Using gauge/scale for non rrd targets

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John Hunt

May 6, 2016, 4:01:11 PM5/6/16
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I'm using old-style MRTG sources as thats how the data is collected and trying to create packets per second graphs rather than Mbps. I've read that you can use gauge on RRD targets to output the raw value which hasn't been multiplied by 8, however this doesn't work when you have link targets to MRTG using the html files. I currently have a lot of targets like this:

TARGET http://server/router1/router1_8_pps.html

Is there a way to draw non-mbps graphs using these style of targets? We have a few different data sets in this format including pps, temperatures, voltages etc for different equipment and would prefer not to have to change how we store the data as we find RRD a bit more restrictive (you can't easily edit out invalid spikes for example).




May 6, 2016, 4:11:23 PM5/6/16
to Network Weathermap
You can also multiply by a fraction (aka divide) for any data source:

   TARGET 0.125*your_mrtg_file.html

should do what you need. Make sure there are no spaces - it needs to be seen as one "lump" by the config parser.

(apologies to the purists for HTML mail - I don't see how to avoid that in the Groups website)
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