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Backscatterer - Expiry date passed but still listed

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Dec 11, 2009, 6:20:10 AM12/11/09

First I must apologise for backscattering in the first place. It transpires
that our host (Pipex Webfusion) basically offer a choice of what to do about
mail to unknown recipients: Accept it to a catch-all address, accept it and
silently delete it, or bounce it. Two of the accounts were set to bounce,
and apparently this means *our* server sends the NDR instead of just
refusing the mail during the SMTP transaction. I only wish the host would
offer the latter option, but that's a problem (one of a number of problems,
to be quite honest) that lies with our choice of service provider.

In any case the oversight is now resolved to the best of my knowledge and 4
weeks have passed. According to the listing details:
"Last [impact] was 11.11.2009 21:50 CET +/- 10 minutes.
Earliest date this IP can expire is 09.12.2009 21:50 CET."

However that time has now been and gone and we're still listed.

Please note (to address points made very clear on the site) I am not asking
for special treatment; to try and reassure of the good faith I have not
included the IP address in question or any searchable data other than what
is necessary to illustrate the issue. I am also aware it says "Earliest".
However we're waiting to send a customer newsletter (all above board) and
the listing appears to be marking us up on some spam scores. I could do
with knowing roughly what the lead time is for removal so that the
management know when to expect the next newsletter to be sent. Apparently
the removal is automated but perhaps the list is updated at a certain time
of day, or even a certain day of the week?


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