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Sep 14, 2002, 3:46:54 PM9/14/02
SPAM: Time Travelers Please help! 401

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I am a 21yo M offering a $50,000 reward to help me take my life back. If you are a Time Traveler who has the Dimensional Warp Generator #52 4350a wrist watch, the XK memo replica or similar technology I need your help.
I must return my mind to my former self so that I can take back my life which has been destroyed by the evil aliens. They have done Terrible, Terrible things to me starting with nanaprobe tracers, mind-transducers that she slipped into my
food, and now I am fighting and dying of CJD. I have known two others who were messed with by these same evil beings, returned to there former self, foiled their schemes and successfully taken there life's back. If you can help please email me at: nc...@aol.com

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