New papers in Network Science - 2023/11/14

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Nov 14, 2023, 6:07:31 AM11/14/23
Here are 10 new articles in Network Science:

Appl. Netw. Sci.: Real-world data in rheumatoid arthritis: patient similarity networks as a tool for clinical evaluation of disease activity

Appl. Netw. Sci.: Short- and long-term temporal network prediction based on network memory

Phys. Rev. Research: Robustness of Bell violation of graph states to qubit loss

PLOS Comput. Biol.: Spatial organisation of the mesoscale connectome: A feature influencing synchrony and metastability of network dynamics

Phys. Rev. E: Heterogeneous message passing for heterogeneous networks

R. Soc. Open Sci.: Dynamical methods for target control of biological networks

J. Mach. Learn. Res.: Low Tree-Rank Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models

Appl. Netw. Sci.: A Twitter network and discourse analysis of the Rana Plaza collapse

Chaos: Topological data analysis of the synchronization of a network of Rössler chaotic electronic oscillators

PNAS: Elevated emotion network connectivity is associated with fluctuations in depression

Further details can be found at; comments or suggestions are welcome.
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