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Who's flooding news.admin.censorship and an example of Cabal Hypocracy

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May 11, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/11/99
to (Roswell Coverup {Sam Borg 7 of 9}
[Honorable Rev. JoWazzoo] ) wrote:
- (Jeffery J. Leader) Quacked:
->[ngs censored]


-> (ISP_Ratings) wrote:
->>official news.admin.* group
->It is? Are there unofficial ones?

So many cabal have claimed--remember that big rigged vote
on the news.admin.* reorg years back? news.admin.policy
added to the newsgroup line in its honor.

->> That's called internal cabal corruption.
->Does this make you offcially Cabal?

According to Mr. Lewis I was incorrect and I accept
that. That's two mistakes I've made in my life now.

->Looks like the same bot-stuff being posted elsewhere, e.g. nanam.
->I don't think the Cabal approves, really.
-Actually probably one of Steve's friends running HipSlime's bot - have
-a hard time understanding why he should be concerned.

Just would like to know who it is--have a little chat you know.

-After all - if one may phuque up Usenet - All may phuque up Usenet,

True--you are of course referring to cancels--the correct statement
you obviously meant is that 'If one may cancel all may cancel'. I
fully agree.


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