Mozilla 1.1 branching update

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Asa Dotzler

Aug 2, 2002, 8:57:01 PM8/2/02
We had planned to branch for 1.1 today
<> but didn't have a
handle on enough of the remaining 1.1 blockers
to feel confident about branching. Today progress was made on the list
and if that continues over the weekend and Monday's verification builds
look good then we'll branch for 1.1 and the trunk will be open (no
drivers approval required) for 1.2alpha checkins.

If you own one of these 1.1 blockers or can help with review or testing
please do. The sooner we get coverage the sooner we'll have an open trunk.


Asa Dotzler

Aug 5, 2002, 8:41:11 PM8/5/02
short version:
1.1 branched, help us make it not suck. The trunk is open. Help us make
1.2 not suck by using the landing plan for risky changes.

long version:
We've branched for Mozilla 1.1. The branch name is
MOZILLA_1_1_BRANCH. Instructions for pulling and checking into this
branch will be appearing shortly at the 1.1 Branch Tinderbox page

The plan is to continue taking fixes for bugs which are high-impact and
low-risk until we have something good enough to call Mozilla 1.1. We're
very close to that now.

To see the list of bugs for which drivers are actively soliciting fixes
check out the "make Mozilla 1.1 not suck" tracking bug at

Yes, this does means that the 1.2alpha trunk is open. No drivers'
approval required, just r= and sr=.

For Mozilla 1.2 we again have three development periods: alpha, beta and
final. To ensure that we nail our 1.2 branching schedule
<> we need to make
sure that all of the heavy lifting lands in 1.1alpha leaving only
cleanup and polish for the beta and final cycles. If you've got heavy
lifting or other high-risk changed get them on the landing plan
<> now.

--Asa (on behalf of drivers)

Doug Turner

Aug 13, 2002, 5:33:10 PM8/13/02
to Chak Nanga,, Asa Dotzler,,
I have asked staff a few times over the last week or so to setup a
newsgroup/mailing list so that when API changes does occur we could send
out an announcement. I wanted the volume on ths list exclusive to
changes that would effect embedding customers such as API changes.

As soon as we get something like this setup, i think that we should use
that instead.

Doug Turner

Chak Nanga wrote:
> A request....
> If you're going to be checking in API changes etc. on to the trunk
> _please_ post the following information to
> news://
> * Relevant bug #
> * Description of actual API changes - such as added a new param
> named xxx to method yyy, changed type of param n from PR_Bool to
> PR_Int etc.
> * Any other information you may find valuable
> By providing this information you'll be helping the embeddors a great
> deal when they migrate their apps from using Mozilla 1.1 -> Mozilla 1.2.
> Thanks
> Chak

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