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Important Announcement for UCEPROTECT-Users

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Claus v. Wolfhausen

Nov 21, 2009, 9:15:23 PM11/21/09

Since UCEPROTECT-Network started to publish it's downloadable blocklists in
RBLDNSD format (03.07.2007) almost all of our users which are using
downloadable formats have switched to download RBLDNSD via RSYNC.

Also UCEPROTECT-Mailserver Software is using the RBLDNSD format since V4.0

Therefore the other formats (Postfix / Sendmail access, Qmail,
UCEPROTECT-Software Version 3.5 and older) and also the HTTP download option
via WGET became obsolete and will no longer be offered after 01.01.2010

If you are still using these formats or if you download via WGET, we strongly
recommend that you switch to using us either via DNS or to download our
blocklists via RSYNC in RBLDNSD format only.

Details how to use UCEPROTECT-Lists in RBLDNSD format via RSYNC can be found

Claus von Wolfhausen
Technical Director

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