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2003-12-15 - Summary of staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

Dec 19, 2003, 3:02:08 AM12/19/03
2003-12-15 - Summary of staff meeting

Present: mitchell, dbaron, asa, marcia, ben, gerv, bart, endico, myk,

*1.6 Final*

- Looking to branch tomorrow morning
- 10 blocker bugs, 8 have patches undergoing review!
- Still in the running for a pre-Xmas release
- Depends on whether there is fallout from recent changes


- l18n IRC meeting this morning, another this afternoon
- At least 3 people said they planned packs complete (Italian,
- Hebrew language pack also has a theme which is RTL.
- People are also including different search engines and
language-specific content.
- Hebrew comes with a default user stylesheet that fixes a bug in a
popular Hebrew website!


- First website-drivers meeting last week
- They discussed consolidating the Download page
- dbaron has done some work on this
- Another one this week

*Mozilla Firebird 0.8*

- Ben getting his ducks in a row this week
- Aiming for a release before the New Year

*Camino 0.8*

- Between March and May 2004
- pink wants the trunk to be as stable as the 1.0 branch


- Talkback collector machine arrives Xmas week or the week after
- We have two database servers already in the rack
- It'll be six machines in total


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