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Jun 18, 2007, 10:21:07 AM6/18/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
Still waiting for my coins. I sent for two of them last week and it
seems to be taking forever. They are really nice. I agree that the
woods are no real place for a micro. They have so much room - it's
like searching for a needle in a haystack. Of course, I am sure those
large ammo boxes are not cheap either - in comparison - so maybe that
is one reason why there are micros in the woods.

The event is a good idea. Too Tall John is right if you advertise it
as free NH Coins everyone will show up so how do we be discreet and
still make it an open event?

By the way, how many members do we have?


Too Tall John

Jun 18, 2007, 12:52:37 PM6/18/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
I recieved mine within a week's time. Bet they're in the mail
today! :)

As to how many members we have, there are 37 people signed up for the
mailing list. There are 17 "attended" logs for the GSGC Meet & Greet
(some of which cover more than one person). There is overlap for both
groups, but there are portions of either number that only did one. By
my personal definition, I'd call anyone on either list a member, but
for the purpose of these coins, I can't speak for Bev & Kim, who on
top of designing & minting this coin are making this awesome offer.

As to handing them out, what if we had a few temporary caches at the
event, including a "Member's Only Cache" that contained the coins? It
would be a real bummer if it got muggled, though...




Jun 18, 2007, 1:57:51 PM6/18/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
I do not know how many coins they got to give out. Maybe a raffle
them off. Or maybe a silent auction and have the monie go toward
upgrades to this site. I have gotten my coins that I ordered and they
are very nice. I am give some to releitvievs.

This is just my .02


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Jun 18, 2007, 2:10:10 PM6/18/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
At our last event, I donated a Geocoin to be raffled off with the
proceeds to go to the geocachingmaine.org web site. I used clear
gallon jar with a slot in the cover and had people write their caching
name on a dollar bill and put it in the jar. They could enter as often
as they liked, and at the end of the day someone drew the winning
entry. It seemed to work well.

Bev Barney

Jun 19, 2007, 11:39:36 AM6/19/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
Hi ~~ WOW, how can something so simple get so complicated. So I'll start
again. For all the trouble Off Trackers and Kimba Off Track went through we
were given extra special minted NH geocoins in gold metal. These are not
and will not be available through the vendor to purchase. Off Trackers and
Kimba Off Track would like to give each member of the NH Geocaching
Club/list a coin. That will roughly be 30 coins as Off Trackers and Kimba
Off Track already have their coin and there are 32 people on the list.
There is NO need to raffle off these coins as there will be one for every
list member.

If you would like to have this an open event (I think that would be great),
we will also give 2 extra coins to be raffled off to non-list members. I
would suspect that some of the folks on the list will not be at the event
and so there will be extra coins available. I'm sure you will understand
that we do not want to get into the mailing game with these coins. We would
like to keep it simple - show up at an event, be on the list and you get a

Amy, Ray and the Golden Guiders offer to host a cook-out/gathering event
seemed like the way to go. Northwood is a very central location and they
were most generous to offer to host this. I vote for this option.

Hope we can work this out.

Bev of Off Trackers


Jun 19, 2007, 12:01:38 PM6/19/07
to New Hampshire Geocaching
Feel free to raffle off or give away the one alloted to me then as I'd
rather see it go to someone more local to you than me. I probably
won't make the event anyway, I have all I can do to make to events
here lately. I do hope to make an NH event some day and meet you all.
I know two other Mainers who are members here and most likely won't
attend the event either.

Another option is to post to the open event page that first 30 (or how
many ever coins you have available) people to post to a dedicated
thread here saying they want a coin AND then attend the event will get
one. It might draw in a few more members here as well as get a few
more to the event.

Just a thought, hope I'm not intruding too much, I just think more
ideas gives more options.

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