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Jan 14, 2011, 9:59:35 AM1/14/11
to neurovr2.0

I've been working with NeuroVR and have got as far as managing to add
objects to the library (through building them in blender then
exporting to OSG format). I've also been looking at animated objects,
I've been able to get simple animations (solid objects like doors) to
move along simple rotations and translations and worked out getting
differnt parts of the animation to play (e.g. getting a door to open
on one click and close on the next). However when I've tried other
forms of animation (deforming things, animation using curves,
animating rigged characters etc) and imported the objects it hasn't
allowed me to access the animation (in the triggers secton the object
doesn't appear as a target in the animation list), I've looked through
the OSG files for my animated objects and they all include animation
instructions for OSG (alhough they describe the animation using
differnt methods than the simpler rotations and translations)so i
assume NeuroVR isn't seeing the animation.

Does anyone know how neuoVR deals with animations attached to objects
in the library and how best to include them?

Also is the source code of NeuroVR2.0 available anywhere to take a
look at?



Sep 17, 2012, 9:32:54 AM9/17/12
Dear Liam we are trying to make the source code free but our developers politically don't agree about it at the moment...
we are planning new requirements for the next version...I will include your question about you have other needs to use it in a better way? and what are you using it for? (we like to have infos about differeent uses of our software if you please...) best regards cinzia
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