Neuronvisio 0.8.0 released!

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Michele Mattioni

Feb 15, 2012, 8:26:18 AM2/15/12
to neuronvisio
Dear all,

I've very pleased to announce the release of Neuronvisio 0.8.0.

This is a major release, and a lot of new things have changed.

Dependences handling:
Neuronvisio now explicitely depends on Mayavi and Ipython directly
from the setup. Therefore, if it is installed with pip, it will
automatically pulled the two packages from pipy repository.
Neuronvisio has been ported to Mayavi 4.1.x series. Unfortunately
there is a bug in Mayavi 4.1.0 which cause a regression bugs in
Neuronvisio. the bugs has been solved in the current develoment
version of Mayavi, in this pull request: .

it is possible to pick up a fully working snapshots of Mayavi,
installing Neuronvisio as

pip install -U

New executables:

We have restructured the repo, and renamed the script nrnvisio to
neuronvisio, and created a new neuronvisio-modeldb-updater

The first one launch neuronvisio, creating an ipython session, the
second one makes sure you have all the latest Models available on
Check the docs for more info:

With the new ipython-0.12, there is no more the need to load the switch.

Loading rationalized

it is possible to load an hoc file directly passing it to the
neuronvisio script as argument, Or using the gui. The same method will
load both and HDF or an hoc file accordingly to the extension (hoc
file must end with .hoc).

A keyword text search has been implemented to search ModelDB models.

Given the major jump and the different things happening, we have set
up also a mirror for the docs at , where you can find the docs
sorted for different versions.


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