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2003-02-26 - Minutes of staff meeting

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Gervase Markham

Mar 5, 2003, 12:09:54 PM3/5/03
2003-02-26 - Mozilla Staff Meeting Minutes

Present: Dan, Asa, Chris, Myk, Seth, Brendan, Marcia, Leaf, Mitchell,
Gerv, Scott.


There is no new news.
Still waiting for name clearance. <sigh>
In the mean time, they are landing on the trunk.

*1.3 final*

The buglist is being added to (we didn't expect this) so is only
shrinking by about a bug a day.
We need to keep testing resource up on the branch, to avoid another 1.2.1.
Should we do a pre-release of some sort?

*1.4 cycle*

1.4 release is important to a lot of people.
We need to exercise tighter tree control earlier.
We need to educate people that big changes should go into alpha.
Lay down the law.
Get contributors not to front-load features and fun stuff, but to fix
blockers early.
drivers need to communicate that they will back people out if the land
big stuff late.

*New roadmap*

Brendan has a draft, and is going to polish it up.

*Phoenix release*

Also stalled on name change.
Contributors, e.g. pch are doing good work in the code.

*Adding Marcia to staff page*

Marcia to become an associate (long overdue.)
She has CVS permissions to make the change to the page herself.

*mingw port*

cls and dmose are ready to land this.
Great idea; no other comments.

*Mail about porting fixes to 1.0 branch*

Set the mozilla1.0? flag in the bug, and drivers will evaluate them for
any further release.
Asa to reply.

*Reorganisation of the front page navigation*

Asa has a prototype.
Seth to remove the Newsbot link.
We should replace it with a link to the nearly-finished MozillaU pages.
"Why use Mozilla", "Why Embed Mozilla".

Helpwanted: Find someone to change the Perl scripts to make the website
not rebuild the world every hour. This will give us much quicker update


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