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Big-8 Management Board

Aug 5, 2009, 9:05:57 PM8/5/09
reorganization of*

The Big-8 Management Board has decided by consensus to follow the
recommendations of the existing moderator, to wit: will be removed on 11 Aug 2009. will be moderated by Kathy Morgan
<>. The transfer will complete on 11 Aug 2009. will be removed on 11 Aug 2009.

NEWSGROUPS: Group will be removed. Moderator will become Kathy Morgan. Group will be removed.


Tim Skirvin wishes to shortly step down as the moderator of most of the* moderated groups. The groups are still well-used
(.sightings, .bulletins) or at least useful (.policy), but somebody else
needs take care of them (and, likely, work to revitalize them). A
reorganization may also make sense, but he is not the one to bring
about these changes.

Please note that is not affected by this


An inquiry into potential new moderators of NANAP and NANAS was posted
to several days ago. NANAB was added to the
list after discussions with Dave Barr, its moderator-of-record.

All of these groups were created as part of the 1996*
reorganization. They were intended to allow for regular/automated
announcements about action taken against net-abuse (.bulletins), moderated
discussion of net-abuse topics (.policy), and searchable reports of
network abuse (.sightings).

A few relevant links:


A Moderator Vacancy Announcement was posted on 27 April 2009. This process is documented here:

The Board plans to appoint Kathy Morgan as new moderator for Discussion in that group showed that
users find the other groups useful but no acceptable candidates volunteered for the other groups so the Board plans to remove and entirely.

The followup header of this post has been set to news.groups.proposals.

For more information on the Big-8 Management Board, please see:


The current charters for the group are at:

The relevant first paragraph of each group: is a moderated forum for bulletins
of action taken against net abuse. Appropriate subjects include
cancellation notices (EMP/ECP, spew, binary, and others), status
reports from individual systems concerning action taken against
abusers, results of tracking campaigns, "rogue site" declarations, and
the like. is a moderated forum for discussion of
policy and site-management issues related to net abuse. Possible
topics include Acceptable Use Policies, what actions should be taken
against abusers, discussion of third-party cancel messages, possible
actions against abusive sites such as rogue site declarations,
discussion of what is and is not net abuse, and so forth. is a forum for reports of sightings
of net abuse. It is a robomoderated forum, allowing only properly
formatted posts. Followups are required to be set strictly out of the
group and into the appropriate group in the*


Tim Skirvin <>


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2009-04-26 Moderator Vacancy Announcement
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