Exterminating The Ferret-Creature

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Dec 14, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/14/97

ric...@primus.paranoia.com wrote...
:: IMO Chris Lewis is an oozing pustule on the Net.

That's a rather kind description of the slimy
little forger.

:: He is guilty of violating our constitutional rights,
:: invasion of privacy, destruction of personal property
:: (posted messages), harassment, stalking, and, in
:: general,

And it appears he does most of this on behalf of
NORTEL. Imagine in investing in a company with no

:I agree. There are lots of people angry with his disruptive
:practices and rogue behaviour. You may want to organize with
:other internet groups that are trying to stop his outrageous
:and harmful behaviour.

The best way to organize is to deal directly with the ISPs
that still cooperate with the piece of sleeze--they do so
by in large out of fear. Forward any documentation you might
have of an ISP cooperating with Lewis to the FTC and the US
DOJ. Complaints may be filed directly from their websites.
Be sure to include not just Lewis in the complaint but NORTEL
as well.

:When his forged cancel messages are stopped, the net will be
:a better place for free speech.

Chris Lewis belongs in jail as does any other forger.


:-Ric G.
:Official FAQ Maintainer - news.admin hierarchy
:"Of all the sins with which a man defiles himself in this world, this is the
:sin with which he is most defiled." - M Shabbat 2:6


Dec 14, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/14/97

In article <66n48h$k35$1...@usenet85.supernews.com>,
Ricardo Hector Gonzales <ric...@primus.paranoia.com> wrote:


Gads another one posting vicious hate of innocent ferrets. What a cesspit
of species prejudice.

Kyle L. Webb Dept. of Physics + Astronomy
kw...@astro.phys.unm.edu University of New Mexico
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