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WhatsApp Download 3 Latest Version Updated (Anti-Ban)

APK 2024 KBWhatsApp download WhatsApp against the ban has a large number of users around the world, and the KBWhatsApp application is the most popular copy of WhatsApp Plus, where KB WhatsApp App is used as a main application in terms of chatting, communication, sharing photos, videos, The new WhatsApp update audio clips, and so on, the KBWhatsApp APK contains elegant features and additions Better than the original official WhatsApp green.

By downloading the latest version of KBWhatsApp, you will be able to hide the two signs "Official WhatsApp.", hide writing, appear, flight mode, switch themes, enable night mode, and many other features in KB WhatsApp. This is how you can activate it Latest Version Download Updated. All you have to do is download KBWhatsApp APK.

Download KBWhatsApp APK latest version, anti-ban, downloading KBWhatsApp, and install KBWhatsApp

You may not have used KBWhatsApp before and you may not have installed it before on your Android mobile device, the latest WhatsApp Mods if you are, you can now try the new KBWhatsApp Latest Version and I am 100% app sure that you will like KBWhatsApp, here is an explanation of how to download KBWhatsApp Download New WhatsApp latest update all you have to do It is to search for the download link in the next paragraph and click on the app direct download link.

3. An introductory brief about KB WhatsApp APK DOWNLOAD

If you are looking for an explanation of WhatsApp Gold this is the details of KBWhatsApp, the developer of KBWhatsApp has created the application which gives privacy to the user in an excellent way WhatsApp MOD, There are many different versions of KB WhatsApp available for the user to download and many more features available but I am using KB WhatsApp official version because the security features of KB WhatsApp are the latest.

We all must have used the official version of WhatsApp, but today we are not talking about the official WhatsApp APK. We are talking about its app modified apps version KBWhatsApp. Many good features are available to the user, which makes you look like there are no items in the official version.

What is KBWhatsApp?

For Android, KBWhatsApp is the first, best, coolest, and most beautiful version that has been developed from the app official WhatsApp application so far, as KBWhatsApp is one of the most famous modified versions of KBWhatsApp 3 that has been customized and has 3 great popularity in the world by users. You Users can download it apps from our website.

KBWhatsApp for Android is characterized by the best features and characteristics that app you can use by your smart device update. KBWhatsApp 3 download now You can learn about the features of KBWhatsApp New Update Latest Version in the following paragraphs:

  • Blue tick after reply

We are using the official WhatsApp app and deleted our online status but someone message came and read it by mistake. But if the user does not want to respond to it. He must enable the Automatic feature after answering by going to the WhatsApp KB settings. For this app reason, the blue tick appears after the Updated user's answer.

Download KBWhatsApp

The developer thought of something New WhatsApp and as soon as the update arrived, our developer managed to make it official WhatsApp, which was well received by the people. After the user felt the lack of features in the Download WhatsApp, the official version. The user wanted to have more features and modified it for that. Latest Version Download Updated. We have shared many features of KBWhatsApp 2024 in the mod version, but the developer felt that all the features that users wanted are not present. KBWhatsApp after the new update all these exciting features are available to the user which the user would love to use. In the official WhatsApp Apk, in KBWhatsApp latest version you will get some kind of security.

Is KBWhatsApp it available for iPhone?KB WhatsApp Download Apk 2024

KBWhatsApp supports Android phones and devices only. KBWhatsApp cannot be installed on iPhone devices and phones.

KBWhatsApp 2024 APK

All the security and privacy features of our version of KBWhatsApp are available to the user, so you are OK to use them. Users can hide their profile picture and all the things for which they get KBWhatsApp features. If a user wants to see someone's status without knowing, they can see how it is. And after clicking on the scene, the person will not know that he has seen it. The KBWhatsApp APK version is very light. WhatsApp for Android can be downloaded from the old device and the modern smartphone 2024.

Features WhatsApp 3 of KBWhatsApp latest version

1- Added an option to display New WhatsApp people's status by clicking on their profile picture. To activate ( Golden WhatsApp Additions > Home Screen > Lines).

2- Add an option to @mention all group members. to activate. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Chat screen).

3- Add an option to stop the continuous playback of voice messages. To activate (KBWhatsApp PRO add-ons > Chat screen).

4- Add an option to forward any audio clips as an audio note. To activate (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Conversation Screen).

5- Add an option to hide the Repost button. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Security & Privacy).

6- Add a photo / video preview without saving to the phone or gallery.

7- Add an option to save the image/video when previewing.

8- Add an option to select the default language for “translation” in chats. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > General Settings > Settings).

9-[New WhatsApp] Now backups will be created on a .ZIP file.

10- The "Appearance" option has been added from the settings. There are many WhatsApp mods, Use the moon icon for night mode or the sun for day mode on the home screen.

11- The backup file has been moved to the Storage/Documents/KB.Backups path.

12- Now, when you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup file will remain.

13- Polls and voting in groups are now working 100%.

14- Fixing the problem of not changing the shape of the (T) text status line.

15- Fixing the crash problem in the “message scheduling” on some phones.

WhatsApp 3 Download Other features in KBWhatsApp APK

1. Update the WhatsApp 3 database:
2. Adding a New WhatsApp option in the menu options when clicking on the chat bubble. To display an alert when your message is read, tap on any message and then select Notify when messages are read (a notification will be sent when the other party reads it).

3. Adding a new option to show a notification of who is writing a message. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Notifications > Notification when writing a message).

4. Add a new option to hide the camera icon. (WhatsApp Plus Add-ons > Home screen > Top bar > Hide camera icon).

5. The New WhatsApp look was activated when the camera was opened.

6. You can now send a sound to the case.

7. The avatar feature has been activated to create or modify the profile picture. (Settings > Avatar)

8. Communities feature has been activated.

9. The undo feature has been activated when deleting messages.

10. The possibility of sending text with the image or video.

11. The feature of messaging yourself to save your information has been activated.

12. Fixing an error occurred when sending the message on some phones.

13. Fixing some errors in the dispatch boxes.

14. Going to groups when sending pictures of the situation.

15. The version of the ban has been improved.

16. Performance and stability improvements.

How to WhatsApp Download 3?

To be able to install KBWhatsApp APK on your phone, follow these steps:

First, turn on the “Unknown Sources” option from your phone settings.
Then download the KBWhatsApp APK file from the link provided on this page (Download Link KBWhatsApp).
After completing the download, open this application from the notification bar.
After that click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete successfully.
Once fully installed the third number, you can launch from the phone's home bar and enjoy the best features.

3. How to WhatsApp 3 APK download the latest KBWhatsApp update?!
  • First, turn on the “Unknown Sources” option from your phone settings.Then download the KBWhatsApp APK file from the link provided on this page (Download Link KBWhatsApp).
    After completing the download, open this application from the notification bar,open your WhatsApp app and click on the three dots in the top left corner.
    After that click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete successfully.
    And once the installation is complete, WA Mod. you can launch it from the main phone bar and enjoy the best features.
How to Download WhatsApp 3 download the latest KBWhatsApp update?

WA mods You can download the APK file and install it in simple steps Gold WhatsApp. All you have to do is download the New WhatsApp updates for KBWhatsApp by visiting our website again, and you can get the latest updates for KBWhatsApp. All the features and options in KBWhatsApp New Update are effective and safe, so you can use it with ease and enjoy the best MOD versions. messaging application official WhatsApp on your Android device.

What's official WhatsApp new in WhatsApp Download 3 Apk?

Add a New WhatsApp option to send images in high quality ( GBWhatsApp Add-ons > Media Settings > Send images in high definition).

Thus, a new option has been added to change the shape and colors of the speed dial interface. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Home Screen > Speed Call Patterns).

This is how a new option was added to delete all group members at once. (KBWhatsApp APK Additions > Chat screen > Delete all group members).

This is how a new option has been added to hide the Communities section. (KBWhatsApp Extras > Home screen > Top bar).

This is how a New WhatsApp option has been added to hide the privacy option from the main menu options. (GB WhatsApp Add-ons > Protection & Privacy > Privacy Options).

Thus, a new option has been added to hide the WhatsApp update option from the main menu options. (KBWhatsApp Add-ons > Protection & Privacy > Privacy Options).

Thus, official WhatsApp now the colors of the speed dial support the color of the Updated theme.

Improvements have been made to floating notifications.

Thus, it is possible to improve the sending of media with high quality photos / videos in chats and statuses.

This is how translations have been improved in some languages.

This is how the errors were fixed when adding the number to log in in some countries.

KBWhatsApp conclusion WhatsApp Download

Friends, did you know that KBWhatsApp Download is a modified version considering that it does not have its features in the original version Updated?! Download KBWhatsApp has all the user-selectable privacy features and all the great benefits, which you will like very much, official WhatsApp so we would appreciate it if you try to use it Red WhatsApp. So download this app from our website.