Starting acceptors in "paused" state

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Tim Fox

Dec 1, 2020, 11:30:16 AM12/1/20
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Hey Norman,

Second question of the day!

I'm porting an existing server to Netty. I have a requirement where I need to have server sockets bound but not in a state where they will accept connections, i.e. without the OP_ACCEPT registered. AUI, clients that attempt to connect during that time will not fail but will be queued until the server is ready to accept connections.

Then some time later I want to say "hey now you can start accepting connections", and then register the OP_ACCEPT. Looking at NioServerSocket it seems currently to always start with OP_ACCEPT.

Any thoughts on how I can achieve this behaviour with Netty?

Norman Maurer

Dec 1, 2020, 11:37:47 AM12/1/20
Yep … Thats easy to do.

Just use:

ServerBootstrap bs = new ServerBootstrap();
sb.option(ChannelOption.AUTO_READ, false) ….

And once you want to start accepting use

Channel.config().setAutoRead(true); or channel.config().setOption(ChannelOption.AUTO_READ, true);.

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