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Greg Samson

Oct 8, 2002, 10:47:59 AM10/8/02

"lockdowncorp.com" appears to be accepting email addresses at the
'mypants.com' domain and using them without confirmation. I am the sole
authorized user of the mypants.com domain and did not sign up with you; I
certainly did not confirm that you could use any address here for mailings.
I am also a Washington state (USA) resident; unsolicited commercial email
with misleading subject line and/or forged header lines is against the law
here, with civil and monetary penalties provided for against the sender and
those represented by the sender.

Please IMMEDIATELY CEASE mailings to ALL 'mypants.com' addresses; please
also IMMEDIATELY CEASE accepting 'mypants.com' addresses submitted to you.

Please also note that a copy of this message has been posted to the Usenet
newsgroup news.admin.net-abuse.sightings for public viewing, commentary, and
archiving. Due to the public nature of this posting, all identifying
information beyond the domain 'mypants.com' has been removed from the
included letter.

NO UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, commercial or non-commercial, is wanted at ANY
address in the 'mypants.com' domain.

- Greg Samson, mypants.com webmaster/owner

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New Signature Update Notice:

Thank You For Using Swatit!

A new signature update was released today.

To update your signatures simply run Swat It
Click on the Update button and then choose
Check For New Signatures.

Important Notices:
Many of our clients have been waiting for Spam-Stopper
to come online. We apologize for the delays, but we
are pleased to announce that the Spam-Stopper web page
went live at 5:00 AM E.S.T Today!
You can now visit the Spam-Stopper web page at:

We are also please to announce new low cost
LockDown Membership Packages!

Note that the LockDown web site was updated
as well with additional Trojan and security
information. http://lockdowncorp.com/

LockDown Millennium comes with our
H A C K E R P R O O F G U A R A N T E E.
While using LockDown in High Security Mode,
you will not become infected with a remote
access Trojan without getting a warning from
LockDown along with an easy click on Kill
button to disable it. This is why...



LockDown Corp. Support: sup...@lockdowncorp.com
Sales: sa...@lockdowncorp.com
LockDown Web Page LockDown Proxy Services
http://lockdowncorp.com/ http://theproxyconnection.com/

Business Hours: Mon - Fri 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM E.S.T.

Lockdown Sales: 800-249-0253 Out of USA: 603-740-4590


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