How to correlate a browser tab to a 'http-*' global observer?

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Sebastian Wain

Nov 30, 2005, 10:25:43 AM11/30/05

I am a two days experience developer of a firefox extension and found an
issue I don't know how to solve precisely:

a) I put a global observer on 'http-on-modify-request' and
'http-on-examine-response' topics.
b) Then I want to know from what browser tab the request/response
observer is called from.

For example: if you have five browser tabs opened, and you go to an url
in the second tab I would like to know that the observe function is
called from the second tab request.

IMHO one alternative may be to relate the load event in the tab to the
observe function calls, but I don't see this solution deterministically
correct. The intuitive solution would be something like correlating
univocally the observe calls with a precise browser tab.

Is this possible?

Thank You,
Sebastian Wain

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