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Zhiqi Huang

Jun 21, 2023, 6:03:45 PM6/21/23
to neuclir-participants

This is the first time I have participated in the TREC NeuCLIR track. I have a question about submission.

Do I have to submit runs for all combinations of retrieval settings?

In the task table here https://neuclir.github.io/2023, except for Technical Documents, there are 20 different type of retrieval settings:

3 single language news x 2 query languages x (FF or RR) + multilingual news x 4 query languages x (FF or RR) = 20 run files

Or can I only focus on English query and full retrieval setting?

Also, in the query language column, what does "other" refer to?


Dawn J. Lawrie

Jun 21, 2023, 8:51:34 PM6/21/23
to Zhiqi Huang, neuclir-participants
Hi Zhiqi,

You do not have to submit runs for all combinations. The main categorization of results is by document set. There is no requirement to submit results for all document sets, although it is encouraged. When you rank your runs, you will be doing that by document set, so you can give a priority of 1 to a Chinese document set run and a Russian document set run, for instance. If you are only interested in the cross language task where you use English queries, all of your runs may use that configuration. 

As for the "other" option for queries, you could use the Human translations of the English queries to Chinese and retrieve Russian documents. This is still a cross language task, and we wanted to be able to support such experiments if researchers were interested in it.


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