Meaning of Reverse Inference and Forward Inference in a Customized Study.

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Lumen Lee

Jul 23, 2018, 2:33:59 PM7/23/18
Hi everybody, I'm a green hand here and questionable about the meaning of reverse inference and forward Inference in a customized study.

According to the Q&A, the reverse inference and forward Inference of an automatically generated term present the P(term|activation) and P(activation|term).However, in a customized study, where studies are manually selected, there will be no terms. Thus, the meaning of two references makes me confused.

My speculation: Could I just think there is a virtual term, which is based on the customizer's prior belief, or my interested scope, but not an automatic lexical analysis? 
Thus, the reverse inference could present the likelihood that my scope of interest is studied at the selected activation, with relatively higher selectivity than other studies manually excluded. And the forward inference therefore stands for the likelihood of possibly activated region in my selected studies. 

Is my speculation right? Looking forward to any help or comments. My thanks to everyone who notes.
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