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News.admin.technical submission guidelines [last modified: 1997-08-20 19:25:31]

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Scott Hazen Mueller

Sep 15, 2017, 12:30:02 PM9/15/17
In order to make news.admin.technical useful to as many readers as possible,
we would like you to follow some simple format and content guidelines:

1) Please format your postings for 80-column screens, as that is the most
common screen size on the net. Keep in mind also that if your article is
quoted and the line lengths are almost 80 columns, the lines will wrap, so
I advise keeping the lines well under 80 characters.

2) Please check your spelling and grammar.

3) If you are the news administrator at your site, please read the news
software documentation before posting. If you are running C News, read the
file known.problems available via anonymous ftp from If you
are running INN read the FAQ posts.

4) If you are not the news administrator for your site, please contact your
news administrator with your question before posting it here.

5) When you are asking for assistance with a software problem, please
include your operating system type and revision level, the system that you
are running on, and the names and revision levels of all of the packages in
your news setup. Also, please include any log information you can extract
from your news system and the full text of any error messages you've gotten.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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