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Mozilla 1.3.1 candidate release builds available

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Asa Dotzler

Apr 22, 2003, 2:33:40 AM4/22/03
to intends to release a Mozilla 1.3.1 with fixes for the
problems which led us to disable XPInstall for Mozilla on Mac OS X. In
addition to the XPInstall fixes, we've taken a few additional crash and
dataloss fixes (noted in bugs listed below). The Mozilla 1.3.1 release
will be available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

The candidate builds which contain the fixes are located at and we're
looking for lots of help testing them. If you find problems with these
builds (problems that did not exist in 1.3) please let know. Note that there has been quite a lot of
developement in 1.4a and 1.4b which did not happen for this 1.3.1
release so don't expect 1.3.1 to have fixes for anything but the bugs
listed below.

Mac OS X:

Bugs fixed in 1.3.1:

XPInstall (and theme install) disabled for Mac OS X

OS X Mozilla crashes during installation of XPI Packages [@

OS X XPInstall Pre-Checkin Trigger smoketest fails

Corrupt cache / HTTP networking - Wrong images, incomplete pages,
octet-stream download dialog

Bookmarks lost when using browser.bookmarks.file pref and switching

mailnews start page gets cleared when I open the pref window

Account settings change appears not to take effect (HTML compose, Bcc,
Server Username)

Dismissing Junk Mail Log dialog crashes Mozilla [@

username containing @ or % in smtp server results in blank entry

server-side imagemap replaces URL query rather than appending

This release is primarily intended to give Mac OS X users the XPInstall
functionality that was missing in the 1.3 release so we need lots of
testing of XPInstall and theme install for OS X. Help testing around the
stability and dataloss bugs listed above is also very useful.


Asa Dotzler

Apr 25, 2003, 7:57:20 PM4/25/03
New round of builds available. Mostly the same with a couple of trunk
security fixes included. If no regressions are found we intend to
release these bits as Mozilla 1.3.1 early next week. If you can help us
test and find any problems, please get the builds below and email if you find any regressions over Mozilla 1.3 (see
areas to test in post below).

Mac OS X




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