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Oct 3, 2007, 10:24:13 PM10/3/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
Hello All

I think a very usefull place here would be one that listed areas where
permission is granted to place caches. For example I have an email
allowing use in Bear Brook State Park. We could post them in one
central location. It would also be useful to post contacts for other
state and town areas so we would know who to ask.

The only part I stress about when trying to place a cache is getting
proper permission and this would help alleveiate some of that. I am
sure many people don't ask for permission but for the good of the
sport we all should. Just my .02.


Solid Rock Seekers

Oct 9, 2007, 11:37:50 AM10/9/07
to, New Hampshire Geocaching


I think that is a great idea to share information regarding getting
permission for caches. It seems that the bulk of geocaches placed in
the state are placed without explicit permission. Having more of us
getting explicit permission before placing caches would definitely
benefit caching and help prevent problems that can arise when
well-intentioned non-cachers report "suspicious activity" around

I have done a couple presentations about geocaching to landowners,
including the Mine Falls Park Advisory Committee and would be glad to
share my presentation materials (a set of PowerPoint slides) with
others to use when asking for permission to place a geocache.

--ken of solid-rock-seekers

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