newsgroup.
rec.arts.sf.movies Discussing SF motion pictures. Real and speculative aspects of SF science.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.misc Discussion of all Star Wars collecting.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.vintage Star Wars items made before 1990. Star Wars games: RPG, computer, card, etc. General information pertaining to Star Wars. (Moderated)
rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc Miscellaneous topics pertaining to Star Wars.
rec.arts.sf.superman Discussion of Superman in any medium. Discussing general television SF. Babylon 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans. Babylon 5 creators meet Babylon 5 fans. (Moderated) A small US town copes after a nationwide nuclear attack.
rec.arts.sf.written Discussion of written science fiction and fantasy.
rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan Books by author Robert Jordan.
rec.arts.startrek.current New Star Trek shows, movies and books.
rec.arts.startrek.fandom Star Trek conventions and memorabilia.
rec.arts.startrek.misc General discussions of Star Trek. Star Trek's depiction of future technologies. Miscellaneous topics and issues in theatre. Musical theatre around the world. Dramaturgy and discussion of plays. Issues in stagecraft and production. The boob tube, its history, and past and current shows. Stephen Colbert tells it like it is! The Office, both US and UK Version. All reality-tv celebrity dance shows. Developments in interactive television. Mystery Science Theater 3000 announcements. (Moderated) For fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor. Soap operas produced by or for the ABC network. Soap operas produced by or for the CBS network. Postings of interest to all soap opera viewers. Regarding UK-based comedy shows. Regarding the UK based show Coronation Street. Regarding the UK based show Eastenders. All about the British soap, Emmerdale. Miscellaneous topics about UK-based television. Simon Cowell's singing competition talent show.
rec.arts.wobegon "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show discussion. Discussions of automobile audio systems. High-end audio systems. (Moderated) Buying and selling of home audio equipment. Post about audio here if you can't post anywhere else. Everybody's two bits on audio in your home. Professional audio recording and studio engineering. Theoretical, factual, and DIY topics in home audio. Electronic audio circuits which use vacuum tubes. The on and off-road four wheel drive vehicle. Discussing all aspects of automobiles over 25 years old. Driving automobiles. Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, etc info/talk. 1991+ Ford Explorer SUV. Ford Mustangs in all their flavours. Honda automobiles. discussions on Jeep and Willys vehicles. Mazda MX-5 Miata Forum. All about Saturn cars, fans and company. Bug, Bus, Ghia, Squareback, Thing, etc. Golf, Jetta, Corrado, Vanagon, new models, etc. Buy/Sell/Trade automobiles, parts, tools, accessories. Miscellaneous discussion about automobiles. High performance automobiles. Rotary engines & vehicles using them. Discussion of automotive simulators. Championship Auto Racing Teams. Formula 1 motor racing. Discussion of Formula One racing. (Moderated) Indy Car motor racing. Organized, legal auto competitions. NASCAR and other professional stock car racing. NASCAR and Stockcar Racing. (Moderated) Technical aspects & technology of auto racing. Technical aspects of automobiles, et. al.
rec.aviation.aerobatics Aerobatics and unusual attitude flying.
rec.aviation.balloon Hot air and gas balloons and airships.
rec.aviation.hang-gliding Hang-gliding, paragliding, foot-launched flight.
rec.aviation.homebuilt Selecting, designing, building, and restoring aircraft.
rec.aviation.ifr Flying under Instrument Flight Rules.
rec.aviation.marketplace Aviation classifieds.
rec.aviation.military Military aircraft of the past, present and future.
rec.aviation.military.naval Discussion of Naval Aviation subjects.
rec.aviation.misc Miscellaneous topics in aviation.
rec.aviation.owning Information on owning airplanes.
rec.aviation.piloting General discussion for aviators.
rec.aviation.powerchutes Safety and operation of powered parachutes.
rec.aviation.products Reviews and discussion of products useful to pilots.
rec.aviation.restoration Forum for debate on aircraft restoration.
rec.aviation.rotorcraft Helicopters and other rotary wing aircraft.
rec.aviation.simulators Flight simulation on all levels.
rec.aviation.soaring All aspects of sailplanes and hang-gliders.
rec.aviation.stories Anecdotes of flight experiences. (Moderated)
rec.aviation.student Learning to fly.
rec.aviation.ultralight Light aircraft in general, all topics.
rec.backcountry Activities in the Great Outdoors.
rec.bicycles.marketplace Buying, selling & reviewing items for cycling.
rec.bicycles.misc General discussion of bicycling. Bicycle racing techniques, rules and results.
rec.bicycles.rides Discussions of tours and training or commuting routes.
rec.bicycles.soc Societal issues of bicycling. Cycling product design, construction, maintenance, etc.
rec.birds Hobbyists interested in bird watching. Hobbyists interested in boating. Boat building, design, restoration, and repair. Cruising in boats. Electronics, hardware, software on boats. Boating products for sale and wanted. (Moderated) Talk about any boats with oars, paddles, etc. Flatwater paddling and touring. Whitewater paddling. Boat racing. Speed-based competition of all motorized watercraft.
rec.climbing Climbing techniques, competition announcements, etc.
rec.collecting Discussion among collectors of many things.
rec.collecting.books Issues related to collecting books of all types. Discussion of sports and non-sports cards. Non-sports cards.
rec.collecting.coins Coin, currency, medal, etc. collecting forum.
rec.collecting.dolls Doll and bear collecting and crafting.
rec.collecting.paper-money Paper money and related collecting.
rec.collecting.phonecards Info and Marketplace group for phonecards.
rec.collecting.pins All aspects of collecting and trading pins.
rec.collecting.postal-history Study of the movement of the mails worldwide. Baseball memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). Basketball memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). Football memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). Hockey memorabilia (cards, photos, etc). Sports memorabilia not in any other group.
rec.collecting.stamps.discuss Discussion of stamps and philately.
rec.collecting.stamps.marketplace All philatelic advertising.
rec.collecting.villages Collectible houses, cottages, villages, and accessories.
rec.crafts.beads Making, collecting, and using beads.
rec.crafts.brewing The art of making beers and meads.
rec.crafts.carving Exchange of information on carving and its techniques.
rec.crafts.distilling Discussion of distilling alcohol and other substances. All aspects of glassworking and glass. Jewelry making and gemology. (Moderated)
rec.crafts.knots Discussion on knots, how to tie and where to use them.
rec.crafts.marketplace Small-scale ads for craft products of all kinds.
rec.crafts.meadmaking The art and lore of making mead.
rec.crafts.metalworking All aspects of working with metal.
rec.crafts.misc Handiwork arts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.polymer-clay Techniques & resources relating to polymer clay.
rec.crafts.pottery The ancient art of making clay pots.
rec.crafts.rubberstamps The rubberstamp craft- tips, supplies, swaps.
rec.crafts.scrapbooks The art of scrapbooking and its techniques.
rec.crafts.textiles.machine-knit Discussion of machine knitting.
rec.crafts.textiles.marketplace Ads for textile products.
rec.crafts.textiles.misc Fiber and textile crafts not covered elsewhere.
rec.crafts.textiles.needlework Any form of decorative stitching done by hand.
rec.crafts.textiles.quilting All about quilts and other quilted items.
rec.crafts.textiles.sewing Sewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes, etc.
rec.crafts.textiles.yarn Yarn making & use: spin, dye, knit, weave etc.
rec.crafts.winemaking The tasteful art of making wine.
rec.crafts.woodturning Woodturning and turned objects.
rec.drugs.announce Announcements about drugs and related issues. (Moderated)
rec.drugs.cannabis The drug cannabis (marijuana).
rec.drugs.chemistry Chemistry, pharmacology and related issues.
rec.drugs.misc Stimulants, sedatives, smart drugs, et cetera.
rec.drugs.psychedelic LSD, Ecstasy, magic mushrooms and the like. Smart drugs (nootropics).
rec.equestrian Discussion of things equestrian.
rec.folk-dancing Folk dances, dancers, and dancing. Baking and baked goods, e.g. bread, pastries. Chocolate. Food, cooking, cookbooks, and recipes. All matters concerning Jewish cuisine. (Moderated) Wines and spirits. All things beer. The making and drinking of coffee. Tea as beverage and culture. Food-related equipment, appliances, utensils. The history of food making arts. Buying and selling food-related items. Preserving foodstuffs, herbs, and medicinals. Recipes for interesting food and drink. (Moderated) Discussion of dining out. Making and baking with sourdough. Vegetarians. Vegetarian recipes, cooking, nutrition. (Moderated)
rec.gambling.blackjack Analysis of and strategy for blackjack, aka 21.
rec.gambling.craps Analysis of and strategy for the dice game craps.
rec.gambling.lottery Strategy and news of lotteries and sweepstakes.
rec.gambling.misc All other gambling topics including travel.
rec.gambling.other-games Gambling games not covered elsewhere. Analysis and strategy of live poker games. Wagering on animal races.
rec.gambling.sports Wagering on human sporting events. Perfect information, pure strategy games. Discussion of the game of backgammon. Discussion and hints on board games. The Cosmic Encounter board game. Trading and selling of board games. Hobbyists interested in bridge. Okbridge forum. Analysis of openings/middlegames/endgames. Reports on game servers, databases, software. Forum for news/discussion related to chess. Reports/discussions regarding email chess. News of nat'l/international chess organizations. Discussion of the game of Chinese chess, Xiangqi. Editing and hacking DOOM-related files. DOOM Help Service (new players welcome). Talking about DOOM and id Software. Playing DOOM and user-created levels. The Online RPG EverQuest. The Planetarion Game in general. Puzzle-solving computer games. General discussion of Quake. Setup and maintenance of servers. The strategy game "Stars!". The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. The multi-player game Ultima Online. Forum for fans of the Ultima games. About the X11 game XPilot. The Core War computer challenge. Discussion of game design related issues. The conquest game Diplomacy. Discussion and hints about Empire. Flames and rebuttals about various role-playing systems. Announcements of happenings in the role-playing world. (Moderated) Discussions of cyberpunk related roleplaying games. Fantasy role-playing with TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. The GURPS role playing game. Live-action roleplaying games. Role-playing game materials wanted and for sale. General discussions of role-playing games. Super-hero role playing games. Discussion about Go. All aspects of interactive fiction games. Mahjong related discussion and posting. Giant robot games. (Moderated) Historical and modern tabletop wargaming. Miniatures and various tabletop wargames. Wargaming in the Warhammer Universe. Games and computer games. Administrative issues of multiuser dungeons. Informational articles about multiuser dungeons. (Moderated) All about DikuMuds. Discussions of the LPMUD computer role playing game. Various aspects of multiuser computer games. Discussion about Tiny muds, like MUSH, MUSE and MOO. Discussion of the X window system game Netrek (XtrekII). Discussion about Play by Mail games. Discussing pinball-related issues. Recreational (non-gambling) card playing. The computer game ADOM. The computer game Angband. Major info about rogue-styled games. (Moderated) Design and programming of Roguelike games. Rogue-style dungeon games without other groups. The computer game Moria. The computer game Nethack. The computer game Rogue. Jyhad trading card game discussions. General "Magic: the Gathering" postings. "Magic: the Gathering" rules Q&A. "Magic: the Gathering" strategy. Auctions of Magic cards. Selling Magic cards. Trading trading card stuff. Other trading card game discussions. Discussion about trivia. The Vectrex game system. Discussion of 3DO video game systems. Debate on merits of various video game systems. Discussions about coin-operated video games. Collecting, converting, repairing etc. Commerce and requests for arcade games. Discussion of Atari's video game systems. Older home video entertainment systems. Home video game stuff for sale or trade. Microsoft XBox360 console. General discussion about home video games. All Nintendo video game systems and software. Nintendo Wii gaming console. All Sega video game systems and software. Sony game hardware and software. Sony PS3 comsole.
rec.gardens Gardening, methods and results.
rec.gardens.bamboo All aspects of bamboo growing and uses.
rec.gardens.ecosystems Ecosystems and organic gardening. (Moderated)
rec.gardens.edible Edible gardening topics.
rec.gardens.orchids Growing, hybridizing, and general care of orchids.
rec.gardens.roses Gardening information related to roses.
rec.guns Discussions about firearms. (Moderated)
rec.heraldry Discussion of coats of arms.
rec.humor Jokes and the like. May be somewhat offensive.
rec.humor.d Discussions on the content of rec.humor articles.
rec.humor.funny Jokes that are funny (in the moderator's opinion). (Moderated)
rec.humor.funny.reruns Reposts of rec.humor.funny archive material. (Moderated) Sagacious advice from the USENET Oracle. (Moderated) Comments about the USENET Oracle's comments.
rec.hunting Discussions about hunting. (Moderated)
rec.juggling Juggling techniques, equipment and events.
rec.kites Talk about kites and kiting.
rec.knives Anything that goes cut or has an edge.
rec.mag Magazine summaries, tables of contents, etc.
rec.mag.dargon DargonZine fantasy fiction emag issues and discussion.
rec.martial-arts Discussion of the various martial art forms.
rec.martial-arts.moderated Martial-arts in general. (Moderated) Portable media players. Apple's iPod media players.
rec.misc General topics about recreational/participant sports.
rec.models.railroad Model railroads of all scales.
rec.models.rc.air Radio-controlled air models.
rec.models.rc.helicopter Model helicopter flying, construction, and tips. Radio-controlled land models.
rec.models.rc.misc Radio-controlled miscellaneous items.
rec.models.rc.soaring Building and flying radio controlled gliders.
rec.models.rc.water Radio-controlled water models.
rec.models.rockets Model rockets for hobbyists.
rec.models.scale Construction of models. Motorcycles and related products and laws. Riding motorcycles and ATVs off-road. All aspects of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Discussion of all aspects of racing motorcycles. Motorcycle Technical Discussion. Polaris Victory motorcycle rides, tech, resources. Vocal music without instrumental accompaniment. Music with Afro-Latin, African and Latin influences. Ambient music and artists. All aspects of the music of the Arab world. All aspects of Amy Grant's career. The Beach Boys' music & the effect they've had. The music of Bruce Hornsby. The music of Deborah Gibson. Emmylou Harris, her music, her friends. The band Extreme and members' post-breakup work. Gretchen Goes to Usenet. The rock band KISS and related projects. The Little Feat Newsgroup. Mariah Carey and her music. Paul McCartney's music and life. The Thinking Mind's Metal Band. All aspects of Rebecca St. James' career. Forum for fans of Bruce Springsteen's music. Barbershop quartet and chorus singing. Postings about the Fab Four & their music. Latest press notes about the Beatles. (Moderated) Fab Four analytical & investigative articles. (Moderated) Discussion of jazz, blues, and related types of music. The Blues in all forms and all aspects. All aspects of brazilian music. Traditional and modern music with a Celtic flavor. Christian music, both contemporary and traditional. Discussion about classical music. Contemporary classical music. Classical music performed on guitar. Performing classical (including early) music. Classical music on CD, vinyl, cassette, etc. Compact discs of collector value (NO wanted or forsale). Memorabilia (NO wanted, forsale, CD or vinyl). Collecting vinyl records (NO wanted or forsale). Creating musical and lyrical works. Southern fiddle/banjo music and beyond. C&W music, performers, performances, etc. Discussion of comedy and novelty music. Discussion of Bob's works & music. Discussion of pre-classical European music. For the discussion of experimental music. All types and forms of Filipino music. Music genre originated in the sf/fantasy fan community. Folks discussing folk music of various sorts. Folk Music Tune Discussion and Trade. Funk, soul, rhythm & blues and related. Discussion of Kate Bush & other alternative music. (Moderated) A group for (Grateful) Dead-heads. Hip-Hop music and culture in general. Hindustani and Carnatic Indian classical music. Discussing Indian music in general. Discussion of all industrial-related music styles. News and announcements on musical topics. (Moderated) For performers and their discussions. Music and playing of all types of bagpipes. For musicians who play in groups with others. Upright bass and bass guitar techniques and equipment. Violin family (current & old) performance. Design, building, repair of musical instruments. All aspects of chamber music. Choral groups and choral music. Dulcimers and related instruments. About horn players and playing. Electric and acoustic guitar techniques and equipment. Discussion of acoustic guitar playing. All aspects of jazz guitar. Guitar tablature and performance. (Moderated) Discussion by and for musicians on the making of jazz. Buying & selling used music-making equipment. Drum & other percussion techniques & equipment. All aspects of hand drumming. Piano music, performing, composing, learning, styles. All aspects of the saxophone and its music. All about songwriting. Accordions, concertinas, and related free reeds. Synthesizers and computer music. The exchange of trumpet related information. Buying and selling collectible compact discs. Buying and selling non-vinyl/CD music. Buying and selling collectible vinyl records. Music lovers' group. Music for movies and television. "New Age" music discussions. All aspects of opera. Discussing the musical group Phish. Symphonic rock, art rock, fusion, Canterbury, RIO, etc. Information and promo materials from record companies. (Moderated) Ragtime and related music styles. Roots, Rockers, Dancehall Reggae. The musical group R.E.M. Reviews of music of all genres and mediums. (Moderated) 1950s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. 1960s Rock, Pop, and Rhythm & Blues music. 1970s Rock, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues music. A forum for discussion of music theory. Discussion of the female singer/songwriter Tori Amos. Discussion of music videos and music video software.
rec.nude Hobbyists interested in naturist/nudist activities. Talking with members of the high IQ society Mensa. Society for Creative Anachronism.
rec.outdoors.camping General camping, any camping you could do by auto. All aspects of sport and commercial fishing. Freshwater bass. Fly fishing in general. Issues relating to tying flies for flyfishing. Saltwater fishing, methods, gear, Q&A.
rec.outdoors.marketplace All business related to the outdoors.
rec.outdoors.national-parks Activities and politics in national parks.
rec.outdoors.rv-travel Discussions related to recreational vehicles.
rec.pets Pets, pet care, and household animals in general.
rec.pets.birds The culture and care of indoor birds.
rec.pets.birds.pigeons Racing Pigeons, Show Pigeons, and related material.
rec.pets.cats.anecdotes Stories about our cats. Feline/human conversations and related topics. Feline health and behavior.
rec.pets.cats.misc General feline topics.
rec.pets.cats.rescue Discussion of feline rescue organizations and methods.
rec.pets.dogs.activities Dog events: showing, obedience, agility, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.behavior Behaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.breeds Breed specific -- breed traits, finding breeders, etc. Info about health problems & how to care for dogs. General information and FAQs posted here. (Moderated)
rec.pets.dogs.misc All other topics, chat, humor, etc.
rec.pets.dogs.rescue Information about breed rescue, placing and adopting.
rec.pets.ferrets Forum on ferret care and husbandry. (Moderated)
rec.pets.herp Reptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets. Developing, printing and other darkroom issues. Digital cameras, scanners, printers, software, PhotoCD. Point-and-shoot digital cameras. Digital rangefinder camera systems. Digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera systems. Digital cameras w/ fixed zoom lenses & manual controls. 35mm cameras and lenses. Discussion of APS equipment. Large format cameras and lenses. Medium format cameras and lenses. Other formats, tripods, projectors, bags etc. Film and commercial photofinishing. Trading of personal photographic equipment. Trading 35mm equipment. Trading darkroom equipment & supplies. Trading digital photographic equipment. Trading large-format equipment. Trading medium-format equipment. General issues related to photography. The art and science of photography. (Moderated) Issues of fine art, framing, display. Other non-equipment posts about technique. Wildlife, landscapes, travel tips etc. Portraits, figure studies, weddings etc.
rec.ponds Pond issues: plants, fish, design, maintenance.
rec.ponds.moderated Care & enjoyment of recreational pods & water gardens. (Moderated)
rec.puzzles Puzzles, problems, and quizzes.
rec.puzzles.crosswords Making and playing gridded word puzzles.
rec.pyrotechnics Fireworks, rocketry, safety, & other topics. Antennas: theory, techniques and construction. Vacuum tube-based amateur radio equipment. Packet radio and other digital radio modes. Discussion, tips, notices and news for DXers. All about production amateur radio hardware. Amateur radio construction and experimentation. Amateur radio practices, contests, events, rules, etc. Amateur radio practices, rules, etc. (Moderated) Radio use & regulation policy. Amateur radio transmissions through space. Discussion of global domestic broadcast radio. (Moderated) Citizen-band radio. Informational postings related to radio. (Moderated) "Utility" broadcasting traffic above 30 MHz. Shortwave radio enthusiasts. Offers to trade and swap radio equipment.
rec.roller-coaster Roller coasters and other amusement park rides.
rec.running Running for enjoyment, sport, exercise, etc.
rec.scouting.issues Issues related to scouting policy.
rec.scouting.misc General and international guiding and scouting topics.
rec.scouting.usa USA specific scouting and guiding topics.
rec.scuba Hobbyists interested in SCUBA diving. Scuba equipment, purchase, pros/cons, use.
rec.scuba.locations Scuba travel, location questions.
rec.skiing.alpine Downhill skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skiing.alpine.moderated Alpine (downhill) skiing. (Moderated)
rec.skiing.announce FAQ, competition results, automated snow reports. (Moderated)
rec.skiing.backcountry Backcountry skiing.
rec.skiing.marketplace Items for sale/wanted.
rec.skiing.nordic Cross-country skiing technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skiing.resorts.europe Skiing in Europe.
rec.skiing.resorts.misc Skiing in other than Europe and North America.
rec.skiing.resorts.north-america Skiing in North America.
rec.skiing.snowboard Snowboarding technique, equipment, etc.
rec.skydiving Hobbyists interested in skydiving. All aspects of archery for archers of any skill level. Discussion about baseball. Baseball on the collegiate level. Raw baseball data (Stats, birthdays, scheds). Rotisserie (fantasy) baseball play. Hoops on the collegiate level. A European basketball forum. Discussion about basketball. Talk of professional basketball. Billiard sports, including pool, snooker, carom games. Boxing in all its pugilistic facets and forms. Discussion about the sport of cricket. All aspects of the Sport Curling. Discussion of flying disc based sports. All aspects of swordplay. Discussion of Australian (Rules) Football. All about Canadian rules football. US-style college football. Rotisserie (fantasy) football play. Discussion about American-style football. US-style professional football. Discussion about all aspects of golfing. Discussion about ice hockey. Discussion of the sport of field hockey. Using Personal Water Craft, aka "jet skiing". Spectator sports. Sports officials and officiating athletic contests. All aspects of the Olympic Games. Discussing all aspects of the survival game paintball. Discussion about professional wrestling. Rotisserie league professional wrestling. Informational postings about wrestling. (Moderated) Sports Entertainment. (Moderated) Anything dealing with the sport of rodeo. Crew for competition or fitness. Everything related to playing/supporting Rugby League. Everything related to playing/supporting Rugby Union. Figure/artistic skating. Recreational ice skating. Inline skating, aka Rollerblading. Miscellaneous skating topics. Racing and speed skating. Snowmobiling and related issues. Discussion about soccer (Association Football). All aspects of fastpitch and slowpitch softball. Forum for all apects of squash. This group is dedicated to the Japanese sport Sumo. Training for and competing in swimming events. Table-soccer of all types: foosball and subbuteo. Things related to table tennis (aka Ping Pong). Things related to the sport of tennis. Discussing all aspects of multi-event sports. All sorts of fun on one wheel. Discussion about volleyball. Discussion of water polo. Waterskiing and other boat-towed activities. Discussion of action figure toys. Buying, selling, trading and auctions. Toy car collecting. Discussion of Lego, Duplo (and compatible) toys. Discussion of toys that lack a specific newsgroup. Buy/sell/trade/auctioning Transformers. Toys older than 20 years valued as historic/memorabilia. Travel on the African continent. Airline travel around the world. Travel in Asia. Travel Information for Australia and New Zealand. Backpack travel discussion group. Travel to the islands of the Caribbean, sans pirates. Travel by cruise ship. Travel in Europe. Travel in Central and South America. Tickets and accomodations wanted and for sale. Everything and anything about travel. Travel in the United States and Canada. Video and video components. Technical and regulatory issues of cable television. Amateur, computer-based video editing and production. The Video Toaster and Flyer systems. DVD-Video forsale/wanted posts. DVD-Video miscellaneous issues. DVD-Video players and other hardware. DVD-Video in-depth technical issues. DVD-Video titles and other software. Video equipment marketplace. Making professional quality video productions. Pre-recorded video releases on laserdisc and videotape. DBS systems and technologies. European satellite broadcasting. Non-TVRO and non-DBS satellite information. "Large Dish" ("BUD") systems and technologies.
rec.windsurfing Riding the waves as a hobby.
rec.woodworking Hobbyists interested in woodworking.
sci.aeronautics The science of aeronautics & related technology. (Moderated)
sci.agriculture Farming, agriculture and related topics.
sci.agriculture.beekeeping Beekeeping, bee-culture and hive products.
sci.agriculture.fruit Agricultural techniques for fruit, berries & nuts.
sci.agriculture.poultry Chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry.
sci.agriculture.ratites Ostrich, emu, rhea, or cassowary ranching.
sci.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
sci.anthropology All aspects of studying humankind.
sci.anthropology.paleo Evolution of man and other primates.
sci.archaeology Studying antiquities of the world.
sci.archaeology.mesoamerican The field of mesoamerican archaeology.
sci.archaeology.moderated All aspects of archaeology. (Moderated)
sci.astro Astronomy discussions and information.
sci.astro.amateur Amateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc.
sci.astro.ccd-imaging Astronomical digital image capture and processing.
sci.astro.fits Issues related to the Flexible Image Transport System.
sci.astro.hubble Processing Hubble Space Telescope data. (Moderated)
sci.astro.planetarium Discussion of planetariums.
sci.astro.research Forum in astronomy/astrophysics research. (Moderated)
sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe Visually observing artificial satellite.
sci.astro.seti The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. The scientific study of plants. Ecological research. Research on homopteran (sap-sucking) insects. Lepidoptera: butterflies & moths. General insect study and related issues. Animal behavior and behavioral ecology. Discussions of evolutionary biology. (Moderated) All aspects of fisheries science and fish biology. Topics related to food science and technology. Biology of amphibians and reptiles. Immuno-labelling of biological material. Protists, fungi, algae, other microscopic organisms. Biology and related sciences. Life of the past (but no creation vs evolution!). All aspects of plant diseases and pests. (Moderated) Systematics, taxonomy, and the tree of life. Any topic relating to biotechnology.
sci.chem Chemistry and related sciences.
sci.chem.analytical Analytical chemistry.
sci.chem.coatings Paints and Coatings practitioners.
sci.chem.electrochem The field of electrochemistry.
sci.chem.electrochem.battery Analyzing all aspects of all types of batteries.
sci.chem.labware Chemical laboratory equipment. Synthetic organic chemistry related topics. (Moderated)
sci.chem.organomet Organometallic chemistry.
sci.cognitive Perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.
sci.comp-aided The use of computers as tools in scientific research.
sci.cryonics Theory and practice of biostasis, suspended animation.
sci.crypt Different methods of data en/decryption.
sci.crypt.random-numbers Generating cryptographic strength randomness.
sci.crypt.research Cryptography, cryptanalysis, and related issues. (Moderated) Modelling, storage and retrieval of scientific data.
sci.econ The science of economics.
sci.econ.research Research in all fields of economics. (Moderated) The science of education.
sci.electronics.basics Elementary questions about electronics.
sci.electronics.cad Schematic drafting, printed circuit layout, simulation.
sci.electronics.components Integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors. Electronic circuit design. Test, lab, & industrial electronic products.
sci.electronics.misc General discussions of the field of electronics. Fixing electronic equipment. Discussions about energy, science & technology. All about hydrogen as an alternative fuel.
sci.engr Technical discussions about engineering tasks.
sci.engr.analysis All aspects of engineering analysis.
sci.engr.biomed Discussing the field of biomedical engineering.
sci.engr.chem All aspects of chemical engineering.
sci.engr.civil Topics related to civil engineering.
sci.engr.color The art, science, and industry of coloring.
sci.engr.control The engineering of control systems.
sci.engr.electrical.compliance Laws, regulations and design for EMC, safety.
sci.engr.electrical.sys-protection Power system protection.
sci.engr.geomechanics Geomechanics issues and related topics.
sci.engr.heat-vent-ac Heating, ventilating, air conditioning & refrigeration.
sci.engr.joining.misc Joining of materials for manufacture & repair.
sci.engr.joining.welding Welding of materials for manufacture & repair. Light, vision & color in architecture, media, etc.
sci.engr.manufacturing Manufacturing technology.
sci.engr.mech The field of mechanical engineering.
sci.engr.metallurgy Metallurgical Engineering.
sci.engr.micromachining Devices enabled by micromachined structures.
sci.engr.mining Mining engineering and mining technical topics.
sci.engr.radar+sonar Radar & sonar systems. All aspects of the safety of engineered systems.
sci.engr.semiconductors Semiconductor devices, processes, materials, physics.
sci.engr.surveying Measurement and mapping of the earth surface.
sci.engr.television.advanced HDTV/DATV standards, equipment, practices, etc.
sci.engr.television.broadcast Broadcast facility equipment and practices.
sci.environment Discussions about the environment and ecology.
sci.environment.waste Impact of Wastes and Waste Management Methods.
sci.fractals Objects of non-integral dimension and other chaos.
sci.geo.cartography Maps, grids, coordinates, projections, datums.
sci.geo.earthquakes For discussion of earthquakes and related matters.
sci.geo.eos NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS).
sci.geo.fluids Discussion of geophysical fluid dynamics.
sci.geo.geology Discussion of solid earth sciences.
sci.geo.hydrology Surface and groundwater hydrology.
sci.geo.meteorology Discussion of meteorology and related topics.
sci.geo.mineralogy Mineralogy, rock hounding and related topics.
sci.geo.oceanography Oceanography, oceanology and marine science.
sci.geo.petroleum All aspects of petroleum and the petroleum industry.
sci.geo.rivers+lakes Science of rivers and lakes.
sci.geo.satellite-nav Satellite navigation systems, especially GPS.
sci.image.processing Scientific image processing and analysis.
sci.lang Natural languages, communication, etc.
sci.lang.japan The Japanese language, both spoken and written.
sci.lang.translation Problems and concerns of translators/interpreters.
sci.lang.translation.marketplace Professional translators' marketplace. Slowing, stopping or reversing the ageing process.
sci.logic Logic -- math, philosophy & computational aspects.
sci.materials All aspects of materials engineering.
sci.materials.ceramics Ceramic science.
sci.math Mathematical discussions and pursuits.
sci.math.num-analysis Numerical Analysis.
sci.math.research Discussion of current mathematical research. (Moderated)
sci.math.symbolic Symbolic algebra discussion.
sci.mech.fluids All aspects of fluid mechanics. Medicine and its related products and regulations. Discussion of medical cannabis. All aspects of cardiovascular diseases. Dentally related topics; all about teeth. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis research and care. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. Hepatitis diseases. Lyme Disease: patient support, research & information. Osteoporosis information exhange. Medical/scientific aspects of immune illness. Computer applications in medical care. All aspects of laboratory medicine and management. Nursing questions and discussion. Physiological impacts of diet. Orthopedic Surgery, related issues and management. (Moderated) Pathology and laboratory medicine. The teaching and practice of pharmacy. Issues of physics in medical testing/care. Benign prostatic hypertrophy. Prostate cancer. Prostatitis. Dialog and news in psychiatry and psychobiology. All aspects of radiology. Vascular and interventional radiology. Hospital/physician networks. No diagnosis questions. Information for and about medical transcriptionists. Human vision, visual correction, and visual science.
sci.military.moderated Military technology. (Moderated)
sci.military.naval Navies of the world, past, present and future.
sci.misc Short-lived discussions on subjects in the sciences.
sci.nanotech Self-reproducing molecular-scale machines. (Moderated)
sci.nonlinear Chaotic systems and other nonlinear scientific study.
sci.op-research Research, teaching & application of operations research.
sci.optics Discussion relating to the science of optics.
sci.optics.fiber Fiber optic components, systems, applications.
sci.philosophy.meta Discussions within the scope of "MetaPhilosophy." Technical philosophy: math, science, logic, etc.
sci.physics Physical laws, properties, etc.
sci.physics.accelerators Particle accelerators and the physics of beams.
sci.physics.acoustics Topics in acoustics and vibrations.
sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamics Computational fluid dynamics.
sci.physics.cond-matter Condensed matter physics, theory and experiment.
sci.physics.electromag Electromagnetic theory and applications.
sci.physics.foundations Fundamental and philosophical physics. (Moderated)
sci.physics.fusion Info on fusion, esp. "cold" fusion.
sci.physics.particle Particle physics discussions.
sci.physics.plasma Plasma Science & Technology community exchange. (Moderated)
sci.physics.relativity The theory of relativity.
sci.physics.research Current physics research. (Moderated)
sci.physics.strings String theory and related fields. (Moderated)
sci.polymers All aspects of polymer science.
sci.psychology.announce Psychology-related announcements. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.misc General discussion of psychology.
sci.psychology.personality All personality systems & measurement.
sci.psychology.psychotherapy Practice of psychotherapy.
sci.psychology.research Research issues in psychology. (Moderated)
sci.psychology.theory Theories of psychology & behavior.
sci.research Research methods, funding, ethics, and whatever. Issues relevant to careers in scientific research.
sci.research.postdoc Anything about postdoctoral studies, including offers.
sci.skeptic Skeptics discussing pseudo-science. Historical manned and unmanned space flight programs. Discussions about space related topics. (Moderated) Announcements of space-related news items. (Moderated) Discussions about space policy. Space and planetary science and related technical work. (Moderated) The space shuttle and the STS program. Space stations and orbiting platforms. Technical and general issues related to space flight. (Moderated)
sci.stat.consult Statistical consulting. Statistics education.
sci.stat.math Statistics from a strictly mathematical viewpoint. The theory and application of systems science.
sci.techniques.mag-resonance Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
sci.techniques.microscopy The field of microscopy.
sci.techniques.spectroscopy Spectrum analysis.
sci.techniques.testing.misc General testing techniques in science.
sci.techniques.testing.nondestructive Nondestructive tests in science.
sci.techniques.xtallography The field of crystallography.
soc.adoption.adoptees Discussion of adoption by adoptees. (Moderated)
soc.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
soc.atheism Living as an atheist and atheism in society. (Moderated) Discussions of bisexuality. College, college activities, campus life, etc. The university admissions process. Financial aid issues, college and beyond. General issues related to graduate schools. Information about graduate schools. The Int'l Assoc. of Business and Commerce Students.
soc.couples Discussions for couples (cf.
soc.couples.intercultural Inter-cultural and inter-racial relationships. Wedding planning.
soc.culture.afghanistan Discussion of the Afghan society.
soc.culture.african Discussions about Africa & things African.
soc.culture.african.american Discussions about Afro-American issues.
soc.culture.african.american.moderated African-American perspectives. (Moderated)
soc.culture.albanian Albania and Albanians around the world.
soc.culture.algeria From A to Z about Algeria.
soc.culture.arabic Technological & cultural issues, *not* politics.
soc.culture.argentina All about life in Argentina.
soc.culture.asean Countries of the Assoc. of SE Asian Nations.
soc.culture.asian.american Issues & discussion about Asian-Americans.
soc.culture.assyrian Assyrian culture, history, language, current diaspora.
soc.culture.asturies Asturian culture.
soc.culture.australian Australian culture and society.
soc.culture.austria Austria and its people.
soc.culture.baltics People of the Baltic states.
soc.culture.bangladesh Issues & discussion about Bangladesh.
soc.culture.basque Basque culture and related issues. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belarus All things about Belarus. (Moderated)
soc.culture.belgium Belgian society, culture(s) and people.
soc.culture.bengali Sociocultural identity of worldwide Bengali population.
soc.culture.berber The berber language, history, and culture.
soc.culture.bolivia Bolivian people and culture.
soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna The independent state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
soc.culture.brazil Talking about the people and country of Brazil.
soc.culture.breton All about Breton culture and Brittany.
soc.culture.british Issues about Britain & those of British descent.
soc.culture.bulgaria Discussing Bulgarian society.
soc.culture.burma Politics, culture, news, discussion about Burma.
soc.culture.cambodia Cambodia and its people.
soc.culture.canada Discussions of Canada and its people.
soc.culture.caribbean Life in the Caribbean.
soc.culture.catalan The Catalan language and the lands where it is spoken.
soc.culture.celtic Irish, Scottish, Breton, Cornish, Manx & Welsh.
soc.culture.chile All about Chile and its people.
soc.culture.china About China and Chinese culture.
soc.culture.colombia Colombian talk, social, politics, science.
soc.culture.cornish All things Cornish and Cornwall, worldwide.
soc.culture.costa-rica Topics about Costa Rica.
soc.culture.croatia The lives of people of Croatia.
soc.culture.cuba Cuban culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.czecho-slovak Bohemian, Slovak, Moravian and Silesian life.
soc.culture.dominican-rep The life and people of the Dominican Republic.
soc.culture.ecuador The culture and people of Ecuador.
soc.culture.egyptian Egypt, and its society, culture, heritage, etc.
soc.culture.el-salvador Topics about El Salvador, Central America.
soc.culture.esperanto The neutral international language Esperanto.
soc.culture.ethiopia.misc Unmoderated forum to discuss Ethiopian culture.
soc.culture.europe Discussing all aspects of all-European society.
soc.culture.filipino Group about the Filipino culture.
soc.culture.french French culture, history, and related discussions.
soc.culture.galiza Galicia, on the Iberian Peninsula.
soc.culture.german Discussions about German culture and history.
soc.culture.greek Group about Greeks.
soc.culture.guinea-conakry Guinea (ne French Guinea, in West Africa).
soc.culture.haiti Haiti specific development and cultural issues.
soc.culture.hawaii Aloha kakou, E KOMO MAI! Eh, no forget hemo da shoes. (Moderated)
soc.culture.hmong Discussion of Hmong people and its culture.
soc.culture.honduras General topics regarding Honduras and Central-America.
soc.culture.hongkong Discussions pertaining to Hong Kong.
soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment Entertainment in Hong Kong.
soc.culture.indian Group for discussion about India & things Indian.
soc.culture.indian.delhi Information related to Delhi, capital of India.
soc.culture.indian.goa About Goa, India's smallest state. (Moderated)
soc.culture.indian.gujarati Gujarati cultural group.
soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmir The culture of Jammu & Kashmir.
soc.culture.indian.karnataka Karnataka's culture, history, and present.
soc.culture.indian.kerala Culture of the people of Keralite origin.
soc.culture.indian.marathi Discussion related to Marathi Culture.
soc.culture.indonesia All about the Indonesian nation.
soc.culture.intercultural People of mixed "culture", "ethnicity", "race".
soc.culture.iranian Discussions about Iran and things Iranian/Persian.
soc.culture.iraq Iraq, its society, culture and heritage. Ireland and Irish culture.
soc.culture.israel Israel and Israelis.
soc.culture.italian The Italian people and their culture.
soc.culture.japan Everything Japanese, except the Japanese language.
soc.culture.japan.moderated Anything Japanese. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish Jewish culture & religion (cf. talk.politics.mideast).
soc.culture.jewish.moderated Discussion of Jewish culture and religion. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jewish.parenting Issues about raising Jewish children. (Moderated)
soc.culture.jordan All topics concerning The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
soc.culture.kenya Kenyan peoples, politics, culture, and affairs.
soc.culture.korean Discussions about Korea & things Korean.
soc.culture.kurdish People from Kurdistan and Kurds around the world.
soc.culture.kuwait Kuwaiti culture, society, and history.
soc.culture.kuwait.moderated Kuwaiti culture, society, and history. (Moderated)
soc.culture.laos Cultural and Social Aspects of Laos.
soc.culture.latin-america Topics about Latin-America.
soc.culture.lebanon Discussion about things Lebanese.
soc.culture.liberia The culture of Liberia.
soc.culture.maghreb North African society and culture.
soc.culture.magyar The Hungarian people & their culture.
soc.culture.malagasy Madagascar and the Malagasy culture.
soc.culture.malaysia All about Malaysian society.
soc.culture.mexican Discussion of Mexico's society.
soc.culture.mexican.american Mexican-American/Chicano culture and issues.
soc.culture.misc Group for discussion about other cultures.
soc.culture.mongolian Everything related to Mongols and Mongolia.
soc.culture.native Aboriginal people around the world.
soc.culture.nepal Discussion of people and things in & from Nepal.
soc.culture.netherlands People from the Netherlands and Belgium. Discussion of topics related to New Zealand.
soc.culture.nicaragua Topics related to the country of Nicaragua in general.
soc.culture.nigeria Nigerian affairs, society, cultures, and peoples.
soc.culture.nordic Discussion about culture up north.
soc.culture.occitan Speakers of Provencal/Occitan/Langue d'Oc.
soc.culture.pacific-island Culture of the pacific islands (except Hawaii).
soc.culture.pakistan Topics of discussion about Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.politics Political discussions on Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.religion Religious discussions related to Pakistan.
soc.culture.pakistan.sports Sports in Pakistan.
soc.culture.palestine Palestinian people, culture and politics.
soc.culture.peru All about the people of Peru.
soc.culture.polish Polish culture, Polish past, and Polish politics.
soc.culture.portuguese Discussion of the people of Portugal.
soc.culture.puerto-rico Puerto Rican culture, society and politics.
soc.culture.punjab Punjab and Punjabi culture. Quebec society and culture.
soc.culture.rep-of-georgia The Caucasian Republic of Georgia and Georgians.
soc.culture.romanian Discussion of Romanian and Moldavian people.
soc.culture.russian All things Russian in the broadest sense.
soc.culture.russian.moderated Moderated discussion of Russian culture. (Moderated)
soc.culture.scientists Cultural issues about scientists & scientific projects.
soc.culture.scottish Anything regarding Scotland or things Scots.
soc.culture.sierra-leone The culture of Sierra Leone.
soc.culture.singapore The past, present and future of Singapore.
soc.culture.slovenia Slovenia and Slovenian people.
soc.culture.somalia Somalian affairs, society, and culture.
soc.culture.south-africa South African society, culture, & politics.
soc.culture.south-africa.afrikaans The Afrikaans language and speakers.
soc.culture.soviet Topics relating to Russian or Soviet culture.
soc.culture.spain Spain and the Spanish.
soc.culture.sri-lanka Things & people from Sri Lanka. Swiss culture.
soc.culture.syria Syrian cultural matters and affairs.
soc.culture.taiwan Discussion about things Taiwanese.
soc.culture.tamil Tamil language, history and culture.
soc.culture.thai Thai people and their culture.
soc.culture.turkish Discussion about things Turkish.
soc.culture.turkish.moderated Issues related to Turks/Turkey. (Moderated)
soc.culture.ukrainian The lives and times of the Ukrainian people.
soc.culture.uruguay Discussions of Uruguay for those at home and abroad.
soc.culture.usa The culture of the United States of America.
soc.culture.venezuela Discussion of topics related to Venezuela.
soc.culture.vietnamese Issues and discussions of Vietnamese culture.
soc.culture.welsh The people, language and history of Wales.
soc.culture.yugoslavia Discussions of Yugoslavia and its people.
soc.culture.zimbabwe Culture and other issues pertaining to Zimbabwe.
soc.feminism Discussion of feminism & feminist issues. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.african Genealogy of Africa and the African Diaspora. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.australia+nz Australia, New Zealand, and their territories.
soc.genealogy.benelux Genealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
soc.genealogy.britain Genealogy in Great Britain and the islands.
soc.genealogy.computing Genealogical computing & net resources.
soc.genealogy.french Francophone genealogy.
soc.genealogy.german Family history including a German background.
soc.genealogy.hispanic Genealogy relating to Hispanics.
soc.genealogy.ireland Genealogy in Ireland (both North and South).
soc.genealogy.italian Italian genealogy and family heraldry.
soc.genealogy.jewish Jewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.marketplace Genealogy services and products.
soc.genealogy.medieval Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500 to AD1600.
soc.genealogy.methods Genealogical methods and resources. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.misc General genealogical discussions.
soc.genealogy.nordic Genealogy in the Scandinavian countries.
soc.genealogy.slavic Genealogy of Slavic peoples.
soc.genealogy.surnames.britain Surnames queries - Great Britain. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.canada Surnames queries - Canada. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.german Surnames queries - German speaking countries. (Moderated) Surnames queries central database. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland Surnames queries - Ireland & Northern Ireland. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.misc Surnames - regions not covered elsewhere. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.usa Surnames queries - USA. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.west-indies Genealogy of the West Indies.
soc.history Discussions of things historical.
soc.history.ancient Ancient history (up to AD 700).
soc.history.early-modern Early modern history worldwide, to 1800. Living history and reenactment, issues and info.
soc.history.medieval The historic period of the middle ages.
soc.history.moderated All aspects of history. (Moderated) History of science and related areas.
soc.history.war.misc History & events of wars in general. Aspects of the U.S. Civil War. (Moderated) American Revolution/international perspectives. History & events of World War Two. (Moderated)
soc.history.what-if Alternate history. Discussing all aspects of libraries. Issues related to men, their problems & relationships.
soc.misc Socially-oriented topics not in other groups.
soc.motss Issues pertaining to homosexuality. Announcements, requests, etc. about people on the net. Nonprofit organizations. General info on all service topics.
soc.penpals In search of net.friendships.
soc.personals Personal ads -- people in search of (ISO) others. (Moderated)
soc.politics Political problems, systems, solutions. (Moderated)
soc.politics.marxism Karl Marx and his legacy in theory and practice. (Moderated)
soc.religion.asatru Following the Gods and Goddesses of Northern Europe. (Moderated)
soc.religion.bahai Discussion of the Baha'i Faith. (Moderated)
soc.religion.hindu Discussion about the Hindu dharma, philosophy, culture. (Moderated)
soc.religion.islam Discussions of the Islamic faith. (Moderated) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Moderated)
soc.religion.paganism Networking for Pagans. (Moderated)
soc.religion.quaker The Religious Society of Friends.
soc.religion.satanism Satanism and the Satanic way of life.
soc.religion.unitarian-univ Unitarian-Universalism & non-creedal religions. (Moderated)
soc.retirement For seniors: retirement, aging, gerontology issues.
soc.rights.human Human rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International). Health, fitness, health-care for seniors.
soc.senior.issues Issues relevant to seniors and aging.
soc.sexuality.general Human sexuality in general. (Moderated)
soc.sexuality.spanking Adult sexual spanking. (Moderated) Newsgroup for single people, their activities, etc. Conversations among people who are or were single. (Moderated)
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm Bondage/Dominance/S&M discussion & support.
soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm.femdom Sensual domination by females.
soc.subculture.expatriate Issues of interest to expatriates. Messages to and from people living with HIV. (Moderated) Personal crisis situations. Coping with depressed people. Bipolar/manic-depression. Depression and mood disorders. Treatments of depression. Self-acceptance for fat people. No diet talk. Self-acceptance for fat people. (Moderated) Mutual help and chat for those of us who feel alone. (Moderated) Family and survivors recovering from strokes. Transgendered and intersexed persons. Living with visual impairment or blindness. Gay youths helping each other. (Moderated)
soc.veterans Social issues relating to military veterans.
soc.women Issues related to women, their problems & relationships.
talk.abortion All sorts of discussions and arguments on abortion.
talk.answers Repository for periodic USENET articles. (Moderated)
talk.atheism Debate about the validity and nature of atheism.
talk.bizarre The unusual, bizarre, curious, and often interesting.
talk.environment Discussion the state of the environment & what to do.
talk.euthanasia All aspects of euthanasia. Evolution versus creationism (sometimes hot!). (Moderated)
talk.philosophy.humanism Humanism in the modern world.
talk.philosophy.misc Philosophical musings on all topics.
talk.politics.animals The use and/or abuse of animals.
talk.politics.china Discussion of political issues related to China.
talk.politics.crypto The relation between cryptography and government.
talk.politics.drugs The politics of drug issues.
talk.politics.european-union The EU and political integration in Europe.
talk.politics.guns The politics of firearm ownership and (mis)use.
talk.politics.libertarian Libertarian politics & political philosophy.
talk.politics.medicine The politics and ethics involved with health care.
talk.politics.mideast Discussion & debate over Middle Eastern events.
talk.politics.misc Political discussions and ravings of all kinds.
talk.politics.soviet Discussion of Soviet politics, domestic and foreign.
talk.politics.theory Theory of politics and political systems.
talk.politics.tibet The politics of Tibet and the Tibetan people.
talk.rape Discussions on stopping rape; not to be crossposted.
talk.religion.bahai Discussion of the Baha'i Faith.
talk.religion.buddhism All aspects of Buddhism as religion and philosophy.
talk.religion.course-miracle A Course in Miracles.
talk.religion.misc Religious, ethical, & moral implications.
talk.religion.newage Esoteric and minority religions & philosophies.
talk.religion.pantheism Pantheism in general.
talk.rumors For the posting of rumors. Issues related to the State of Rhode Island, USA.
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