New papers in Network Science - 2023/11/07

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Nov 7, 2023, 6:07:13 AM11/7/23
Here are 10 new articles in Network Science:

Appl. Math. Comput.: Maximization of the spectral radius of block graphs with a given dissociation number

Appl. Math. Comput.: Reliability evaluation for bijection-connected networks based on the super Pk-connectivity

Chaos: Random templex encodes topological tipping points in noise-driven chaotic dynamics

Phys. Rev. Research: Multiscale network renormalization: Scale-invariance without geometry

Research: Transcriptomic and Macroscopic Architectures of Multimodal Covariance Network Reveal Molecular–Structural–Functional Co-alterations

Phys. Rev. E: Distribution of shortest path lengths on trees of a given size in subcritical Erdős-Rényi networks

Front. Phys.: Competitive information propagation considering local-global prevalence on multi-layer interconnected networks

J. Mach. Learn. Res.: Community models for networks observed through edge nominations

Chaos: Global efficiency and network structure of urban traffic flows: A percolation-based empirical analysis

iScience: A common spectrum underlying brain disorders across lifespan revealed by deep learning on brain networks

Further details can be found at; comments or suggestions are welcome.
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