Depew's Anal Fixation Was: Dick Depew: Net Abuser

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Dec 13, 1997, 3:00:00 AM12/13/97
to (Ricardo Hector Gonzales) wrote:

-Dick Depew ( wrote:
-: As you know I have been sending out cancels (bincancels) for misplaced
-: binaries in the big-8 and assorted regional hierarchies for nearly three
-: years now, with a few interruptions.

You sound like a pervert to me.

-:These seem to be serving their
-: purpose which is to keep the number of misplaced binaries within
-: reasonable bounds. The volume of misplaced binaries in the big-8 has
-: not increased appreciably in the past three years.
-Why do you assume that all binaries in these groups are misplaced? Many

Look at it this way. Dick Depew (what a name--Depew!!!) is an
admitted forger of others email addresses--a person like that is
by definition dishonest--why ask him for a straight answer when
we all know he's incapable of giving one?

-of them are permitted by the groups charter and welcome by readers of
-the group. For example, binaries posted to fan groups are often well
-received. Your anal attempt to organize everything to death is disruptive
-to these groups.

So Depew likes the anal binaries?? Strange kind of guy.

-: I have avoided expanding these bincancels into the alt.* groups for
-: several reasons. At first, I didn't have access to them, so I had a

You could just buy the anal stuff on CD Rom Dick.

-: good excuse not to cancel in alt. Then, when I got access to alt.*
-: (thanks to Robert Braver) I began issuing NoCeM messages (binhides)

Ah yes--he cites the Braver Twins--Robert and Liz--two more forgers.
I once received a letter from some yokel of an attorney claiming to
represent the lying forger Liz telling me I couldn't critisize her
brother/lover Robert anymore. Guy must have a mail order
law degree--sure as hell doesn't have any balls.

-: for misplaced binaries in the alt.* groups, rather than cancels, in
-: the hope that this would encourage more news administrators to either
-: begin using NoCeM-on-Spool, or to use purge-binaries to remove
-: binaries locally. Such systems are certainly to be preferred over
-: more cancels.
-Your forged cancels are not as welcome as you might think. Please stop
-tampering with the alt.* groups.

But again you are expecting a degree of decency from a forgery--they
by definition have none Mr. Gonzales.

-: When I began issuing binhides last Feb 1, the typical daily "catch"
-: was about 100 MB. Today, a new "high water mark" was set when the
-: 24 hour running total of "hidden" misplaced binaries approached 800 MB.
-Not all of these are misplaced as you claim. Many were specific to the
-group in which they were posted and were intended to be shared with
-other readers of that group.
-: It would seem that binhides are not as effective as bincancels in
-: controlling the posting of misplaced binaries.
-Not necessarily. People simply don't approve of your opinion and biases.

Depew is just a perve--like little old ladies going to dirty movies so they
can complain to management. I wonder though if we could get him
to talk about his anal thing--might be amusing.

-: I have received requests from several alt groups to have these
-: individual groups added to the list covered by the bincancel-bot.
-How could you receive requests from entire groups? What you probably
-received was one or two stray messages from readers who wanted to
-force their will on the entire group.

Yes--that is what Dick meant.

-You are not being democratic
-or representative in your actions adn that is unfair and unwelcome.

But he's a forgery--by definition they have no scuples.

-: I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

You're a little prick Depew. Those are my thoughts on
your behavior.

-From the way you are trying to represent the issue it looks like all
-you really want is a green light to enforce your will. What would it
-take to get you to stop sending forged cancels where they are unwelcome
-and disruptive?

Maybe if everyone emailed him collections of anal photo's he'd be


--Ric G.
-Official FAQ Maintainer - news.admin hierarchy
-"Of all the sins with which a man defiles himself in this world, this is the
-sin with which he is most defiled." - M Shabbat 2:6

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