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Nov 12, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/12/97

Hey Goy-boy! Yeah I'm talking to you Ricardo. You forgot something:

mechcancel or botcancel -- cancels for rec.games.mecha, particularly those
done with the Useless Cancel Engine or by sending out bogus rmgroups for

Just thought you'd want to know what else your fellow Kooks are up to.


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Joel Rubin

Nov 12, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/12/97

On 12 Nov 1997 01:20:25 CST, ric...@paranoia.com (Ricardo Hector
Gonzales) wrote:

> cancels issued for make.money.fast and other 'business
> opportunity' ads.
Er, you mean like this sort of "business opportunity"?

(from the Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General of the
State of Idaho; similar statements can be found from many other
jurisdictions since the problem with this sort of scheme is one of
simple arithmetic and arithmetic doesn't change over state or national



Pyramid marketing is widely recognized as inherently fraudulent due to
the mathematical impossibility for most referral purchasers to achieve
the promised levels of income. Pyramid schemes run from the simple
chain letter which requests participants to send money to individuals
named in the invitation letter, to more sophisticated types of chain
distributions which offer to pay a premium to consumers who involve
others in the scheme. Idaho law defines chain distribution schemes and
pyramid distribution schemes as plans or operations whereby a person
gives consideration for the opportunity to receive consideration to be
derived primarily from any person's introduction of other persons into
participation in the plan or operation rather than from the sale of
goods, services, or other intangible property by the person or other
persons introduced into the plan or operation. Pyramid distribution
schemes violate the Act and subject violators to potential felony
charges and monetary penalties.

Due to the large ammount of unsolicited bulk email I receive, I have been forced
to institute a $20/piece evaluation fee. Send me UBE to accept these terms.

This contract shall be enforceable under the laws of California.

Ricardo Hector Gonzales

Nov 12, 1997, 3:00:00 AM11/12/97

Well Known Pseudo-Site Conventions


Last updated: September 13, 1997
Maintainer: ric...@paranoia.com (Ricardo H. Gonzales)
URL: http://www.paranoia.com/~ricardo/pseudo-sites.html

NOTICE: This text may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
the permission of the author. It may be reproduced in any form
provided that no money is being charged.

The purpose of this FAQ is to announce well known pseudo-site
conventions. By distributing this information widely, sites that don't
want to process particular pseudo-sites can easily alias out any
pseudo-sites that are unwanted. Because the cancel process is strictly
advisory, the announcement of these pseudo-sites is helpful to inform
news administrators of well known pseudo-sites. The widespread
distribution of this information allows news administrators to make
informed decisions about how they will operate their news feed. In the
past when this information was not available and some news
administrators objected to cancels that were forged with pseudo-sites
that were not properly publicized. This FAQ properly solves that
problem and allows for an increased number of specialized pseudo-sites
to serve the USENET community's efforts of customized forged

Please note that the maintainer of this FAQ does not endorse or
condemn any of the pseudo-sites listed herein. This list is being
provided solely as an informational resource so that news
administrators can configure their systems appropriately.

If you would like to send forged cancellations under a new
pseudo-site, you should first confirm that the material you are
targeting is not already being censored by one of the existing
pseudo-sites. If it is covered under an existing pseudo-site, please
use that pseudo-site in the cancel messages that you will be forging.
If you are going to be forge cancelling a new subset of information,
please create a new pseudo-site name and inform the maintainer of this
FAQ with the name of your pseudo-site and type of material you will be
censoring. It generally takes 2-4 weeks to be included in updates to
this list, so please plan ahead so that news administrators can be
adequately informed.

cancels issued for Usenet articles you happen not to like.
`Spam' is a trademark of Hormel Foods, but everyone uses it on
Usenet to describe whatever they cancel.

cancels issued for make.money.fast and other 'business
opportunity' ads.

cancels issued for comp.binaries.* and alt.binaries.*.

hackercancel or crackcancel
cancels issued for alt.2600.*, alt.cracks.*, and alt.hackers.*.

cancels issued for alt.sex.* and

cripplecancel or gimpcancel
cancels issued for alt.support.asthma,
alt.support.attn-deficit, alt.support.cancer.prostate,
alt.support.cerebral-palsy, alt.support.epilepsy,
alt.support.hemophilia, alt.support.learning-disab,
alt.support.musc-dystrophy, alt.support.spina-bifida,

cuntcancel or holecancel
cancels issued for alt.feminism, alt.feminism.individualism,
alt.music.alternative.female, alt.support.abortion,
alt.support.menopause, alt.women.attitudes,
alt.women.supremacy, hiv.women, osu.women, soc.feminism,

fagcancel or aidscancel
cancels issued for alt.homosexual, alt.journalism.gay-press,
alt.lesbian.feminist.poetry, alt.motss.bisexua-l,
alt.personals.motss, alt.politics.homosexuality,
alt.sex.homosexual, alt.sex.motss, alt.sex.stories.gay,
alt.support.boy-lovers, ba.motss, can.motss, gnu.motss,
ne.motss, pa.motss, pgh.motss, pnw.motss, sdnet.motss,
soc.motss, soc.support.transgendered,
soc.support.youth.gay-lesbian-bi, su.gay, triangle.motss,
triangle.personals.motss, tw.bbs.soc.motss, uc.motss,

cancels issued for alt.answers, comp.answers,
humanities.answers misc.answers, news.answers, rec.answers,
sci.answers, soc.answers, talk.answers.

cancels issued for alt.christnet.*, alt.fan.jesus-christ,
alt.org.promisekeepers, alt.religion.*, christnet.*,
misc.education.home-school.christian, soc.religion.*,
talk.religion.*, tx.religion.*.

hinducancel or dotheadcancel
cancels issued for alt.culture.karnataka, alt.culture.kerala,
alt.culture.tamil, alt.culture.us.asian-indian,
asu.culture.indian, rpi.culture.indian, soc.culture.bangladesh,
soc.culture.bengali, soc.culture.indian.*,
soc.culture.punjab.*, soc.culture.sri-lanka

jewcancel or kikecancel
cancels issued for alt.music.jewish, alt.personals.jewish,
il.*, israel.*, shamash.* soc.culture.israel,
soc.culture.jewish.*, soc.genealogy.jewish.

moslemcancel or towelheadcancel
cancels issued for alt.culture.egyptian, alt.culture.saudi,
soc.culture.afghanistan, soc.culture.albanian,
soc.culture.arabic, soc.culture.berber,
soc.culture.bosna-herzgvna, soc.culture.croatia,
soc.culture.egyptian, soc.culture.iranian, soc.culture.iraq,
soc.culture.jordan, soc.culture.kurdish, soc.culture.kuwait,
soc.culture.lebanon, soc.culture.maghreb, soc.culture.pakistan,
soc.culture.palestine, soc.culture.syria, soc.culture.turkish.

nazicancel or krautcancel
cancels issued for alt.usage.german, bln.*, de.*,
soc.culture.german, soc.genealogy.german, zer.*.

nerdcancel or geekcancel
cancels issued for comp.* and sci.*.

cancels issued for alt.music.african, bit.tech.africana,
git.talk.african-american, soc.culture.african.*,
soc.culture.caribbean, soc.culture.ethiopian.*,
soc.culture.malagasy, soc.culture.nigeria,
soc.culture.sierra-leone, soc.culture.somalia,
soc.culture.south-africa, za.*.

cancels issued for alabama.* alt.culture.us.southwest, atl.*,
ga.*, soc.culture.rep-of-georgia.

ricecancel or slanteyecancel
- cancels issued for alt.culture.hawaii, alt.culture.indonesia,
alt.culture.tuva, aus.culture.china, comp.research.japan, fj.*,
sci.lang.japan, soc.culture.asean, soc.culture.asian.american,
soc.culture.burma, soc.culture.cambodia, soc.culture.china,
soc.culture.filipino, soc.culture.hawaii,
soc.culture.hongkong.*, soc.culture.indonesia,
soc.culture.japan, soc.culture.korean, soc.culture.laos
soc.culture.malaysia, soc.culture.mongolian, soc.culture.nepal,
soc.culture.singapore, soc.culture.taiwan, soc.culture.thai,

cancels issued for alt.culture.argentina,
soc.culture.argentina, soc.culture.bolivia,
soc.culture.bolivia, soc.culture.brazil, soc.culture.chile,
soc.culture.colombia, soc.culture.cuba, soc.culture.cuba,
soc.culture.dominican-rep, soc.culture.ecuador,
soc.culture.ecuador, soc.culture.latin-america,
soc.culture.mexican, soc.culture.mexican.american,
soc.culture.peru, soc.culture.portuguese,
soc.culture.puerto-rico, soc.culture.quebec,
soc.culture.romanian, soc.culture.spain soc.culture.uruguay,

---END OF FAQ---

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