AOSP Froyo running on Eken m001

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Jeremy Coleman

Nov 24, 2010, 8:09:20 AM11/24/10
to Neuros
Angus over at has done what he said would not likely be
possible! Android 2.2 "Froyo" built from AOSP is running on the eken
m001 with some very lite patching. I will be testing this on my
tablet today. This should definitely make anyone who has been calling
for creating a full build from source happy. I am still trying to get
a build system setup on my computer to try and build from scratch.
One of the key missing elements is a touchscreen calibration app.
Anyone familiar with android app development want to try porting over
the one from 1.6 or building an opensource one?

Without further adieu here's the link:

Jeremy Coleman

Nov 24, 2010, 10:41:29 AM11/24/10
to Neuros
Some quick notes. I could not get it to boot without adding
rootdelay=5 to the bootargs line in cmd and then recreating the
scriptcmd file from it using mkimage. As Angus mentions this is very
alpha, I encountered a couple of forced reboots. The default image
does not include a "sdcard" partition so it will complain about that
if you try to use some apps. Scrolling and selecting is very slow.
Window animations are on by default so turning them off makes dialogs
a little bit snappier. There are no soft-keys in the notification
bar. Sound and wireless don't appear to work for me. No working
rotation or brightness

I am sure there are other things, but this is just a start and now
that someone has done a firmware build from AOSP we have a way
forward. This opens the doors for doing a completely source based
firmware for the tablet. One of the previous concerns was needing to
rewrite the framebuffer driver for the correct video mode, but now it
is not necessary. There was also some concern over whether
wondermedia userspace hacks would be an issue. Without via's hacks we
do lose some things including but not limited to video playback
including youtube. With this step forward and Alexsey's completely
open kernel making progress I think that the device should eventually
be able to run really great.

Now I will definitely have to finish getting a build environment set
up! Not that I really know what I am doing, but I'm feeling
adventurous. This opens the opportunity of doing builds based on the
lower spec android 1.6 with backported features such as jit-hack.

Feel free to check it out and report back!
> Without further adieu here's the link:
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