Should lonely people own zero?

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Michiel de Jong

Jan 10, 2019, 8:57:43 AM1/10/19
to Network Money
Hi all,

When thinking about Network Money, and trying to define why I think it's a useful construct, it occurred to me that a key difference between network money and currency money is that anybody, even an evil person with no friends, can own currency. Once you own currency, no matter how you obtained it, you can spend it to put basically any other user of currency money to work for you.

But network money only works to allow producers to consume accordingly. Of course, you could still consume more than you produce if you convince the people around you to consume your overpriced products, but if you have zero neighbors in the credit network, then by definition you have zero credit and zero network money to spend.

So then my next question is, do we consider that poperty a bug or a feature of credit networks? Curious what people's opinions are about this!

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