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News.admin.technical moderation policies [last modified: 1997-08-15 17:41:56]

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Scott Hazen Mueller

Jul 15, 2018, 12:30:01 PM7/15/18
Please check the companion posting "News.admin.technical posting guidelines"
for information on how your should format your postings.

In the interest of minimizing the turnaround time between receipt of a
submission and when it is approved and posting, we are doing only the bare
minimum of editing. This means that we will not be rewriting header lines,
even if the content does not appear to accurately describe the submission.
Please direct comments about such matters to the submitters and not to the

Per the official charter, the following are appropriate postings:

This group is dedicated to the technical aspects of maintaining the
netnews environment. Puzzled by the RFCs? Trying to diagnose a tricky
problem on your system? Then post here.

Personal abuse, repetition of things that have been hashed to death already,
and articles more appropriate for other news.admin.* groups would be rejected
by the moderator with a request to post them there instead.

The moderator contact address is:

natech-...@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG (Scott Hazen Mueller)

and the submission address is:


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