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[ANN] Bugzilla 2.16 Released

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David Miller

Jul 28, 2002, 12:26:06 PM7/28/02
Bugzilla 2.16 is now available for download.

Bugzilla 2.16 fixes the remaining issues from 2.16rc2. Bugzilla 2.16 is
the best Bugzilla available and all Bugzilla administrators are advised
to upgrade to it as soon as is convenient. If you are using a CVS pull
that is marked 2.17, you can just use 'cvs update'.

You can try 2.16 out:

For details of upgrade options and download locations see .

Don't forget to also read the release notes at docs/rel_notes.txt within
the downloaded archive.

Fixes since RC2 (highlights):

- Continued documentation changes; documentation has been completely
overhauled since 2.14.

- buglist.cgi checks for ORDER validity are wrong
(bug 149845)
- default version for bug entry not read from cookies
(bug 150802)
- SQL error when sorting by bugs.votes with explicit direction
(bug 150882)
- duplicates.cgi sort by delta sorts in wrong direction
(bug 151023)
- Email prefs: Reporter / Owner messed up
(bug 151122)
- assignee/qa contact can't access secure bugs
(bug 151695)
- need to trim the entered assignee's email address
(bug 151369)
- No list of votes shown if there is a + sign in the address
(bug 151529)
- Locks profiles table so adding a CC while creating a bug doesn't fail.
(bug 150792)
- confirmation doesn't propagate when reassigning to new prod/component
(bug 150955)
- After deleting remembered query it is still in page footer
(bug 152541)
- Show votes by bug -list has a logged out footer
(bug 152283)
- ccing an invalid user on a bug posts the bug anyway
(bug 154036)
- Mozilla's Site navigation bar didn't work
(bug 155388)
- user without canconfirm should not get option to their bugs as NEW
(bug 151714)
- Make email changes work
(bug 150925)
- 'My Votes' link missing from footer
(bug 150829)
- QA Contact stuff displayed even if you aren't using QA Contacts
(bug 151648)
- verify-new-product doubles comment linefeeds on Win32
(bug 157074)

Dave Miller Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System
Lead Software Engineer/System Administrator, Syndicomm Online

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