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Oct 11, 2002, 2:53:11 AM10/11/02
Thanks "Chris", but I don't do any form of business with spammers.

SBL team: Please add the netblocks of Hosting-Network Inc., of Florida,
to the SBL. Detailed information included below.

The information the message below contains is targeted and correct,
which is extremely unusual for spam. However, the addresses for this
mailing were nonetheless gained by automatically analyzing web pages
and harvesting the mail addresses from them. It therefore qualifies
as spam, and the web site advertised in the message must be terminated.

In fact, the entire operation of the ISP of the spam-advertised site,, must be terminated by their upstream operator,
Level 3, since it is a spam support operation.

The site advertised in the message, []
(reverse DNS name NODE-228.HOSTING-NETWORK.COM) is in the
network owned by HOSTING-NETWORK, INC., for which the contact is an e-mail
address for Travis Johnson (, tel. +1-941-633-7944.

The spam-advertised domain was registered on October
1, 2002 (ten days from registration to spamming) to "Roel Zylstra", e-mail (, hosted by AboveNet), of 1200 Agate
St. #2, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, tel. +1-310-594-7541. Spamming violates
California Business and Professions Code Section 17538.4. The
domain is registered to itself, of the same contact information (Roel
Zylstra in Redondo Beach, CA). DNS to is provided

The domain, is registered by Bulkregister to
Hosting-Network, Inc. of Neuhoferstr. 1, Freistadt, A-4240 AUSTRIA,
tel. +43-664-5959-435. The number is an Austrian mobile phone that is
answered by the telco's standard non-personalized answering service
in German. Regardless of the fact that the business appears registered
to Austria, all of their networks are in the USA.

The domain is registered at Bulkregister to Hosting
Network, -, Ft. Myers, FL -, US. This domain registration information
is missing both a street address and a post code. It is invalid and
needs to be either corrected or terminated.

The network, which houses the spam-advertised site, is
connected by Level 3 in Miami, FL.

The network, which houses DNS1.HOSTING-NETWORK.COM,
is connected by Level 3 in Miami, FL.

The network, which houses DNS2.HOSTING-NETWORK.COM, is
connected by Level 3 in Miami, FL.

"Travis Johnson" is no stranger to spamming, as indicated by archived
spam reports in Google Groups

Spammer's "remove" (i.e. address verification service) on their network:


The network is connected by Level 3.

Spammed from


Hosting spam-advertised sites in


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I saw that your link to on your web
page was dead. I just
wanted to tell you about our HTML Code Tutorial,
, which you may link to instead.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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