New papers in Network Science - 2023/11/13

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Nov 13, 2023, 6:08:16 AM11/13/23
Here are 10 new articles in Network Science:

Chaos: Chimera resonance in networks of chaotic maps

Soc. Networks: Understanding networks with exponential-family random network models

Nat. Phys.: Geometric description of clustering in directed networks

Nature: How AI could lead to a better understanding of the brain

EPL: Community detection from fuzzy and higher-order perspectives

Soc. Networks: The role of sociopolitical workplace networks in involuntary employee turnover

Phys. Rev. E: Time-delay-induced spiral chimeras on a spherical surface of globally coupled oscillators

PNAS: Noncoding RNAs improve the predictive power of network medicine

Chaos: Dynamics of cascades in spatial interdependent networks

Front. Phys.: Research on multi-layer network routing selection strategy based on cooperative evolutionary game in IoT environment

Further details can be found at; comments or suggestions are welcome.
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