How do I make a compression algorithm in Netty?

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Dec 5, 2019, 1:18:44 AM12/5/19
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I am writing a packet compression algorithm.   I want to make a fast server for many players and to minimize bandwith, I need to maximally compress my packets.

I am using UTF-8, but I can pass characters with value 1024 or 2048 in them.

I thought that I would find maximum character size, then store information inside.

For instance if it was eight bit, I could send 8 binaries in just one character.

If I send a number, I don't want it just to be the characters'0-10' because that is inefficient.

0 is ascii code 48, and knowing I only wanted a range between 1-10, I could make use of the other four bits.

This should be simple, but I don't know the limits. Utf-8 shouldn't send anything higher than 255, but I am getting 2000+ codes if I send em

My string is s

ByteBuff bb;

How do I know my limits of bytes in a character sent, or any clues?

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